The Glades Breaking 80 S01E13 (A&E)

The Glades intertitle

I really liked this show. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, which is one of the reasons why I almost passed it over, after being annoyed and disappointed at Scoundrels and The Gates. The Glades is more of a police procedural drama and I like the fact that the main character, Jim Longworth, is a very smart investigator. His type of character reminds me of a Sherlock Holmes-type detective, who’s smart and intuitive, and able to make educated guesses on what exactly happened.

In retrospect, after having watched three episodes, Longworth is probably too smart for his own good. He tends to rub people the wrong way as well.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Longworth, Callie, and Heather meet in the grocery store. Jim is here with Heather. Callie is pissed.

Jim is called to a case. Some guy was found dead on a golf course. The vic was just released from prison. He phoned someone right before he died. Longworth pays a visit to that person. He phoned Scott Winter’s business manager. Scott is some kind of a famous golfer. Doug, the dead guy, blamed Terry for what happened to him. He ran over some golfer, or something like that. He tried to blame Terry for what happened. Doug called Scott as soon as he came out.

Heather sees Callie at the hospital. It’s awkward.

Jim needs to talk with Kim Nichols. He finds her playing with some manatees. Jim goes back to see Scott and Terry. On the week that Doug was convicted, Doug received $200K into an offshore savings account.

Jim goes golfing with Heather. She’s better than he is, naturally.

Jim checks out the alibis of the suspects. He sees that Kim Nichols went postal at the fundraiser when she saw Doug. She attacked him. She couldn’t have swung a club hard enough to kill. Jim checks the medical records. Kim was lying. She could have killed him. They search for the murder weapon.

Callie finds out that Ray has been moved into solitary for something he’s done. She can’t talk with him.

The club has a special grip that is not yet for sale. Golf pros usually pass these on to their friends. Terry Evans had a set of these refinished recently. They have the work order. The warrant to track the $200K came through. Terry paid Doug $200K. They find him dead. He was shot from close range. Jim goes to see Scott. He finds Kim with a bang stick on Scott. Scott is the killer. He killed both Terry and Doug. He tried to frame Terry for Doug’s death. When Terry became a liability, he became an inconvenience. They arrest him.

Daniel gets hired by the FDLE. Carlos demanded that Colleen find some money in the budget for him.

Jim breaks 80 with Heather and realizes that without Callie, it means nothing. He goes to see her and kisses her. They screw. The next morning, Longworth makes breakfast. Callie says that she loves him.

Ray phones Callie. He’s in protective custody. He made a deal with the DA in an exchange for early release. He’s getting out.

* * * * *

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