My Daily Tweets 09-21-2010

  • 03:03:38: From Twitter 09-20-2010:
  • 13:45:35: Delivery Robot Pulls Carts, But Not Your Groceries:
  • 20:16:42: Pahana Alo’s Setup: Glass, Multiple-Monitors & Mac-Ish:
  • 20:18:21: Long Term Storage Tips: Avoiding Headaches:
  • 20:19:14: Getting some strange Twitter errors.
  • 21:00:21: Feel like going to bed, but I need to write for a few more hours. I’m not teaching or going to class tomorrow. Moon Festival.
  • 21:01:04: Got myself all of the Sookie Stackhouse books, Ilium to reread, Metal Swarm, The Ashes of the World, and other books.
  • 21:01:18: Also got myself some art supplies.
  • 21:01:58: Just bought some Andy Thai takeout. Bought quite a bit, but not that hungry.
  • 21:04:51: Traffic was murder in Taipei. Almost made me wish I had taken the MRT
  • 21:10:10: Doh, I already had Metal Swarm! Will have to exchange it for another book.
  • 21:11:58: Also got Absolution Gap. I have it in Canada, but I need to read again. The new Cornelia Funke book, Kim Stanley Robinson’s latest.
  • 21:12:38: Dan Simmons’ latest as well. Michael Crichton’s latest also.
  • 21:13:07: Gonna be set for a few months with fresh books. That’s heaven!
  • 21:27:33: OnMouseOver hack; FU buddy.
  • 21:41:21: ordered Zero History by William Gibson, Evolutionary Void by Peter F Hamilton, and Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds.
  • 22:17:21: 10:16PM. Three posts left. I also need to mail something with DHL tonight.
  • 23:09:14: RT @M_Ahmadinejad: Ah yes, the United Nations. I haven’t heard this much incoherent babbling since Ayatollah drank a Red Bull.
  • 23:10:19: Didn’t buy a Lamy. Felt way too plasticky and cheap. I like my Parker 75. I need to get my Mont Blanc fixed.
  • 23:11:38: Almost bought some glass pens, but decided against it. I use mainly color pens when I sketch.
  • 23:12:21: Its 2 bad, the place I go to no longer has Tombow ABTs.They were selling off their last few The new ones don’t have a brush tip which I use
  • 23:15:08: Dang, the hack I was writing about had really ugly photos. Needed to find a replacement photo, which is a lot better.

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