Survivor Nicaragua What Goes Around Comes Around S21E07 (CBS)

So basically, Marty was able to outplay Sash and Brenda. His gamble paid off and he still has his immunity idol. However, they are 2 vs 5.

At Espdada, Chase tells Nay and Holly that they need to get rid of Alina next.

At La Flor, Marty is pissed that Jane voted against him. He wants to deal with her. However, he hasn’t got the numbers so that won’t really go anywhere. He immediately takes it up with her, but she doesn’t say anything. He gossips with Jill later.

It’s time for the next challenge. As always, Brenda gives a twinkling smile to the camera. One member from each tribe will be standing on a perch in the water. They will be the defenders. The other members of the tribe will leap off into the water and try to launch balls to score points. The reward is going to a Nicaraguan farm. La Flor sits out Jane. It’s Fabio and Chase for the defenders. Nay Scores for Espada. Jill scores for La Flor. Benry scores for Espada. They are playing to 5. Marty launches one against Chase’s nuts. Holly’s shot is also deflected by Fabio. Purple Kelly scores with a lob shot. La Flor scores. Dan just pathetically throws the ball at Fabio, who catches it and wonders WTF is going on. Sash misses for La Flor. Alina scores another. They lead 3-2. Brenda misses. Fabio pees in the water. Nay scores for Espada. They lead 4-2. Jill scores for La Flor. It’s 4-3. Benry scores for Espada. Espada wins reward.

Jane is trying to ingratiate herself to her alliance by helping out at camp. Sash is happy to let the older members of the tribe work all day.

For me who stays in this game isn’t matter how hard you work around camp, it’s about how loyal you are to me.

Espada goes horseback riding. Nay has trouble milking the cow. Then, they have a big meal. Holly says some BS and makes Alina cry. Whatever. Nay thinks it’s a bunch of BS. She decides to fake some emotion.

I touched a cow’s nipple.

There are a lot of shots of Purple Kelly. She hasn’t said much until now. Jane catches a fish and eats it alone in the woods.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Two members from each tribe will roll down some cannonballs from a steep chute. Four other members will use ropes to aim the chute to break the other tribes’ tiles. There are five tiles to break. Sash sits out this challenge. This doesn’t make much sense. Benry and Alina are up top. Chase, Holy, Nay, and Dan are on the ropes. Brenda and Purple Kelly are up top. The others are down. Purple Kelly breaks one for Espada. Alina breaks one for La Flor. It’s 1-1. Benry breaks one. It’s 2-1. Alina breaks another one. Espada leads 3-1. Benry breaks another one. It’s 4-1. Brenda and Purple Kelly have missed a few now. Alain almost connects again, but the shot is short. La Flor scores. It’s 4-2. Espada is using a lot of strategy. They win immunity. It was a convincing win. They are the stronger tribe.

At La Flor, they want to split the votes again to flush out the idol.

It’s still icing on the cake if Jill goes home. I want the cake, and I want to eat it too. And I want both of them gone.

Sash plans on talking with Marty to get him to give up the idol or play it tonight. Brenda agrees, but wants to blindside Marty. They talk strategy. Brenda wants the idol and wants to vote Marty out. Knowing how people vote tonight is an important piece of information, because if Marty votes for Jill, it’s a 3-3 tie without him having to use the idol. Although I can’t see this happening because La Flor will simply vote Marty out.

Sash talks with Marty. He tells him some cockamamie idol lending scheme. Marty tells Sash that he can’t vote for Jill. Marty gives it to Sash. Now that he no longer has it, he’s going to go home.

Sash is very full of himself. It will play against it at some point.

It’s time for tribal. Marty thinks he might have made a mistake. Sash says that the idol is in his pocket. Marty gave it to him. Jeff finds this hard to believe. Sash talks himself into a hole. He makes a slip and says that if he loses trust in his alliance, he might keep the idol for himself. His alliance is well aware of it.

Votes to evict

Jane                       Marty
Marty                    Jane
Fabio                     Marty
Jill                           Jane
Sash                       Jill
Brenda                 Jill
Purple Kelly        Jill

Jill is evicted by a vote of 3-2-2 (Jill, Jane, Marty). Wow, I thought that Marty was a goner for sure. Why didn’t they vote him out? That’s kind of stupid.

* * * * *

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73 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua What Goes Around Comes Around S21E07 (CBS)”

  1. I thought the reward challenge was lame. Try to throw a ball into a big net behind a person who’s stuck standing on a pole. yawn, yawn, yawn, why the heck would Fabio tell everyone he’s peeing in the water?, yawn and more yawn…

    Same with the ball and chute game. I was getting weary of puzzles, but what is up with these boring challenges this season? Maybe their medical team has been cut in half because of budget? Nothing is too physical this season, it seems.

    I, too, was surprised Marty didn’t go. Maybe Sash does have a heart, or even a strategy, inside that hollow chest of his. The more I see Jane, the more I dislike her. I wouldn’t mind watching her get booted out. But it looks like the tribes are merging next week so that will be interesting. I hope Marty survives the merge. And maybe the young ones will need him on their side for numbers once they’ve merged. We’ll see.

    I love watching Survivor but this season is a bit lacking in luster to date. Marty is the only interesting one to watch so far. Maybe that’s why I don’t know half of the tribe names yet. There are few big personalities out there. Nay stands out, but she’s nasty mean so she is definitely not one to carry the show and leave me wanting to watch more. I’m disappointed in this season, hope it picks up soon.

    Even the big play with Marty giving up the idol was a weak moment. Brenda, with no personality, talks to Sash, with no personality, and they ask Marty to give up the idol and promise he’ll be safe. But maybe they’ll vote him off. That was it. No drama, no big battle of egos. Just, okay, here ya go. They pocket it. That was the big moment of play. I can ride a city bus and find more action than that.

  2. I agree that it’s a bit of a letdown compared to the last few seasons. The challenges are also a lot easier and less physical than a few season ago. It makes for boring TV.

    Hopefully, there’s going to be more action when the tribes merge.

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