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The Modern Adult Life of Barbie

Jan Edwards has an interesting post over at McSweeney’s about what Barbie’s life would be like. It was fun to read.

Post-Black Friday Blues: Did You Get Your Shopping Done?

112910creditcard.jpgIt’s Cyber Monday, and a lot of us are returning back to work after a nice time off over the last few days. It has been quite relaxing, unless you spent most of your Friday battling the crowds to get your Christmas shopping done during Black Friday. Did you manage to get everything done or do you still have to shop?

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The Workstation of a Freelance Journalist: iMacs & iPads

112910_rg_RogerRatcliffe_01.jpgCompared to some users who need a lot of processing power to get their jobs done, freelance journalists, bloggers, and anyone who writes to pay the bills have slightly different needs. They don’t need something that’s blindingly fast. It’s all about integrating different technologies, especially when you are on the go. This is the workstation of a freelance journalist. Read on to find out more.

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Twitter and Facebook Shoes: Tweet With Your Feet?

Would you ever buy Twitter or Facebook shoes? With the amount of people using these services, I’m sure that there is a market for these.


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Disposable Touch Paper Interface: the Way of the Future?

If you ever got a chance to watch the short-lived Caprica, they had a technology just like this. Now, it looks like smart paper could soon be upon us, as the Japanese have come up with some interesting research using paper as a touchscreen. Yes, that’s right, run of the mill paper can serve as a touch-based interface. What will they think of next?

smart paper japanese touch interface japan keio

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My Daily Tweets 11-29-2010

  • 03:03:56: From Twitter 11-28-2010:
  • 20:03:21: NSFW Michelle Buswell by David Bellemère
  • 20:17:53: nabbed a Kelly Deal scarf! Get one too here: made from upcycled felt sweaters!
  • 20:18:47: Long day, but not so bad. Still, it’s Monday. Listening to a big of a Dark Fantasy to help me write #KanyeWest
  • 20:27:04: RT @Web2Asia: startpage accessed from china currently looks like this
  • 20:27:39: RT @monsieurlam: J’ai un gamin de 11 ans qui me follow. J’hésite à balancer du Pedobear luv, du coup.
  • 20:28:30: RT @sleggat: Finally, the iPad will officially go on sale in Taiwan tomorrow. Too late though, I want an 1 …
  • 20:28:37: RT @gabyu: Leslie Nielsen is dead. What the hell, it was not even mentioned in #Wikileaks !
  • 20:29:11: RT @becker: Breaking news from wikileaks: The world is run by strange, power-hungry, corrupt jerk wads. Who knew?
  • 20:31:15: RT @Joanna_Rees: are craving #Poptarts. I know…soooo bad.
  • 20:31:18: RT @Joanna_Rees: are enjoying reading my student’s blogs from Campus Middle School. They are so cute and smart!
  • 20:31:44: RT @niubi: WikiLeaked Diplomatic Cables Confirm China’s Politburo Was Behind Google Hacking Incident /no, don’t co …
  • 20:32:16: RT @thomashawk: Apple iPhoto. So crappy it can’t even import a JPG file.
  • 20:36:17: RT @msbananapeel: Kiwibank is offering me the chance to go in a draw for a holiday if I swipe credit card 8 times by xmas. Way to beat c …
  • 20:37:52: RT @evgenymorozov: WikiLeaks is what happens when the entire US government is forced to go through a full-body scanner
  • 20:42:40: It’s so humid inside that I’m switching on the AC, dehumidifier fx, and maybe I’l switch on the heater as well.
  • 20:48:12: “Mercy, mercy me, that Murcielago” KWest.
  • 20:50:45: “il était témoin de mes bassesses télévisuelles” @annebgodbout
  • 21:10:11: @wobblesmccoy @thomashawk don’t have it yet, but I will. Win7 has no prob w it.
  • 21:13:15: JFK’s presidency in photos #TheBigPicture
  • 21:58:57: The people I feature in my workstation posts for AT/Unplggd are always very nice and appreciate of what I write. Thanks!
  • 22:10:24: I like the original Moleskine Volant that were featured on @NotebookStories
  • 22:29:44: @purplelime Sam, I want to use your MacBook Air photo for a post on Roger Ratcliffe’s setup. He doesn’t have many pics of his tech!
  • 22:30:07: @purplelime links and credits as always!
  • 22:36:02: @purplelime thanks! He’s got a bunch of writing-specific software that I don’t know much about, but I will try out!
  • 22:37:31: @Joanna_Rees Hi Babe, can you order me these today? Moleskine notebooks for $8.44 I’d like 4.
  • 23:00:51: One more post and I can eat dinner. It’s 11PM BTW.
  • 23:25:32: Done. Food. bathroom, walk Spike.

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La pluralité des mondes

This is a great story by Justin E. Smith. I recently read Transition by Iain M. Banks, and it made me think of this.

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The Insane Clown Posse & Their Juggalos

James McGirk takes a look at the juggalo phenomenon, the cult-fan base of the Insane Clown Posse.

Insane Clown Posse are a band of forty-somethings who sing threatening lyrics set to menacing music, all while wearing full circus makeup.

…, but juggalos are so spectacularly unappealing to mainstream tastes that in the eighteen years the band has been playing for major audiences they remain a cult phenomenon.

No Insane Clown Posse concert would be complete without dousing its audience in Faygo, an off-brand cola sold in the Midwest. Even after fans have complained after being hit with full bottles and sued. ICP claims they chose Faygo because it was the only soda they could afford growing up in Detroit. Off-brand soda is potent a symbol of American poverty.

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My Daily Tweets 11-28-2010

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Terminal World By Alastair Reynolds

Terminal World cover via Wikipedia

I finally managed to get my hands on Alastair Reynolds’ last book, Terminal World. One of the reasons why I had waited for a while is that the story was very steampunk-ish, and I don’t think that Alastair Reynolds should write steampunk. He should write hard science-fiction. Actually, I don’t really like reading about steampunk. I much prefer to read hard science-fiction, fiction, and fantasy.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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