Rubicon Caught In the Suck S01E08 (AMC)

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There is so much about this show that is really interesting. First of all, the main characters all work in a think tank. I find that an interesting line of work. They are basically paid to think about certain problems. It all looks collegiate, but there is more than meets the eye, as the protagonist discovers.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

I like where this is going, but the intrigue is slowly building. We’re already at episode 6 and this show probably has got another 4 or so before it ends. It’s too bad, because this is one of the best shows on TV. You definitely need to watch everything that you see, otherwise it’s hard to miss the connections. We learned that Bloom is connected to Roy, who’s also ex-CIA. He now works for Atlas MacDowell, the company on who’s board Tom Rohmer served as. When Bradley committed suicide, his spot on Atlas MacDowell’s board of directors was filled by Tom. Ingram is helping Will out. He tells him about the bugs and surveillance.

The conspiracy is developing and Will finds out that Spangler is neck deep in something. However, Spangler is already maneuvering to get Will out of it.

* * * * *

Will is playing chess with Ed. Will wants to know about David. Will tells Ed to be careful. He’s probably being surveilled. Ed tells him not to trust Ingram.

At API, Tanya gets her drug test. Maggie is rummaging through Will’s office again. Will takes her up on the birthday lunch she promised him a while ago. She reports to Ingram.

Tanya is getting dressed up to go out. She takes some pills before going out. Miles and Tanya get picked up by spooks at API for a national security matter. They are told that Kateb wasn’t killed. They picked up Nazri. They want Miles and Tanya to verify what they get from Nazri. They are leaving to a classified location.

Ingram and Will meet on the roof. Ingram tells him to look for the patterns. It’s the same thing that Ed told him. Ingram deduced this from the Japanese candy wrapper in Will’s coat pocket. Maggie told Ingram about this. Ingram tells him to use Ed. Ingram tells him that Maggie was the one who told him about the candy wrapper. He says that Maggie is quite fond of him.

The flight time was 13.5 hours. They might be in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, The Falklands, somewhere off the grid. Grant gets a pass because he has kids. Miles says that he’s separated. His kids don’t live with him.

Spangler gives a report to Wheeler and some other people. Spangler asks Wheeler about Katherine. Spangler says that the incursion into the house was necessary. Tom compromised operational security. James is protecting Katherine. He says that she isn’t asking any questions.

Tanya and Miles find out that Jordanians are interrogating Nazri. It’s somewhat gruesome for them to watch.

Ingram comes to see Ed. Ingram wants Ed to help Will because he is flayling blindly through a minefield. He needs guidance. He hands Ed a piece of paper. On it, there are some names: Atlas MacDowell, Edward Roy, Donald Bloom and API.

Will asks Maggie how long she has been spying on him. She says that it was a condition on being hired.

Wheeler had his assistant over. He sees someone watching him from a nearby window.

Ed comes to see Will. He hands him some documents and research.

Miles realizes that it has to do with Tanaz. The CIA spooks think that Tanaz is moving Kateb around.

The next day at API, Spangler wants to see Ingram and Will. They are having a teleconference with Tanya and Miles. Will realizes that Tanaz might be a CIA asset. She’s been feeding the CIA information that Kateb is dead, but in reality, she’s a double agent. Confirmation that Kateb is alive is also confirmation that Tanaz is lying to the CIA.

Maggie is fired by Will. Tanya tells Miles that she is getting fired when the results come back from her drug test. She is a drug addict. Bob tells them that they are going home.

Ingram tells Maggie that she’ll work as a floater for a couple of weeks, then he’ll open a slot in translation. Ingram tells Maggie that he told Will because she liked him too much.

Will looks trhough Ed’s researt. An address keeps popping up, 125, Gansevoort Street. It’s called the Citizens Institute. The Citizens Institute is located inside Atlas MacDowell, though this is only apparent once he overhears a receptionist answer the phone. It’s the NY office. Spangler works for Atlas MacDowell, but the receptionist says that Edward Roy handles most of his affairs. There’s no one in reception. He takes a list of all of the extensions and names from a desk and leaves.

Wheeler sent Katherine a photo. On the back, he drew a four-leaf clover.

Tanya is told by Spangler that there are programs specifically designed for people in the intelligence community. He says that they take care of their own. She’s happy that she’s not fired.

Will tells Ingram what he found out. They employ the former head of the NSA, half a dozen retired Generals, 3 former senators, etc. Atlas MacDowell is the same as Garson Security. He’s only talking to Ingram because his name is not in the directory. Will goes home, takes out the bugs and starts smashing them.

* * * * *

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