Survivor Nicaragua Worst Case Scenario S21E06 (CBS)

It’s starting to rain. Dan tells Holly that he plans on quitting. There is some flooding. Yve asks Holly why she wasn’t told about the blindside. Holly tells her that Dan wants to leave.

Jill tells Marty that the kids are appreciating them because they clean. Whatever. They don’t give a crap. Jill is surprised that the young tribe just sleeps all day.

If they go to tribal, Brenda wants 3 people to vote for Marty and 3 people vote for Jill. That way they get to flush out the idol.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Hey are playing for individual immunity. Both tribes are going to tribal council. They will race out to a digging area. They will dig up a rope ring, swing it into a pack. In the final round, they will square off in a ring toss. The winning tribe will win a feast. They will go to tribal first and then get to eat a feast while they watch the other tribe evicting someone.

Espada is up first. Holly is in the lead. Dan strikes out as usual. Holly is 1st. She moves to the final and wins immunity. That was quick. It’s time for La Flor. Brenda and Sash are in the lead. Fabio is close. Marty, Jill, and Kelly B have their 2nd. Jill wins immunity. She will take on Holly. Wow, I’m surprised. It’s an all-female final. Holly lands her 1st. Jill lands two quickly. Holly does so also. They are tied. Jill wins the feast for La Flor.

Brenda is very strategic and fake. Sash and Brenda strategize. They will have 3 votes for Kelly B and 3 for Marty. They will tell Kelly B that the votes are going for Jane. Brenda has got a strange accent. I have trouble placing it. She rolls her Rs.

Marty tells Fabio that he’s a grandmaster in chess. This is a lie. Fabio totally believes him and wants to hitch a ride on the Marty train.

At Espada, Dan tells Holly again that he wants to leave but he’s not going to quit. He says that he’s got a Ferrari and a Range Rover. He doesn’t need the million bucks. Benry and Chase talk. They want to get rid of Yve. Chase trusts Nay only, not Benry. They’ve got no idea what to do. Nay thinks that Dan needs to go. Yve talks with Nay and Alina that Holly told her that Dan wanted to go. Yve tells them that she’s got a strong alliance in the other tribe. If she gets to the merge, she’d be very useful. This actually doesn’t work at all, because both Alina and Nay think that this is the perfect reason to get rid of Yve.

Chase tells Holly that keeping Dan around is the right idea because he’s a weak player.

First Chase wanted to vote for Dan. Now it sounds like Chase wants Yve taken out. OK, that’s what you guys want to do, tell me, tell me right now that’s what you want me to do because I’ll write her name down and smile in her face. That’s outwitting.

Brenda tells her plan to Jane. She says that Jane has to vote for Marty. Smartly, Brenda doesn’t tell the rest of her plan. Sash tells Fabio what to do. He needs to vote for Marty, but that doesn’t work for Fab. He likes the Marty train. Sash tells Marty that he needs to vote for Jane.

The vote will be determined by what Marty does with the idol. If he plays the idol, Kelly B will go home. If he doesn’t play the idol, it will be a tie. We will have to make a tough decision.

Enemy, Kelly B, I don’t know.

It’s time for tribal. La Flor goes first.

-I feel pretty comfortable tonight.
-[Brenda smiles deviously]
Kelly B and Brenda

For some reason, Brenda mentions that Jane has to worry about Jill and Marty voting her out. She called them out to try and flush out the idol. She’s trying to shake things up. It’s a smart move because initially, it didn’t look like Marty was going to use the idol.

Marty whispers to Jane that she needs to vote for Brenda. She votes for Marty.

La Flor votes to evict

Jane                       Marty
Jill                           Brenda
Marty                    Brenda
Fabio                     Kelly B
Brenda                 Kelly B
Kelly B                   Marty
Sash                       Marty
Purple Kelly        Kelly B

You’re the black widow, king cobra, and black mamba all rolled up into one. You may not be going home tonight, but the lines have been drawn.
Marty about Brenda

Like a douche, Marty didn’t use the idol. Marty gets 3 votes. Brenda gets 2. Kelly B gets 3. It’s a tie between Kelly B and Marty. The rules of Survivor state that there will be another vote, except that neither Kelly nor Marty can vote.

Kelly B is evicted. It would have been smarted to vote out Marty because that would have flushed out the idol and put it back into play. Also, a strategic player would have gone home. Marty keeps glaring and rolling his eyes.

It’s time for Espada’s tribal. La Flor gets to eat. Chase finds it hard to watch. Nay isn’t even looking.

If it’s not a Martini, it doesn’t bother me.

Yve says that Dan constantly complains about life at camp. Yve says that he isn’t committed to the tribe. Jeff says that Dan is a liability. He asks Benry. Benry says that Dan isn’t incompetent. Dan says that Yve is arrogant. It’s time for the vote. La Flor has to leave.

La Flor votes to evict

Dan                        Yve
Holly                      Yve
Yve                         Dan
Benry                    Yve
Chase                    Yve
Nay                        Yve
Alina                      Yve

Yve is evicted.

* * * * *

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74 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua Worst Case Scenario S21E06 (CBS)”

  1. I thought it was a strategic gamble that Marty did not use the Immunity Idol. A gamble he won. Now he has the idol in his possession that he said cannot be used after next week’s tribal council (not sure why the time limit) so that guarantees him another week no matter what happens. Not sure if he has to give up the idol if the other tribe loses.

    I’m not crazy about Brenda. There’s not much personality there, and what little is there seems fake (as you noted). Wasn’t she a cheerleader or something? Maybe that’s why I don’t care for her. Smile pretty and shake your pom-poms. Not the most intellectual career path, if you ask me. But she doesn’t really pull the attractive card in playing this game, she’s using the most unattractive of tactics, deviousness. And we all know that is the one card in the deck that can produce a winning hand in the game of Survivor.

    For me, this last episode was a bit of a yawner. I didn’t pay much attention to it but kept it on in the background as I did other things. The two who were voted out weren’t big personalities or big players so I didn’t care too much when they left. I would have cared if Marty left. He’s a big talker and big liar. Perfect character to watch. And now he’s going against Ms. Devious and that should put some life into the next episode.

    One more thing, when will Survivor players realize that when someone tells them they are safe that they probably aren’t. You are safe only when you hold the Immunity Idol and somewhat safe if you are the one telling the others they are safe. Jane must not have read the manual.

  2. I don’t know about Brenda. She’s gorgeous, and was a pro football cheerleader for the Dolphins, but now owns some business or whatever. I don’t really care much about her either. She just thinks that all men think with their cocks, and she’s there to manipulate them. It will blow up in her face sooner or later.

    Marty is playing a dangerous game, and I wonder if he’s aware how close he got to leaving. If his tribe loses again, then he must use the idol, or is he the type who won’t use it and get evicted with the idol in his pocket?

    I agree, it was a bit of a Debby downer, hopefully it will get more interesting soon.

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