The Glades Booty S01E11 (A&E)

The Glades intertitle

I really liked this show. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, which is one of the reasons why I almost passed it over, after being annoyed and disappointed at Scoundrels and The Gates. The Glades is more of a police procedural drama and I like the fact that the main character, Jim Longworth, is a very smart investigator. His type of character reminds me of a Sherlock Holmes-type detective, who’s smart and intuitive, and able to make educated guesses on what exactly happened.

In retrospect, after having watched three episodes, Longworth is probably too smart for his own good. He tends to rub people the wrong way as well.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Carlos is tutoring Callie in carcinomas. A floater was found in the docks. His name is Johnny Hasker. His famile pulled up 400 million dollars in gems and jewellery from the Grenada. Longworth talks with the partner and the uncle.

The knife that killed Johnny came from the Magdalena, another big sunk ship, worth twice that of the Grenada.

Some girl from Spain shows up for the knife. She’s a lawyer representing Spain. She spoke with Hasker three times. She says that he was trying to broker a deal ahead of the recovery of the Magdalena to avoid years of hassle.

Hasker was in debt. So much that he signed over his boat and his share in the restaurant to his partner Ellison. Ellison gave him $100K last week. It was to stake him so that he could start excavating the debris field of the Magdalena.

Callie finds out that the knife wasn’t on the manifest of the ship. Carlos finds out that the family crest was new on the knife. So it’s a fake. Longworth starts telling the suspects that it’s a fake. He starts off with Ellison. The woman from Spain has been following Longworth.

Longworth talks with the uncle. He lied about his son’s alibi. Hal doesn’t have any. Longworth questions him at the station. It turns out that Johnny got infected with some bacteria. If he didn’t get it treated, he could have died.

Callie figures out that the pirate who attacked the Magdalena knew the route of the ship. The people who checked out the books that Callie was reading were Dosie Mendez and Ellison. They arrest Dosie trying to leave the place. They were sleeping together.

Johnny purchased 20 acres of mangroves. Without any indication of where the treasure was, it could have taken him forever to find the ship. He must have known something. Callie comes to see Longworth.

It turns out that Magdalena was in love with the pirate. They planned the kidnapping and theft together. There is a star map on a helmet that Johnny owned. It’s a treasure map. Callie and Longworth go looking for it. They find a chest. Ellison and Mendez arrive with guns. Callie and Jim are a lot angrier than they are and disarm them quickly enough.

Callie tells Jim that she will talk with her deadbeat husband to get a divorce.

* * * * *

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