The Amazing Race In Phil We Trust S17E03 (CBS)

Teams must travel to the neighborhood of Jamestown. Brook/Claire’s taxi cab knows where the boxing gym is. They face a Roadblock. One team member must wrap their hands properly, skip rope, and use the barbell. Brook does the task.

Chad/Steph arrive 2nd. Chad does it. Katie/Rachel arrive. Brook is finished. They leave for a supply depot. All of the latter teams leave in about 14 minutes, so it’s a race.

Chad was trying to show off and has to start over. He lost to Katie/Rachel, but it’s only a few seconds. Kevin has trouble with the wraps. The last teams arrive.

The Nerds leave. They are in 4th. Nat/Kat are lost and in last place. They want to make their driver turn around. They are also blocking two other teams. Mike/Kevin leave.

Gary/Mallory leave. Nick/Vic and Jill/Thomas leave as well.

The Nerds pass Brook/Claire. They made some good time. Nat/Kat are finished. They leave.

The Nerds are 1st. They must load a wheelbarrow with supplies and deliver them to a nearby school. If they have all of the items, they get the next clue.

When they arrive, they must figure out where they’ve been in Africa. The Nerds have trouble with that. Brook/Claire arrive at the supply depot.

The Nerds get the clue and leave. They face LA or Bicycle Parts. In Bicycle parts, they must roll a bicycle rim along a soccer field. In LA, they must choose a proverb. Then, they must find all of the symbols that represent the proverb. The Nerds do LA. That’s stupid. It will take them very long.

Brook/Claire only took one wheelbarrow, so they have to head back. Mike/Kevin also took one wheelbarrow. Katie/Rachel take two wheelbarrows.

Nat/Kat are still in a taxi. Gary/Mallory have 3 teams behind them. Mike/Kevin head back to get another wheelbarrow.

Gary/Mallory, Nick/Vic, and Jill Thomas arrive at the supply depot. Katie/Rachel have to head back. They forgot a trowel.

The Nerds complete their task quickly. They make their way for the pit stop. They finish 1st. They win $5,000.

Brook/Claire arrive at school. Brook has trouble finding Ghana on the map. Naturally, Nick/Vick make a mistake and head back. Gary/Mallory are in 3rd. Nick is being mean to Vick. He’s pissed at her for misreading the clue.

Mallory is crying after seeing the kids. Gary gets it on the 1st try. They do the Bicycle Parts task. Mike/Kevin and Katie/Rachel arrive to do the pop quiz. Jill/Thomas arrive as well. Gary completes his pretty quickly. Mallory has a bit of trouble, but her dad helps her.

Nat/Kat finally arrive at the supply depot. Thomas gets Ghana, Chad, and Brook finally get Ghana. Brook/Claire, Jill/Thomas, and Katie/Rachel do LA.

Claire has no idea what to do with the LA task. They circle the African children. Katie/Rachel do the same. They are trying to find the decoder key. It’s printed on a nearby building.

Katie/Rachel do the other task. Mike/Kevin do LA.

Gary/Mallory leave for the pit stop. Nat/Kat do the pop quiz. Chad/Steph switch tasks. Nick/Vick have trouble finding Ghana. The kids are laughing at them. They do Bicycle Parts.

Nat/Kat find Ghana on their 1st try. They do LA.

Gary/Mallory finish 2nd.

Chad watches the kids and finishes his part of the task. Nick has trouble. Stephanie completes her part. They head for the pit stop. They finish in 3rd.

Brook/Claire leave for the other task.

Katie/Rachel make progress with the rims. Katie/Rachel leave for the pit stop. They finish 4th.

Neither Jill/Thomas nor Nat/Kat find the decoder key. Nat/Kat switch tasks.

Vick has an asthma attack. Nick is being nice to her now. They complete their task and leave for the pit stop. They finish 5th. Brook/Claire finish 6th.

Jill/Thomas and Mike/Kevin leave for the other task.

Jill/Thomas complete their task and head for the pit stop. Mike has trouble and has to stop. Jill/Thomas finish 7th. Nat/Kat can’t find the pit stop.

Nat/Kat finish 8th. Mike/Kevin finish last. They are still in the race. It was a non-elimination leg.

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