Rubicon A Good Days Work S01E11 (AMC)

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There is so much about this show that is really interesting. First of all, the main characters all work in a think tank. I find that an interesting line of work. They are basically paid to think about certain problems. It all looks collegiate, but there is more than meets the eye, as the protagonist discovers.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

I like where this is going, but the intrigue is slowly building. We’re already at episode 6 and this show probably has got another 4 or so before it ends. It’s too bad, because this is one of the best shows on TV. You definitely need to watch everything that you see, otherwise it’s hard to miss the connections. We learned that Bloom is connected to Roy, who’s also ex-CIA. He now works for Atlas MacDowell, the company on who’s board Tom Rohmer served as. When Bradley committed suicide, his spot on Atlas MacDowell’s board of directors was filled by Tom. Ingram is helping Will out. He tells him about the bugs and surveillance.

The endgame is afoot. Spangler sends someone to kill Will. Will starts putting the pieces together.

* * * * *

A general reports to Spangler that they’ve started seeing chatter that Kateb has been activated. They have a lot of files to go through. This lands on Will’s desk. He asks Ingram to bring Tanya back as well as Maggie.

Katherine is freaking out. She sees spies everywhere.

Kateb has been located all over the world. Instead of working from the 8 locations, Will has his team profile Kateb and work off from what they know as facts. No speculations yet. Miles thinks that they want them to fail. There is too much to go through in order to stop the bomb in time.

Will works on his investigation from his office. He’s found two more of the people in the photo. Ingram gives him time to see his information. Josh Lowan is another one of the kids.

Tanya is back. Spangler finds that Will is missing and snoops around in his office. He gets very angry that Will is calling Fisher’s Island records department.

Will is trying to see Katherine. He sees the dude parked out in the front of her house and goes to see through the back. There are 12 companies that have the same 2 names on their board. They are part of a group of 7 names. Every single one of these companies has taken profits thanks to some white papers that were created by API. Will thinks that these companies were engineering these events. He wants her to look through her husband’s papers to find anything important.

Will is back at API. Kateb appeared in 2004 out of nowhere. It’s a manufactured ID. Before 2004, he didn’t exist. For 20 years, he was someone else. He ditched his old life and became Kateb.

Tanya goes looking for her stashes at work and finds them all gone.

Spangler tells Roy that Will is still on the case. Spangler wants Will killed.

They find Joseph Purcell, who moved to Yemen. He could be Kateb. He was at Beck’s wedding. Spangler comes to see Will. Spangler tells him for his great work at API. He tells him to go to home. He’s acting strange. Will should be on his guard.

At Will’s place, Bloom is planting drug paraphernalia. He’s waiting for Will with a hypodermic syringe. He attacks Will, but Will is pretty feisty. There is a scuffle. Will manages to get his gun and shoots Bloom in the head. Will phones Ingram. Ingram makes another call. He says that he is Marcus King.

Ingram arrives at Will’s place. Another man arrives. He’s part of a clean-up crew of some kind. Ingram puts Will in the bathroom and writes something on a pad. It says that Will shouldn’t come out. We hear power tools.

Grant comes to see Spangler. He’s obviously trying to groom him to take over for Will.

Inside an ugly box, Katherine finds a letter from Tom. He mentions something about their anniversary. It’s a message.

At API, they receive word from the CIA/NSA. Grant is still in Spangler’s office. Miles tells Spangler that Kateb is in the USA. He crossed over from Mexico.

Ingram comes to get Will from the bathroom. His living room looks impeccably clean. There is no dead body. Ingram takes the dope and the gun with him as well.

Andy comes to see him a bit later. Will is in shock and tells her to go back home. He actually closes the door in her face.

* * * * *

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