Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E17 (Channel 4)

Feltzie is taking about her weight issues. The lowest she got was size 12.

Vic and Nick follow Brian around to annoy him. Chantelle and Michelle also start following him. Ulrika and Feltzie rescue him.

Davina comes into the BBUK house. The HM are locked in the garden. She gets to frolic around. The chest wants her to do something for the HM. There are letters from home for the HM. She’s got to get them on their own to read the letter 1-1. Davina has to force herself not to cry. She’s getting emotional. The HM are allowed to see her. She starts with Chantelle. Chantelle is very happy to get a letter from home. Brian is next. Then, it’s Preston, Michelle. Michelle gets news from her fiancé that he’s organized the wedding for them. Michelle starts to cry when she talks about this with the HM.

Feltzie is next followed by Nikki and Nick. Then it’s Vic, who tells her that she’s got the nicest bum that he’s ever seen and that her husband is so hot that he felt slightly attracted to him for a short while.

The HM are talking about Davina’s comment about Chantelle’s crying. Vic says that they should talk and Chantelle should stop torturing herself. Vic says that Preston knows that Chantelle still loves him dearly. It’s apparent that Preston no longer loves her like that anymore or maybe Preston is more capable of hiding his feelings. He’s not an extrovert and keeps things inside, so he could reciprocate Chantelle’s feelings. Vic says that they should give it another go.

Nikki has a cry in the diary room.

It’s eviction night and Michelle leaves the BBUK house. The HM hear the cheers that she gets when she leaves. Feltzie is next. Nikki looks atrocious with her makeup. I don’t know why she pastes it on so much.

The HM get some booze. Nick says that he saw a rainbow and made the wish to stay. Preston and Nikki talk about this.

Vic talks with Chantelle about Preston. Vic tells her that Preston is crazy about her.

Nick comes to the diary room. He says that this BB series has given him back his confidence.

Preston tells Chantelle that Davina made him feel so good today.

* * * * *

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