Rubicon No Honesty In Men S01E09 (AMC)

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There is so much about this show that is really interesting. First of all, the main characters all work in a think tank. I find that an interesting line of work. They are basically paid to think about certain problems. It all looks collegiate, but there is more than meets the eye, as the protagonist discovers.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

I like where this is going, but the intrigue is slowly building. We’re already at episode 6 and this show probably has got another 4 or so before it ends. It’s too bad, because this is one of the best shows on TV. You definitely need to watch everything that you see, otherwise it’s hard to miss the connections. We learned that Bloom is connected to Roy, who’s also ex-CIA. He now works for Atlas MacDowell, the company on who’s board Tom Rohmer served as. When Bradley committed suicide, his spot on Atlas MacDowell’s board of directors was filled by Tom. Ingram is helping Will out. He tells him about the bugs and surveillance.

The conspiracy is developing and Will finds out that Spangler is neck deep in something. However, Spangler is already maneuvering to get Will out of it.

* * * * *

Will puts in another bug in the place of the one he destroyed. He goes knocking at the artist’s place. He’s got some wine and some veggies. Her name is Andy. It’s midnight. He went over there to be able to spy on his place. He wants to see who will come to change the bugs. Maybe they also have GPS trackers on his person, in his clothes, mobile, etc, so they would know that he’s still in the building.

Will makes Andy a sandwich. He tells her that he can’t go home because his place is bugged. He stashes his research in her bathroom, behind some boxes. He wraps the gun up in her shirt.

Spangler comes to see Ingram next morning. He wants to know if Will will come to work today. He seems concerned. Ingram says that he’s got no reason not to come in.

Grant’s wife is at API. She’s upset. Lisa tells him that her boss fired her. She wants him to find more lucrative work.

Katherine is talking with Tom’s ex. She shows him the picture of Tom that she received. It’s a photo of Tom as a boy with James and Bradley, the professor who died. She goes back to see Bradley’s widow. Spangler is in the photo. She met him after Gerald died. Spangler is the director of API.

Miles tells Will that Tanaz was killed three days ago. The CIA just informed him of this. Tanya is out. She’s been temporarily re-assigned for 28 days. She’s in rehab. Maggie is at the office to pick up her shoes, or something like that. Miles finds Julia in the conference room. She’s the Triforce tattoo girl.

Ingram has a quiet word with Will on the roof. He says that Spangler was at his home at 6AM. He says that he broke one of the bugs. He wants to see who comes to fix it. Will says that he doesn’t trust Ingram.

Andy is painting. She goes through Will’s bag and finds the gun.

Julia finds out that Tanaz is an Iranian intelligence asset as well. Grant finds out that Kateb is alive.

Will goes home. He actually goes to Andy’s place. They kiss and screw. Afterwards, Andy goes to the window and sees someone in his apartment. It’s Bloom. He changes the bugs.

Ingram is with his SO. He spots a tail. He goes to see Spangler. Spangler says that if Will is a problem he will be handled. Spangler dismisses him.

At API, Grant tells Miles that his wife got fired.

Ingram wants to meet Will. He says that Spangler knows that they are working together. He shows him the obituary of Tom Rohmer. He was killed the same date the crossword puzzle appeared. Will tells him to stay away.

Spangler comes to see Grant. Spangler tells him that he’s glad that Grant is on Will’s team if Will needed to take a rest or something. It’s like he’s grooming him to take over for Will if something happens to Will.

Miles asks Julia out for a drink. He tells her that he’s no longer married. When they leave, we see Katherine walking past API.

* * * * *

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