The Amazing Race Run Babushka RunS17E06 (CBS)

Teams make their way to St-Petersburg, Russia. Everyone is going to be on the same train. On the train ride to Stockholm, Nat/Kat and Brook/Claire bond.

Chad is pissed at Steph for making them late. The teams are all on the same flight to Russia.

Brook/Claire are the 1st ones at the clue box. They face a Detour. They need to do Classical Music or Classic Cinema. In Classical Music, they make their way to a maestro to hear three gramophones. Then, they must identify the same tune being played by some concert pianist.

In Classic Cinema, teams make their way to a film studio. They must search through piles of film footage and find some that match October. Brook/Claire and Kevin/Mike do movies. Gary/Mallory do music. Jill/Thomas do movies. Nat/Kat and Nick/Vick do music.

Mike/Kevin arrive at the film studio and are quickly discouraged by the task.

Chad/Steph arrive at the gramophones. All of the pianists are in the same ballrooms. It’s a cacophony. Brook/Claire’s cab needs directions.

A lot of teams arrive at the concert hall.

At the film studio, Jill/Thomas complete the task thanks to Thomas’ smarts. They are given a film reel box. It’s a photo of Palace Square, where they’ll find their next clue.

It was mentally exhausting.

Brook finds the right reel and they leave. They are in 2nd. Kevin finds the words in the movie and they leave quickly after the girls.

Jill/Thomas must make their way to the town of Alexandrovskaya.

Back at the concert hall, teams are striking out left, right, and center. Gary/Mallory switch tasks. Nick/Vick switch tasks with Nat/Kat. Chad/Steph stay behind.

Brook/Claire arrive 1st. They face a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, teams must become babushkas and plant a row of 50 potatoes. Then, they must fertilize it with manure. Brook does this.

Mike/Kevin arrive 2nd. Jill/Thomas are lost in the wind. Kevin does this. Brook is lost.

Should be enough poop and potatoes.

Kevin starts the roadblock first.

Chad/Steph soldier on with the sheet music. They have a dysfunctional way of working out things. Steph makes him take the back seat. He finally lets her and they finish the Detour. They are in 4th place.

Nat/Kat are in 5th and leave the Detour.

Jill/Thomas arrive. Jill dresses up as a babushka. The babushkas like Kevin. They say that he’s a hard worker. He’s motivated by one of the babushkas who kept shouting motivational slogans at him in Russian.

Gary/Mallory leave the Detour. They are 6th. Nick/Vick are last. They decide to go back to the piano task. Wow, that’s stupid. But Vick had an idea to focus on one at a time. Nick lets her do her thing and they finish the Detour.

Mike/Kevin leave for the pit stop, St-Isaac’s Cathedral. Brook finishes quickly and leaves.

These skinny girls can do anything.
Babushkas in Russian about Jill and Brook

Jill/Thomas leave for the pit stop.

Nat/Kat are in 4th. Nat does this one. Chad/Steph arrive. Steph does this one.

Jill/Thomas finish 1st. They win a trip for 2 to Sao Paolo, Brazil. Mike/Kevin are running around the cathedral. Brook/Claire arrive and sprint. They beat Mike/Kevin. Mike/Kevin finish 3rd.

Mallory does this task. Mallory and Steph are looking for wheelbarrows for a long time. Mallory is lost for longer. Nat finishes and they leave for the pit stop.

Nick/Vick leave for Alexandrovskaya. Nick does this task.

I threw the shovel because I knew that someone would have to struggle to get the shovel.

Mallory has to climb up the mountain of poop to fill up her wheelbarrow.

Steph finishes and leaves for the pit stop. Mallory finishes and they leave as well.

Nat/Kat finish 4th. Chad/Steph finish 5th. Gary/Mallory finish 6th. Nick/Vick finish last. They aren’t eliminated. It’s a non-elimination leg. They’ll face a Speedbump in the next leg.

* * * * *

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