The Amazing Race Tastes Like a Million Dollars S17E05 (CBS)

Nat/Kat arrived 1st. The Nerds were eliminated. Teams must drive themselves into Narvik, Norway. They must then ride to the top of a mountain for their next clue.

Gary/Mallory are wearing Arc’Teryx fleece and Alpha SV jackets. I like those. I have those.

Jill didn’t go to college. Chad/Steph leave 2 hours after the lead teams.

This is not Amazing Friends, it’s the Amazing Race. But we’re amazing friends

Apparently Nat is terrified of heights. She starts to cry in the gondola. There is a FF there. In this FF, teams must make their way to a restaurant to eat a traditional restaurant. They have to eat an entire sheep’s head. Nat/Kat decide to do it.

Brook/Claire and Gary/Mallory arrive at the gondola station. Mike/Kevin are there too.

Teams must now make their way to a bridge to find their next clue. Brook/Claire don’t do the FF. Gary/Mallory  and Mike/Kevin drive to the bridge.

I’m a vegetarian. I haven’t eaten meat in 22 years.

The other teams come across Jill/Thomas on their way down.

The Doctors were dreading an eating task. They arrive and start eating the sheep’s head.

You know what, it tastes like money.

The teams face a Roadblock. They have to step off a bridge and rappel down to a boat. Once they get their clue, they have to use a mechanical ascender to go back up to the bridge. Kevin does this one. Gary does it. Claire does this.

-Uh, it’s giving me a wedgie!
-What’s a wedgie?
-It’s when it goes up your butt.
-Ah, OK
Claire and the Swedish climbing guy

Kevin is down, but Gary follows him very quickly. They are awaiting the boats. The Doctors are finishing up. They get their clue. They head to the pit stop. They head to the Ankenes marina.

-Do you want to get sick now?
-No, let’s get to the pit stop and take care of it then.
The Doctors

The Volleyball Players and Nick/Vick are playing catch up. Kevin is on his way up. Claire goes down. Gary is also going up. Thomas catches up with Claire. Claire is having trouble.

Nick/Vick go to the FF. WTF is that all about? Dang, they are stupid. They see that the FF was taken. Vick doesn’t know what ‘FF has been taken’ means. Wow, that’s a new level of stupid. They decide to go to the other task.

The Doctors finish 1st. They win a trip for two to Costa Rica. Chad/Steph are in 7th. They come across the Volleyball team in last place.

Kevin beats Gary to the top.

Bam, just shut up!
Claire to Brook

Teams must find a remote field in Harvika. Gary is up and they leave. Thomas is up and they are in 4th place. Claire is still climbing. Brook was quick to make Claire do this task, not her. Claire finally makes it up. They leave for Harvika.

Nick/Vick arrive. Vick does this.

I’m the one that has the guts in this relationship.

Chad does it. Vick is on her way up.

Kevin/Mike arrive at the clue in the field. Teams face Bike or Boat. In Bike, teams take a pair of MTBs where they have to memorize some color combinations to open their lock and retrieve their clue.

In Boat, they make their way to a boat, navigate a map, and deliver two large cod fish and a chainsaw to a lodge. Kevin/Mike do Boat. Jill/Thomas and Gary/Mallory do Bike. A few minutes on, Mallory is already complaining.

Brook/Claire do Boat.

Vick is a tough chick and easily gets up 1st. They leave for Harvika. Chad/Steph arrive. Katie/Rachel go down the bridge.

Mallory falls off.

If it wouldn’t have been for my dad, I would have checked my way off that mountain.

Jill/Thomas catch up. They go down 1st and drive themselves to the next pit stop. Mike/Kevin are in 4th place. The trek up the hill was long.

Gary/Mallory and Mike/Kevin get lost. Gary/Mallory finish 2nd. Nick/Vick do Bike. Chad/Steph do Boat. Brook/Claire deliver some fish. They are nice to everyone, I like seeing that.

Katie/Rachel are in front of Jill/Thomas and Mike/Kevin. It’s because they are in different parts of the race.

Nick was all how great he is at MTB. Vick totally beats his ass. He has to walk up the hill, she was just powering through.

Katie/Rachel do Boat.

Jill/Thomas finish 3rd. Mike/Kevin finish 4th. Nick/Vick leave for the pit stop. Brook/Claire finish 5th. Brook cuts eyelid. Phil finds it amazing that she just went on with the race with no problems.

Chad/Steph finish and drive themselves to the pit stop. They see Katie/Rachel carrying up the cod.

Nick/Vick finish 6th. Chad/Steph finish 7th. The Volleyball Players are last. They are eliminated.

* * * * *

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