Stargate Universe Awakening S02E03 (Syfy)

SG°U title card, via Wikipedia
Stargate Universe title card

I’ve never been a Stargate fan. I’ve tried watching SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, but never really found them compelling enough. I actually like the original movie with Kurt Russell, but the series never really interested me that much. One of my friends recently bought all of the seasons cheaply. I thought about watching them, but ran out of time. Scalzi is a creative consultant on this series and it looks pretty interesting, so I’ve decided to give it a go.

Now, before any bitching and hating starts― too late, it’s already started, I haven’t bothered to read, review, or watch any of the Stargate series, and I’m not going to. I’ve watched a couple of episodes and didn’t continue. I tried Stargate Atlantis, but didn’t like it. My friend told me that starting season 4, SG-1 was really good. I can’t really comment on that as I stopped watching the series after a few episodes.

Basically, I’m a new viewer of Stargate, but I’m not a science-fiction novice. It puts me in an interesting spot about reviewing this show. My point of view is from someone who hasn’t watched any of the SG shows, so this review and recap should be interesting to those of you who haven’t watched SG before. For the others, leave some comments and start a discussion.

Is the show good or bad? Read on to find out more.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Well, that’s the end of Telford. He’s stuck on a seed ship with some hostile aliens. I doubt that we’ll be seeing him again anytime soon.

* * * * *

The object is another ship of some kind. The Destiny docks with it. It’s a seed ship. Destiny is exchanging information. Brody and Voelker are sent over with a team.

TJ doesn’t want to talk about her baby with Chloe.

Rush finds out that they have another way home. But he won’t tell them. He’s once again hiding on the bridge.

The away team finds the ship’s control center.

Telford wants to be kept in the loop, but Young doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

When they switch on the seed ship’s systems, someone is brought out of cryogenic storage. The Lucians want to go aboard the seed ship, but Young refuses.

Greer and Scott leave the squints and go to check out the ship. Brody leaves Voelker alone to fix something.

Aboard the Destiny, Eli notices something about the power levels. Young confronts Wray about telling them about the seed ship.

The seed ship has got a lot of energy. If they are able to transfer the energy to Destiny, they will have enough power to open a gate home.

Scott shows Rush the place where the stargates were manufactured before being dropped on planets.

An alien comes to see Voelker and collapses. Scott, Telford, TJ and others are aboard the seed ship. The alien is still alive. He is talking. The alien looks bashful around TJ and he’s just sitting on the ground.

The alien has got a bunch of friends. Young wants to move everyone off the seed ship. Rush wants to stay aboard the seed ship, probably to sabotage something. They are going to try and dial Earth.

Something just happened. The energy transfer has been reversed. The seed ship drawing energy away from the Destiny. The aliens are responsible.

The alien gets away from TJ’s party.

Telford arrives at the seed ship’s control area. Rush and Dunning are unconscious. Young wants to disconnect the ships. Telford wants Eli on the con so that he can tell him how to reverse the power flow. After TJ arrives back, the door locks.

When Rush arrives back on the Destiny, he disappears. Eli says that it’s all up to Telford now. They will not figure out how to disconnect the two ships.

All of a sudden, the Destiny disconnects from the seed ship. It’s Rush on the bridge. Telford is stuck on the seed ship.





* * * * *

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