Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E16 (Channel 4)

Two HM are going to be evicted.

Feltzie says that she regrets having only two children. Chantelle says that she can’t wait to have children.

Vic is unaware that he’ll be having cold showers for the rest of his time in the house. Vic figures it out quickly enough.

Michelle and Feltzie are talking about how she changed since last time. She doesn’t mind getting her tits out for some photos. She doesn’t make much money because she is studying to be a hypnotherapist.

If I went topless, I’d feel a bit rude.

The HM have been gathered for today’s task. Some dance troupe does some moves. For today’s task, the HM have to be part of a dance troupe named Flawed.

Oh my shit, it doesn’t matter anywhere. I’ll look wank whatever way.

The HM have to audition for a spot. Preston is good, but Chantelle is shit. Michelle is pretty good and Nikki does a few gymnastic moves. It’s pretty awesome. A cartwheel followed by a back flip, then a split.

She’s going to be a handful.
The judges about Nikki

Chantelle is talking with Feltzie. She starts crying because she misses her mom.

The judges make their decision. They choose Feltzie as the lead dancer.

Chantelle, Ulrika, and Brian are in the toilet. Chantelle is crying again. She says that it has been really hard. Poor girl. I don’t like seeing her like this.

Davin entered the BBUK house. Davina can read it out to the HM. This will be aired tomorrow.

The HM do their routine in front of the judges and pass the task. They get a pamper hamper and booze.

Chantelle comes to the diary room. She says that she’s upset because she needs to prepare herself when she gets out. She hasn’t talked with Preston. She’d rather not have him know.

Preston has got a migraine. Ulrika needs to change. Chantelle isn’t being nice.

Chantelle tells the HM that they should be on a pretend task and follow Brian around. He freaks out after 20 seconds. He starts running away.

Eviction Night

Michelle is evicted 1st. Michelle gets a lot of cheers. It’s too bad, she was a great HM.

Feltzie is evicted. That was good. Nick deserved to stay. A crazed fan jumps over the barricades to try and get to Vanessa. He says that he loves Vanessa.

* * * * *

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