The Amazing Race A Kiss Saves the Day S17E02 (CBS)

Teams must fly to Accra, Ghana. They must make their way to a memorial for their next clue. The Hot Doctors know right away that Accra is in Ghana. The Hot Doctors are anesthesiologists. Kat is a really beautiful woman.

The Nerds wait for Brook/Claire. The volleyball players team up with them.

Gary knows that Accra is in Ghana. Nick/Vick are the last to depart.

Jill/Thomas arrive 1st. They learn that everyone is on the same flight. As soon as they land, the teams run out. Nick/Vick arrive 1st. The other teams are hot on their heels. Brooke/Claire are first to the clue. They must make their way to the Makola market. Nat/Kat are in 7th. Andie/Jenna are last.

Mike is from Taiwan. He grew up there. That’s interesting. Teams face a Roadblock. They must sell sunglasses. They must present the money to the lead vendor for their next clue.

Used my sex to sell.
Chad while Steph laughs

The Nerds can’t agree who can do the Roadblock. Andie/Jenna also have the same trouble. Gary/Mallory have car trouble.

Unsurprisingly, Claire/Brook finish 1st. They are hosts for the Home Shopping Network. They must make their way to a motorcycle shop in the June 4th area. Mike/Kevin are 2nd. They leave. The Nerds are 3rd. Chad/Steph are 4th. Katie/Rach 5th.

The teams face a Detour. They have to do Tune In or Check Out. In Tune In, teams pick up a TV antenna and install it. When they set up the antenna properly, they get their clue. In Check Out, they must transport a coffin around.

Brook/Claire do Tune In. That was a mistake. Mike/Kevin can’t find the cluebox, even though it’s right in front of them. Chad/Steph are 2nd and they do Tune In. Katie/Rach are 3rd. They do Check Out.

Mike/Kevin do Tune In. Nick is still selling sunglasses. Andie/Jenna are done. They go to the motorcycle shop.

A woman steals some sunglasses from Nick. She was just playing with him. Nat/Kat are in last place. Kat is cute but can’t sell sunglasses. She finally does it and they leave.

Brook/Claire realize that they have to tune the antenna. That’s not easy for them. They complete it and have to make their way to the next pit stop.

Katie/Rach move quickly move their coffin. They are in 2nd. The Nerds to Tune In. Mike/Kevin are in 3rd place. Chad/Steph are in 4th.

Jill/Thomas are shit at pushing the cart with the coffin. Nat/Kat are lost. Brook/Claire and Katie/Rach are searching for Phil. He’s in a market. Brook/Claire are 1st. They win a 10-day trip to Hawaii. Katie/Rach are 2nd.

The Nerds decide to switch tasks.

Mike/Kevin are 3rd. Jill Thomas are in 5th on their way to the pit stop. Chad/Steph finish 4th.

Gary/Mallory and the Hot Doctors are lost. Andie/Jenna pass them, but their driver is also lost.

Gary/Mallory do Tune In. Nat/Kat do the coffin. Nick/Vick leave for the pit stop. Jill/Thomas finish 5th. Andie/Jenna are in last place.

The Nerds leave for the pit stop. Gary/Mallory leave for the pit stop as well. Nat/Kat do so as well. The later teams face gridlocked traffic. The Hot Doctors manage to get their taxi to pass the traffic jam. Gary/Mallory are in 9th.

I want my mom. I’m just so proud that I haven’t soiled myself.
The Nerds in the taxi

The Nerds finish 6th. The Hot Doctors are 7th. Nick/Vic finish 8th. Gary/Mallory finish 9th. Andie was praying in the car. Andie/Jenna are eliminated.

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