My Daily Tweets 10-30-2010

  • 00:31:26: “We’re so sorry”, BP renamed DP ‘coz we care
  • 00:36:24: It’s the kind of thing you would actually need to see someone else do before you believed it was possible. Tony Hawk McSw
  • 00:40:25: His peers, out of reverence, stopped skating and surrendered the ramp to him. about Tony Hawk in McSweeney’s
  • 00:45:13: He doesn’t look like someone who’s found religion; he looks like someone who’s found divinity. about Tony Hawk in McSw’s
  • 00:52:52: Tony Hawk and the 900:
  • 02:07:37: Is what Lisbeth Salander did feasible in the Stieg Larsson books? Vanity Fair asks a real hacker.
  • 03:03:38: From Twitter 10-29-2010:
  • 16:31:15: Firefox Halloween Costume: Gimme Some Mo, Zilla:
  • 16:33:08: Deadmau5 Halloween Mask Powered By A Netduino: Rocking to the Beats:
  • 16:41:59: Managed to sleep 11 hours last night.
  • 16:43:31: RT @bedheadblonde: If you can’t figure out how to unfasten your seatbelt, you should be left on the plane to die.Airplane Darwinism.
  • 16:43:42: RT @goldengateblond: You’re the one who dressed up your baby as a whoopee cushion. I was just testing him out.
  • 16:44:42: RT @brem: Si y a rien de plus excitant qui m’arrive dans les 4 prochaines minutes, je vais me coucher #menaces
  • 16:48:27: RT @warrenellis: Apparently FREAKANGELS just won an Eagle Award. Sadly, they still don’t give real eagles as prizes.
  • 16:58:12: Maytag’s Maxima and Bravos Washers & Dryers:
  • 16:59:45: Are Desktop Computers Obsolete?:
  • 17:25:19: 13-Inch MacBook Air Review: So Long, Fatty
  • 17:25:55: Time to walk Spike and do some more relaxing. Love Saturdays.
  • 18:42:05: Took me a while, but I managed to find my gigantic 18×24″ watercolor canvases.
  • 19:36:37: It’s to create a plot storyboard for my Werewolf story. I’m 23,000 words in.
  • 19:38:33: It’s 6:37AM in Urbana-Champaign & I just called the wife to say that I loved her. She’s on her way to teach. Yes, Saturday teaching classes.
  • 19:44:05: Wow, looks like I’ll be watching Inception tonight. Was planning on watching The Social Network, but I’ve been waiting for #Inception
  • 21:00:44: RT @annebgodbout: Finalement, fiston était tranquillement crampé de son érection matinale en chantant pénis-pénis-pénis. Charmant les mâles.
  • 21:01:33: Catching up on some shows that I missed this week. Even after 11 hours of sleep, I’m still a bit groggy.
  • 21:03:01: I think I’ll have some pasta tonight. Not in the mood to make anything elaborate. The wife confessed that she deeply misses my cooking.

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  • It's 4AM & I decided to cook some fish bc I'm hungry AF & I won't have time to cook tomorrow.~ 5 hours ago
  • At least I have more music now. So many albums haven't synced for such a long time.~ 5 hours ago
  • I just spent 2h going through my iTunes library, del & adding up albums so that they would sync with my iPhone #fml~ 5 hours ago
  • @millvilltrill nice. La 1ere nuit a l'hostel de Saigon, des épais faisaient le party toute la nuit. La 2e c'était mieux.~ 7 hours ago
  • @millvilltrill Saigon?~ 7 hours ago



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