Rubicon You Never Can Win S01E13 (AMC)

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There is so much about this show that is really interesting. First of all, the main characters all work in a think tank. I find that an interesting line of work. They are basically paid to think about certain problems. It all looks collegiate, but there is more than meets the eye, as the protagonist discovers.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

I like where this is going, but the intrigue is slowly building. We’re already at episode 6 and this show probably has got another 4 or so before it ends. It’s too bad, because this is one of the best shows on TV. You definitely need to watch everything that you see, otherwise it’s hard to miss the connections. We learned that Bloom is connected to Roy, who’s also ex-CIA. He now works for Atlas MacDowell, the company on who’s board Tom Rohmer served as. When Bradley committed suicide, his spot on Atlas MacDowell’s board of directors was filled by Tom. Ingram is helping Will out. He tells him about the bugs and surveillance.

In this episode, it’s basically the aftermath of what Purcell/Kateb had planned, thanks to the help of the shadow conspiracy of which Spangler is part of. They aren’t happy with Spangler, as they reveal that they want him to stop what is coming. He refuses and gets a four-leaf clover, which means a death sentence. He’s not the only one to die, as Katherine’s foolishness gets her killed on the way to meet will. We also learn that Andy is someone that was hired by Tom and David to help them. David left a message on the same DVD that Tom left a message for Katherine. They were working together. Will has been demoted, Tanya has quit, and Grant has been promoted. A lot went on, but still a lot remains to be discovered.

* * * * *

Ingram and Spangler call a staff meeting at API. Spangler wants everyone to find out who was responsible. Wow, what a hypocrite. He’s part of the conspiracy that orchestrated this attack. Team E is leading the investigation.

Grant thinks that this is an Iranian operation. Will wants to get this right and not jump to conclusions.

Katherine is watching the movie. In it, she sees a message from Tom. David is taping this message. He says that Spangler is manipulating intelligence at API for profit. He tells her to commit an address to memory. It’s 701 Mott St, Apt 2D. She’s to go there if she’s in danger. David leaves a message for Will. He tells him to be careful. Katherine stops the DVD before we see what else he has to say.

Ingram tells Will that he needs to regroup and focus on Iran. Will goes to his office to speak with Miles. He fries the bug that’s in his office and tells him about Truxton Spangler.

Spangler is told to stop everything. He refuses to do so. He says that he can’t. There is still more coming. This goes against what the others have decided. Joshua says that he is sorry. Will Spangler be killed? The others are voting what to do with him in a black room with not much light. They agree to have him killed.

Katherine and Will make plans to meet. Will goes to see Bloom’s apartment. He finds a safe.

Katherine arrives at the address. Andy answers the door. She’s part of the detail which protects her. Andy tells her that it’s not safe for her. She will be following her 10 steps behind. She’s got a gun. At the fountain, Roy bumps into Katherine and kills her with an injection. She’s got the recording in her hands. Will arrives. Andy just walks away. I can’t see if Will took the DVD.

Will isn’t at API. The torpedoes were Iranian. Spangler wants to speak with Grant. I think that Spangler will promote Grant. He probably gave another kill order on Will. Spangler puts some pressure on Grant to produce the report. He wants to know where Will is. Will seems to step out a lot.

Will comes back to API and tells Maggie that Katherine was murdered. Grant tells his team that he’s been promoted to team leader. Will has been demoted. Tanya immediately quits. She told Ingram before that this was her last day. She hates it at API. She says that she’ll write a book and get rich.

Will asks for Miles’ help. He accepts. He gives him photos from Bloom’s personal camera. Bloom wasn’t in Houston in June. The photos show that he was there. Will goes to see Hal. They ask to check the travel itineraries of Bloom’s aliases. Hal traces the private plane that Bloom used. The plane was owned by a dummy company owned by Atlas MacDowell.

Some flowers arrive for Spangler. Inside the envelope, there is a four leaf clover.

Grant tells Will that he’s been promoted. Will congratulates him.

Will goes to see Spangler. He says that he’s got a report ready to go about his involvement with the death of David and the attack. Spangler tells him that he did this because of something much bigger. Will wasn’t able to find a motive for what Spangler has done. Spangler tells him to make his report. He walks away and leaves the four-leaf clover there on the roof. Does this mean that Spangler will kill himself or that he’ll be killed?





* * * * *

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