Castle Punked S03E04 (ABC)

Castle title card via Wikipedia
Castle title card via Wikipedia

I’ve been a Nathan Fillion fan for quite a while. Ever since Firefly, I was really impressed by his acting. Since he is starring in a new series named Castle, I took it upon myself to watch it weekly.

Anyway, what do I like about Castle? Well it stars an obnoxious, womanizing novelist. Detective Kate Beckett is a closet hottie, played by Stana Katic. Her hotness is kind of hard to explain. The actress is quite hot, but in Castle, she toned it down. She doesn’t wear much makeup and favors a natural look, kind of like “Oh I’m hot, but I could be the girl next door, BTW, FYI, I’m still smoking hot.” That’s how I described her in my mind. She’s kind of got the ex-catwalk model look going for her, which is quite good.

So that’s a good point. Plus she’s Canadian and a good actress. That’s always a good combination.

Warning: spoilers ahead

The show centers around a novelist who is brought in to help deal with a string of murders which seem to be taken from the pages of his novels. At the same time, Castle has hit massive writer’s block after killing off the hero of his mystery book franchise, Derek Storm. Through Beckett, he is able to write once again.

Halfway between a drama and a romantic comedy, Castle is a fun show to watch. The characters play around a lot, making the viewer wonder when or if they will ever get together. It didn’t take Castle long to find out what makes Beckett tick. He uses clues and his imagination deftly.

ABC has started to release chapters of Richard Castle’s new book Heat Wave on its website. They are up to chapter 8 and I haven’t started yet, but it’s a pretty cool tie-in to the show.

* * * * *

Alexis is in love. Castle is called to a new case. The vic was shot and killed. He was found in his boxer shots. He’s name is Daniel Goldstein. He lived and worked downtown.

The prints of a Dandre were found on the vic’s wallet. He’s a big biker dude. He had an unregistered 45 in his apartment. The trouble is that Goldstein was killed with a 200-year old bullet. Castle keeps talking about time machines and time ripples. A flintlock pistol fired the lead ball. Dandre assaulted Esposito.

Flintlock pistols are considered collectibles, so they don’t need to be registered. The killer was pretty smart to use it.

Goldstein worked for a hedge fund. He made the big bucks. One of the financial products that Danny created tanked 3 months ago. Hundreds of millions of dollars were lost and investors blamed Danny. A man named Podofski collects old guns and lost 4 million in Danny’s fund. Podofski surrenders his guns. Ballistics is running tests.

Goldstein drives a GMC Delorean. Near the car, they find a homeless dude wearing some old fashion clothes. He’s wearing clothes that have blood on them. He found the clothes in a trashcan. There was flintlock gunshot residue on the suit. He fired back. They find another antique bullet in the park. There was a duel.

Castle comes home with a flintlock pistol and finds Alex kissing a boy named Ashley.

Podofski’s gun cleared ballistics. None of them was involved. It seems like Goldstein had a secret life. A guy named Kenmore had coffee with Goldstein. His father lost everything because of the hedge fund loss. The father committed suicide.

The kid tells them that Danny was a standup guy and found him a job at some Steampunk club. It’s the first time that I’ve seen Steampunk mentioned in a TV show, although Warehouse 13 is kind of Steampunk.

They find the guns and Adam, the guy who hired Danny. He admits to shooting Danny. Adam says that it was just for fun to impress Julia.

After testing the pistols, Beckett says that she’ll recommend manslaughter. The guns are very inaccurate.

Beckett comes to see Castle. She ran ballistics on the pistols. The bullet didn’t come from these pistols. There was a third shooter and he was the killer. They re-examine the scene and find evidence of another shooter. It was Danny. He modified his dad’s rifle to fire lead bullets.

Josh drops by the station. He looks like Beckett’s boyfriend.

* * * * *

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