Castle Under the Gun S03E03 (ABC)

Castle title card via Wikipedia
Castle title card via Wikipedia

I’ve been a Nathan Fillion fan for quite a while. Ever since Firefly, I was really impressed by his acting. Since he is starring in a new series named Castle, I took it upon myself to watch it weekly.

Anyway, what do I like about Castle? Well it stars an obnoxious, womanizing novelist. Detective Kate Beckett is a closet hottie, played by Stana Katic. Her hotness is kind of hard to explain. The actress is quite hot, but in Castle, she toned it down. She doesn’t wear much makeup and favors a natural look, kind of like “Oh I’m hot, but I could be the girl next door, BTW, FYI, I’m still smoking hot.” That’s how I described her in my mind. She’s kind of got the ex-catwalk model look going for her, which is quite good.

So that’s a good point. Plus she’s Canadian and a good actress. That’s always a good combination.

Warning: spoilers ahead

The show centers around a novelist who is brought in to help deal with a string of murders which seem to be taken from the pages of his novels. At the same time, Castle has hit massive writer’s block after killing off the hero of his mystery book franchise, Derek Storm. Through Beckett, he is able to write once again.

Halfway between a drama and a romantic comedy, Castle is a fun show to watch. The characters play around a lot, making the viewer wonder when or if they will ever get together. It didn’t take Castle long to find out what makes Beckett tick. He uses clues and his imagination deftly.

ABC has started to release chapters of Richard Castle’s new book Heat Wave on its website. They are up to chapter 8 and I haven’t started yet, but it’s a pretty cool tie-in to the show.

* * * * *

Alex wants a Vespa. Deon Carver, a bail bondsman, was killed. He was killed by BFT using a sharp shooter profile. The killer called 911.

Beckett finds a bug in his place. The bug is a commercial version, not government issue. Laney found something strange in his sock. It’s some kind of message in code.

Carver had an argument with Random Pierce, one of his clients. Random had a hearing, but didn’t show. So they issued a bench warrant. They see Random running away. Royce, Beckett’s old training officer, catches him. Royce is a bounty hunter. Random alibied out. Royce takes him to central booking for his bounty. Random broke into Stuckey’s apartment when he was let out of prison. They found a print at Carver’s that belonged to Stuckey. Stuckey is an old man. He was willing to give Random a chance and drop the charges.While walking away, Stuckey was staring at the code that they found. I’m willing to bet that his old man act is a sham. He’s a con man of some sort.

The killer gave Carver the last rites.

They find a priest, Father Aaron. He says that he gave Deon the last rites and dialed 911. They knew each other. The father went to the prison where Random served his time.

Brooke Carver bought the bug. She was spying on her husband. She suspected an affair, but was proven wrong.

A serial thief Lloyd was Random’s cell mate. Lloyd knew Stuckey. They were partners in a 10-million jewel heist. The code is a treasure map.

Father Aaron tells all. He was working with Carver to recover the treasure. Stuckey is involved as well. He tries to do a runner when Esposito and Ryan try to arrest him. He gets away. Random took the map. Father Aaron was following Random. The Father thinks that Stuckey killed Carver.

Beckett goes out for drinks with Royce. She tells him that she caught the man that killed her mom. She had to shoot him and didn’t find out more. Ryan phones Beckett. Random isn’t at central booking. Royce never delivered him. Royce is dirty.

Castle figures out the code. It says ‘under the gun’. Royce was part of the investigative team of the jewelry heist. Royce calls the station.

They find Random at Royce’s place. He says that Carver and Father Aaron were arguing about how to divvy up the money. The argument took place in Carver’s office. She heard it thanks to her bug. She lied to them.

They trace Brooke to some cemeteries. The loot must be buried there. They find a grave and Brooke with a gun. She says that she meant to kill Deon. Stuckey also arrives. Royce is there as well. Ryan and Esposito arrive. Esposito has got an assault rifle. There was no treasure.

Castle figures out where the treasure really was.

Alex decided not to get the scooter.

* * * * *

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