My Daily Tweets 10-26-2010

  • 00:02:14: @bordy fridge or on the counter? Fridge doesn’t work for my chili, but the fresh chili always tastes awesome.
  • 00:02:39: Nice and cool outside 19C.
  • 00:03:33: If I have some spare cash, I’d probably get a MacBook Air 13 loaded up. But ultimately, I’m pretty sure that I’ll get a MacBook Pro 17.
  • 00:04:49: Getting both is way too pricey. Maybe later. The iPad 2 might be interesting as well. Students get $50 off the MBAs & $200 on MBPs
  • 00:09:27: The Amazing Race Tastes Like a Million Dollars S17E05 (CBS):
  • 00:10:04: Just ground 150g of Blue Jamaican coffee beans for my next few cups of java. BTW, I use a coffee siphon.
  • 00:12:16: I thought the US Marshal Service went after fugitives, not CSIs.
  • 00:15:50: This time…[5sec pause] it’s personal. YAAAAAAHHHH #CSIMiami, opening credits.
  • 00:18:29: @bordy Interesting. The most recent chili I cooked used a slow cooker and it was pretty good.
  • 00:27:08: MacBook Air review: Skinny on the skinny
  • 00:27:39: Apple MacBook Air (11.6-inch) First Look Review
  • 00:29:35: @bordy nice recipe. Mine is custom which evolved over the years.
  • 01:21:14: Just wrote 1000 words of my Werewolf story. Continuing for a few more minutes and then back to CSI Miami.
  • 03:04:37: From Twitter 10-25-2010:
  • 19:02:59: Stitched Together Fry From Futurama: I See What You Did There:
  • 19:05:12: Ortus Hast: World’s Smallest HD Display:
  • 19:06:51: Rainy day during which we had a field trip to the zoo. It was fun & too short, but I was happy to be home early.
  • 19:07:09: RT @Jarrod_Cooper: Steampunk is what happens when Goths discover brown.
  • 19:08:11: RT @hrrrthrrr: Waiting for an email from a client so I can then knock myself out with nyquil for the night.
  • 19:19:01: I guess the Taipei Zoo didn’t see fit to update the Jackass Penguin’s name to the African Penguin. Was funny seeing that.
  • 19:24:26: Drank an ice latte this morning and it had unintended consequences: me running to the bathroom & fitful afternoon nap
  • 19:31:18: Hacked 16-Foot Desk Perfect For Multiple Workstations:
  • 19:32:53: Keeping Your Precious Tech Dry In Torrential Downpours:
  • 19:36:04: Today, it was nice and cold. Cold enough for me to wear my Arcteryx Alpha SV jacket over a t-shirt w jeans, umbrella, & Mavic baseball cap.
  • 19:37:53: Some of the kids were cold in shorts & t-shirts. This morning, I took time to pack my lunch. It was pretty good. We only had 15 kids along.
  • 20:13:28: Goodbye, MacBook Pro. The New MacBook Air Is That Good.
  • 20:15:59: Sounds like there will be a MBP update early next year, meaning that it’s best to wait.
  • 20:24:24: It Gets Better – WTF?
  • 20:26:42: @Tortue @davidonformosa I’m at 133 right now and add people slowly. If it gets too much, you can’t keep up.
  • 20:34:16: @davidonformosa @Tortue Probably depends on how much time you spend on Twitter. During the day, I’m away from it.
  • 20:42:51: Dublin, like Toronto, is hard to love. via
  • 21:15:58: Lab report: MacBook Air benchmark results
  • 21:18:33: @jackge I’d rather see a news embargo on reporting teen suicides. It’s a known fact that reporting them leads to even more than usual.
  • 21:25:51: a woefully underpowered luxury laptop born more out of Cupertino’s fetishistic obsession with thinness than any real world utility on MBA
  • 21:26:10: …on MBA via
  • 21:30:51: Like the last Air, though, this is a machine hobbled by its own thinness… and if you aren’t ready to ejaculate your central nervous system
  • 21:31:33: …over a paper-thin laptop, those sacrifices are hard to swallow. via
  • 21:32:44: Cult of Mac Writers React To The New MacBook Air. They aren’t impressed.
  • 22:09:29: @kleinjinx nice jeans.
  • 22:48:28: RT @monsieurlam: Si vraiment tu crèves d’envie de générer des centaines de RT, bah crève.
  • 23:25:10: RT @brem: le nouveau msn live messenger 2011, c’est d’la calisse de marde, ça se déconnecte aux 2 secondes… #mscrap

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