Survivor Nicaragua Glitter in their Eyes S21E03 (CBS)

Back at camp, Nay thinks that everything was fake.

It’s faker than fake fur.

At the older tribe, they go looking for fruits by following the howler monkeys. The older tribe is fishing. Marty feels threatened by Jimmy J. He tells Jill. She tells him that he should show the immunity idol to everyone.

At La Flor, they are working on a fire. Jud is getting high on the fumes from the fire.

My face feels tingly.

Marty tells the tribe that he’s got the immunity idol. He planned to share it with the tribe. Jimmy T says that he would have kept it for himself. That was an idiot move. The power of the idol is that no one knows about it. Dan is breaking down. Everyone has noticed.

Some of the younger tribemembers talk about strategy. Alina and Kelly B are on the outs. The alliance is made out of Nay, Brenda, Chase, Purple Kelly, and Sash. Nay wants to target Alina.

For today’s challenge, the tribes will race out to collect barrels, which must be arranged on individual platforms. Then, they must throw sandbags, which must land on top of the barrels. Reward includes sauces, spices, an herb garden, and fruits. The younger tribe doesn’t use it. If they would have used it, they would have started with two barrels placed with their sandbags on top. Was this a tactical error?

They younger tribe has got an advantage. The advantage is slight. Ty gives Espada a lead. He makes it 5-2. La Flor is behind. Benry scores but Ty scores again. 6-4. The younger tribe is catching up. Benry ties it. He puts La Flor ahead. 8-6. Benry makes it 9-6. During the challenge, Jimmy T complains that he’s being wasted. It’s 9-8. Benry scores. They win immunity and reward.

Kelly B sees a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Nay also sees it. They end up fighting for it, but Nay gets it. Nay smushed all of the bananas.

I’ll push you so hard that her damn leg will fly off.

Nay shows it to Brenda because she can’t figure it out.

Back at camp, Jimmy T complains that he’s not being used well.

Marty talks with Jimmy J to see what he is thinking. He is targeting Danny.

Marty tells Jill that Coach needs to go. Jill doesn’t care. She thinks that Jimmy J, Danny, and Holly are in the same boat. Marty talks with Jimmy T and Danny so that they vote for Jimmy J.

Jane wants to get rid of Dan. She tells Holly how she is voting. Ive tells Coach that she doesn’t want him to go. Holly hears them.

Marty asks Ty how he is voting. Ty says that he is voting for Dan. Dan has got a bad knee and a bad leg.

It’s time for tribal. It’s kind of funny how the tribe defers to Jimmy J. For example, during the challenge, they all deferred to his opinion and he called how the play went.

Votes to Evict

Jimmy T               Jimmy J
Jimmy J                Dan
Jane                       Jimmy J
Holly                      Jimmy J
Marty                    Jimmy J
Ive                          Jimmy J
Jill                           Jimmy J
Ty                           Jimmy J

Jimmy J is evicted. He didn’t see that coming and he looks pretty disappointed. Ah well, at least the celebrity is out of the running. It was almost a unanimous vote.

* * * * *

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78 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua Glitter in their Eyes S21E03 (CBS)”

  1. I was sad to see Jimmy J. go. I liked to watch his interactions with his tribe members. Too bad he’s gone so soon. He would have been an easy vote later when the alliances get stronger and tribe members diminish in number.

    I like the way you’ve been adding quotes from the episode. They’re entertaining and help me remember the episode more clearly days later. Love the Jud/Fabio and Nay quotes this time. I missed the opening credits so I don’t know if they are still listing Jud (I called him Justin in my last comment) as Fabio. I was curious to see if they will continue that.

    I like, too, how this season’s Survivor is combining the Immunity and Reward challenge. It was getting to be too much game commentary and not enough tribal interactions past seasons. I watch more for the people and what they do then for how well teams play in challenges. I’m glad they made the change.

    Nay has no social game. She’s not going to make it. What a comment she made about the leg! Does she realize she’s on television with millions watching? She’s not going to be in the running for most popular Survivor any time soon.

    I thought Danny should have been voted off. It will be interesting to see Marty’s ‘leadership’ skills. That will be good for a laugh or two. The older tribe has no chance now. At least Holly seemed sane this time around. Not sure that will stay under control.

  2. I like writing the quotes, it’s a habit that I’ve gotten into. From what I can tell, they refer to Jud as Fabio, in the opening credits and when he speaks.

    It was sad to see Jimmy J go, but honestly, he had no chance. You don’t put a celebrity among hungry Survivors.

    Danny will probably be the next to go if they older tribe loses again.

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