Rizzoli & Isles When the Gun Goes Bang Bang S01E10 (TNT)

I didn’t expect much of this show, but the first episode was intriguing. All in all, it’s a basic police procedural drama, with a woman acting as a lead detective. It’s not something that hasn’t been done before and by no means is it as compelling as The Closer, but it’s not bad. What makes this show worth watching is Sasha Alexander, who plays the Medical Examiner. It’s too bad that they lifter her character right out from Bones. Dr. Isles has got similar traits as Dr. Temperance Brennan played by Emily Deschanel.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Some drug deal goes wrong. A snitch who’s wearing a wire tries to take some dope and gets killed.

Jane and Maura are working out. Jane learns that her parents are throwing a surprise party. Tommy is getting out of jail. He’s Jane’s brother. He’s a felon. He drove over a priest while under the influence. Jane gets a call. A cop was shop. The snitch was a cop gathering evidence. He was sent in to sniff up out dope deals. Jane has to talk with his partner. The cop was in Jane’s class at the academy. Jane tells Maura about Tommy. Jane is distracted. Bobby doesn’t know what Danny was doing for Cavanaugh. They were partners for 9 years. Bobby thinks that Danny was dirty. Frankie has a crack addict in. She was at the scene.

The crew arrives at the police station. They take out another cop. They switch off the power and jam the phones. Frankie gets shot twice in the chest. He’s probably wearing a vest. Maura brought her gigantic tortoise to the lab. He hasn’t been eating. The dope dealers are trying to find some DNA evidence. This must be the smokes that Jane has in her pocket. Bobby kills one of the guys. The girl gets killed by the guys. Bobby is acting suspiciously. I think that he’s involved. They find Frankie, who’s sporting some mean bruises. Maura managed to hide. Maura says that he’s got internal bleeding from massive BFT.

Corsak and Frost are in the warehouse. They found the dope. Cavanaugh is here. Cavanaugh told Corsak that Danny was investigating his two dead truckers, who were probably muling dope.

The truckers papers were faked and managed to get into a union with police records. Someone pulled their files and Danny had them on his computer.

Maura has to treat Frankie for a tension pneumothorax. She’s reluctant, but Jane forces her. Bobby is pretending to be wounded. Frankie needs surgery now.

Tommy calls his mom. He’s not coming.

Danny, Bobby, and Cavanaugh worked in Charlestown, the place that the truckers are from. Corsak and Frost head to the station. They can’t reach Jane or the station.

They find the station deserted. Someone from the rooftops is taking pot shots at them using automatic weapons. Cavanaugh arrives with SWAT. Corsak calls Jane. Corsak realizes that it has to do with the cigarette pack. One of the shooters arrives at the morgue. They are here for the cigarettes. Danny didn’t smoke. They learn that Bobby is involved. One of the cigarettes is a hidden camera. Bobby shoots the other guy. Corsak heard everything over the radio. The snipers take out the gunmen. Bobby takes Jane hostage. Cavanaugh wants Bobby shot. Jane shoots Bobby by grabbing his gun and shooting through her.

* * * * *

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