My Daily Tweets 09-15-2010

  • 00:15:16: RT @annebgodbout: Un chandail qui “égaye la poitrine”. Nice.
  • 00:40:25: Book Review – Zero History – By William Gibson –
  • 03:02:56: From Twitter 09-14-2010:×5
  • 16:06:03: Robotic Grasshoppers Won’t Eat Your Crops:×7
  • 20:29:28: Keeping my cool is always a good idea. I rarely lose my temper.
  • 20:31:38: Leo Sr. from the cat factory begged for food and attention. He’s the stray/outdoor cat from downstairs. He’s orange. I almost took him in.
  • 20:33:15: Listening to #Hurley by @Weezer. Really nice.
  • 20:34:55: Bought a new leash for Spike. It’s orange. Bought him a few new toys too.
  • 20:35:56: Broke up a funny fight between Michael and Thomas.
  • 20:36:34: A Kindergarten kid smeared shit all over the walls. I put K3 Leo in charge of the investigation, promising him lots of candy.
  • 20:37:09: Grade 5 Kenny smelled strongly of pee.
  • 20:37:35: K2 Sean peed his pants 2 time yesterday afternoon while I wasn’t there.
  • 20:38:10: Life of a teacher. Kids are always funny and I usually have fun teaching them.
  • 20:49:12: How to Smartly Store Your Computer Peripherals:×9
  • 20:51:04: New Funky Range Hoods to Spice Up Your Kitchens:
  • 20:52:16: What to Look For In A Laptop Purchase:
  • 21:09:07: RT @emiliebussieres: Kimber est une vache enragée #niptuck
  • 21:14:13: RT @ginatrapani: Whoah, the new Twitter embeds entire Flickr sets
  • 21:18:45: RT @claytoncubitt: To those of you inquiring about the use of fur on the @DieAntwoord album cover I shot, the mink is vintage, 70+ years …
  • 21:19:03: RT @claytoncubitt: Some day we will have cameras hidden in our eyes and you won’t know we’re taking photos. Then we’ll be as dangerous a …
  • 21:21:18: RT @JessicaDoyle: RT @chartreuseb sending love to those who dislike me
  • 21:24:29: RT @thomashawk: Got my first TMobile bill. $60 for 500 talk minutes and unlimted data. I used almost 7GB of data. Would have been so …
  • 21:44:15: Having problems with #GoogleReader One of the panes shows unread posts while I can’t read them. Tried logging off, reloading, etc.

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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