Survivor Nicaragua Young At Heart S21E01 (CBS)

The two tribes assemble. Jeff talks to Yve. Kelly B is an amputee. Marty says that people are already making decision. Jimmy Johnson is on Survivor. Jeff tells them that they have to find the Medallion of Power. The person who finds it will wear it and win powers for their tribe. Brenda finds it. Jeff says that they will now divide into tribes, via age. It’s going to be old vs young. 30 and younger vs 40 and older. It’s Espada vs Lafleur, or something like that. Brenda can trade her medallion for a flint and fishing gear. The trick is that the other tribe will get what they don’t choose. The older tribe gets the medallion. Marty has it. OK, so it’s Espada vs La Flor.

The tribemates of Espada realize that it’s the real Jimmy Johnson. Holly immediately makes a quick alliance with Wendy. Wendy is a goat rancher. She’s a motor mouth.

The old coot Jane, a dog trainer, thinks that she can make fire using some glasses. She’s successful. That’s impressive. Tribes go for days without fire. Marty is impressed. Marty is a tech exec.

At La Flor, Sash is a real estate broker. Jud is a student. Shannon says that Jud is a dumb blonde. Jud gets the name Fabio almost immediately. He’s an idiot. Shannon and Chase decide to align.

Some of the girls are thatching a roof. Kelly B is self-conscious about her leg. She shows them her prosthetic leg. Shannon sees her as a shoe-in to win if she gets in the finals, so she needs to go right away.

At Espada, Jimmy J is retching. He overdid it. The next morning, he complains. He says that he’s never lived like this before and it’s extremely difficult.

Brenda is an ex-cheerleader. She used to cheer for the Dolphins, so she knows Jimmy J. Chase talks with her. Chase tells her that the guys have some kind of alliance going on. Brenda is manipulating him. Obviously, because she’s so hot. Chase is thinking with his dick, not his brain.

Alina and Kelly B find a clue to a hidden immunity idol. They keep it secret for now. Alina wants to get rid of Kelly B as well.

Jimmy J makes a speech to his tribe. He’s not in it for the money, but for the adventure. Blah Blah, I don’t give a rat’s ass.

La Flor arrives at the challenge doing some kind of dance. It’s not very impressive. The older guys are laughing. For the immunity challenge, the first part involves channelling water through some grooves. Then, they have to assemble a puzzle. Jeff says that the medallion gives the tribe huge advantages at challenges. If they use it, they get some extra water in their bucket. The older tribe keeps the medallion.

The young ones have got a few seconds on the oldies. The young tribe wins immunity. Brenda says that she would have used the medallion. It would have made a difference.

Jimmy T says that he will vote for Jimmy J. He’s getting all worked up. Jimmy J tells Holly that Wendy is the weakest player. Wendy knows that she’s on the outs. Holly reports to the other tribe members about what Jimmy J said. None of them will decide right away.

It’s time for tribal. Jane says that she read an article that Jeff wrote and she practiced making fire for 2 months. Wendy opens her mouth and digs herself into a hole. Wendy Jo is evicted.

* * * * *

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80 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua Young At Heart S21E01 (CBS)”

  1. Yeah, you’re back! I don’t have much to say about this first episode. I think because I’ve seen so much reality tv in the past week and it’s all blending together. The Big Brother Final while flipping over to find out who won America’s Got Talent, The Apprentice Season Premiere, and, of course, Survivor. Not to mention The Amazing Race is starting, I think, this week. whew.

    There’s not much I remember about the first episode of Survivor, beyond what you’ve listed, except for the shot of Jimmy Johnson exhausted on the ground. From the camera angle his ribcage looked as big as a barrel. One of those New York pickle barrels from the 40s. When he breathed in the skin over his stomach collapsed as if there was nothing in there. Where the heck did his internal organs go? It was the most bizarre thing I’ve seen. Is that what happens when you age? Your ribcage grows humongous and when you breath your skin flaps up and down? Anyway…

    I liked that goat girl at first. Just the thought that there is such a thing as a goat girl. I was waiting for Charlton Heston to appear on the horizon, tablets in hand. But, man, when she started to talk I knew there was no way the others were going to listen to that for another week. So no surprise there. I don’t recall if anyone even wrote down Jimmy J’s name. I don’t follow football so I recognize the name but don’t really know who he is. I see he has experience handling people and that could help him in the game. It’s obvious in the way he interacts. And not like so-called ‘communicators’ in the past. This guy has real life experience dealing with egos and tempers. He’ll probably make it a few more weeks, although he won’t make it to the money. The others will make sure of that.

  2. Hi Miki! No, actually there was one vote for Yve, I don’t remember who wrote it down though. I don’t know why Jimmy J is in there. It doesn’t make much sense. He’ll obviously be one of the first ones evicted.

    They’ve got an interesting bunch of people. It’s funny that Brenda used to be a cheerleader for the Dolphins, so she knew Jimmy J. Naturally, as a coach, cheerleaders are a dime a dozen, so I doubt that he’s made the connection.

    Nope, Jimmy J won’t last long. Jud looks like a real idiot. He’ll be funny to watch.

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