Survivor Nicaragua Pulling the Trigger S21E04 (CBS)

Jimmy J is gone. Whatever. It’s raining by the time Espada gets back to camp. Yve is distraught. Jimmy T sings some stupid song really badly. Marty thinks that he’s a loudmouth ass. He’s obnoxious. Marty thinks that if Jimmy T has got enough rope, he’ll hang himself.

At Espada, there is a flood. There is driftwood and a lot of mud washing up. The older tribe is going hungry. They have no food. They eat 2 cups of rice a day. Jimmy T tries to throw the net. He’s supposed to be a fisherman but he’s got no idea what he’s doing.

Nay and Brenda are working on the hidden immunity idol clue. They find it. Nay says that the idol is hers, not Brenda’s.

Alina and Kelly B are on the outs. They have trouble dealing with Nay and Brenda. They go looking for the idol. Nay follows them. She wants to scare them and mess with them.

Screw your leg ×2. Keep it away from the fire.

At Espada, Marty nominates Ty to take the lead in the challenge. Jimmy T wants a part. Marty is getting annoyed. They get a clue about today’s task. Some tribemembers will have to be blindfolded. They will need to take guidance. Marty kn

Jimmy T is like a 3-year old. JT is delusional. He suffers from both paranoia and delusions of grandeur.

It’s time for the challenge. One person will be a caller. The rest of the tribe will be blindfolded and paired up. They have to gather 10 items in a field. Then, they have to get a key and unlock a chest. The winning tribe will choose three groups of items, including a toolkit, fishing kit, tarp, rope, knife and more. The younger tribe uses the medallion. The older tribe has the medallion. Dan sits out. The younger tribe sits out the two Kellys. Brenda and Ty are the callers. Brenda is very calm. They’ve already got four items back. A few minutes later, the younger tribe has got 6 items back. The older tribe has got 2. Then, it’s 8-3. La Flor has got 9. Sash bring back the last item. Jimmy T and Holly have the 4th item. La Flor has got the keys. They need to unlock the chest and bring it back. Brenda laughs at Ty’s frustration. Espada is in complete disarray. La Flor wins immunity and reward. They choose fishing supplies, the tarp, and the cooking items.

Espada thinks that La Flor won because of the medallion. I don’t think so. By the time the younger tribe won, the older tribe had only 9 items back; they would have won even if they wouldn’t have used the medallion because they needed to get the keys, find the chest, unlock the 3 locks, and bring it back.

At Espada, Jimmy T wants an opportunity. Reminds me of Ace Ventura pretending to be crazy to get into the loony bin in the first movie. “Give me a chance, coach”. Oddly enough, the only real coach was evicted last week.

At La Flor, the tribe is happy about the tarp. Chase finds another clue to the immunity idol. He tells Brenda, but he’s not aware that it’s already been found. They go looking for the idol. Brenda tells him that Nay already found the idol. She wants him to keep it quiet.

At Espada, Jimmy T is making an ass out of himself. Marty wants him out. Some of the tribe want to get rid of Dan, but Marty wants to get rid of Jimmy T. Ty wants to vote off Dan. Jimmy T keeps going on about things. He’s getting an idiot. He sounds really insecure.

I’m a mother and I don’t coddle my kids that much.

It’s time for tribal. Ty says that their plan for the challenge worked out well. They had 1 more item, a set of keys, a chest, 3 locks, and getting it back. Dan says that he can’t do anything in the mud. Marty basically calls JT out for being a paranoid idiot. Jeff asks him if he’s man enough to be a follower not a leader, because this is what the tribe wants. JT is crying like a baby. WTF.

Votes to Evict

Holly                      Dan
Dan                        Jimmy T
Yve                         Jimmy T
Jill                           Jimmy T
Jimmy T                Dan
Marty                    Jimmy T
Jane                       Dan
Ty                           Jimmy T

JT is evicted by a vote of 5-3. That’s not surprising.

* * * * *

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76 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua Pulling the Trigger S21E04 (CBS)”

  1. I’m still trying to get these names right in my head. My last comment I said Marty when I meant Jimmy T. He is the idiot I was talking about last week. The great leader – ha ha. Glad to see that one go. Sometimes it’s unbelievable to me that these people really do the job they claim on their credits.

    Next week looks interesting. It’s very early for a tribe shake-up but I think it will be a good move for the show. It was getting to the point where we, the viewers, knew what to expect. I was starting to settle in to a few weeks of the older tribe’s losing streak because I was thinking a merge was weeks away. It’s good for the show to keep viewers on their toes along with the tribes. Will be interesting to see how next week affects game play.

    Love your comments about Jimmy T. being a crier. He was such a whiner, wasn’t he? And I can’t believe Nay made another, more crass, remark about the leg.

    I do wonder how they will handle the Immunity Idols now when only one person will be able to carry it to the new tribe. Especially the tribe that is ‘sharing’ theirs. Thought that was a dumb idea from the start. Now the guy who found it doesn’t have to share it with anyone.

  2. Jimmy T was really an idiot. “Give me a chance Coach, I know that I can do it!”

    The whole immunity idol this is also idiotic. Even Russ made that mistake. The power of the idol is that no one knows about it. If anyone does know about it, it’s almost useless, unless you’ve got two like Russ did at one time. Or was it Parv?

    Surprising to see the merge so soon, but yep, the older tribe was getting picked off quickly. I guess they needed to mix things up.

    Nay is really nasty. She’ll dig her own hole, but she’s got the idol and she’s not going to share it with anyone.

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