Survivor Nicaragua Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All S21E02 (CBS)

Holly feels that she’s on the outs. The Espada tribe needs to make a better shelter. Marty hasn’t really slept in 3 days. The older tribe has a morning meeting. Jill is an ER doctor. Jimmy T doesn’t like how Jimmy J has taken over. Everyone is letting him do so.

At La Flor, Sash is talking with the PE teacher Naonka. He wants to form a visible minority alliance with Brenda included. Sash thinks that Kelly B is a big threat.

Holly sees Jill eating snails. She sees her face and decides that she can’t eat them. All of the tribemates, think that Holly is losing it. She took the pail and threw them out. Holly hears Dan making fun of her, so she takes his shoes and fills them with sand. Then, she dumps them in the water. That is totally crazy. She’s obviously snapped. It’s not like she’s acting like Russell. She doesn’t have a plan. She decides to come clean.

It becomes more evident that she’s crazy. So, I’m gonna keep one eye on her and one eye on his shoes.

Naonka accuses some of the tribemates of stealing her socks. She decides to take someone else’s sock. She takes Fabio’s. Fabio notices. He wants his sock back. She starts shouting at him.

The boy is stupid.
Nay about Fabio

It’s time for the next challenge. One tribemate will crawl through mud and through some hay. They have to find 4 balls. Three other TM will use wooden shields to bounce the balls into a barrel. First tribe to get all 4 wins immunity and reward. A tarp or fishing gear is up for grabs. The older tribe chooses to use the medallion. Nay sits out the challenge. That’s stupid. She’s supposed to be the strong woman. Dan sits the challenge out. The younger tribe is making up a lot of time. Kelly B is pretty quick. She finds hers before Holly finds hers. The younger tribe have 2 balls versus 1. Ty scores for the oldies. Henry is short for the younger tribe. Ty scores again. 3-2. Benry keeps missing. The older tribe wins. The older tribe decides to take the fishing gear. The older tribe finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol. They start figuring out the clue. Everyone starts digging around. Jill tells Marty and Dan where the clue is. Marty finds it with Jill.

Alina and Kelly B will vote for Brenda. They want to split her up from Chase. Shannon and the boys want to get rid of Nay. Shannon tells Chase that they are getting rid of Brenda. Nay and Brenda want to get rid of Shannon and Jud. Chase ends up telling Brenda that everyone is voting her tonight. Chase doesn’t like Shannon anymore. Brenda tells him that they could just get rid of Shannon. Alina overhears them talking. She hears that Brenda has her hands on Chase’s cojones. She tells her alliance.

At tribal, Shannon calls out Chase. Chase says that he was on two alliances. Sash tells Shannon that he’s digging his own grave. Shannon asks Sash if he’s gay. Shannon says that NYC is filled with gay people. Jud is trying to calm things down. Nay says that she doesn’t like Fabio.

Votes to evict

Fabio                     Brenda
Brenda                 Shannon
Shannon              Brenda
Sash                       Shannon
Chase                    Shannon
Nay                        Shannon
Alina                     Brenda
Kelly B                  Shannon
Benry                    Shannon
Purple Kelly       Shannon

Loudmouth hick Shannon is evicted by a vote of 7-3.

* * * * *

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79 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All S21E02 (CBS)”

  1. First, shouldn’t this be titled S21E02? I had to read who was evicted to make sure I was commenting on the right episode. Also, there is one small typo: “Holly hears Dan making fun of him.” should be making fun of her. No biggies, but wanted to let you know.

    I agree with Jimmy J.’s comments about Holly, I don’t recall his exact words but it was something like ‘once you take that step over the edge it’s easier to go there again’. Holly has no sense of playing a game, she’s taking things personally and, I think, could be a bit dangerous to leave out there when she’s clearly unstable. Time will tell. She needs to go soon, for her own mental health. And speaking of mental health, what rocket scientist thinks it’s a good idea to bring a pair of $1,600 alligator shoes to the wilderness to play the game of Survivor? Have these people ever watched Survivor?

    Now to the socks drama. What is wrong with that woman? She thinks someone took one of her socks, so she finds Fabio’s socks and thinks it’s okay to just take them, even though he is not the one who took her sock. And then screams at him when he asks for them back.

    Maybe the younger tribe needs a celebrity on their side too, ummm, like Dr. Phil. Or, Jerry Springer.

    The biggest shocker of the episode was when Shannon opened his big, dumb mouth. Are you kidding me? He is a Jerry Springer show just waiting to happen. Don’t they screen these people before putting them on camera? Jeff Probst should have shoved Shannon’s torch, flame side up, into the sand and said simply, “Get out.”

    I’m not crazy about the younger players yet. I’m hoping the oldies but goodies make a successful run, except for crazed Holly. They can lose once just to get her out of there.

  2. Oh, forgot to mention one thing. I noticed the credits displayed at the beginning of the show no longer list Justin, but identifies him now as Fabio. I thought that was hysterical.

  3. I was a surprised at Nay as well. WTF is up with her attitude? She’s probably going to go next if she isn’t careful. Holly as well. She’s clearly got some issues.

    It’s funny to see that the younger tribe is disintegrating. Usually, it takes a few episodes before this happens.

    BTW, corrected those typos, thanks.

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