In Treatment Season 3 Week 1

In Treatment will last a total of 7 weeks. In Treatment is based on the Israeli series Betipul. Gabriel Byrne plays Paul Weston, a psychologist trying to deal with his patients while going through some personal problems. Each show focuses on a different patient. This is the first season that is not based on Betipul and features all new stories. This is why there are only 4 episodes per week. I don’t know, even four episodes a week are hard to watch, even if they only last 20 minutes.

I’ve always loved psychology. This show really feeds that need. The sessions are almost verbatim of what would happen in a real session. This show is about characters, not actions. It’s a very smart show and I am also very surprised that Marky Mark is the executive producer. Marky Mark has had success with Entourage so it makes sense that he decided to try out other projects.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

In Treatment Sunil Monday 3PM S03E01 (HBO)

Paul is on the phone with Max. He doesn’t like the guy with whom his mom moved in. Wendy is leaving the apartment. He has an argument with his ex-wife over this. Paul is shaking after he hands up.

Mr. Sunil son and daughter-in-law arrive. Sunil has been in NYC for 5 months. He isn’t sleeping, eating, or getting out of bed. He also hasn’t shaved or washed in days. He was brought over after his wife passed. The children are 6 and 4. Now they are scared of him. Julia is a bit overbearing and judgmental. He’s got arthritis in the left knee. Sunil was a math professor in Calcutta. He is in the house with Eliza the nanny.

The son has been prescribing Effexor for his father. It’s an anti-psychotic. The father tries to smoke, but Julia stops him. Julia says that Sunil is making her uncomfortable. Paul makes Julia and Aaron leave. He wants to talk with Sunil alone. Paul takes an ashtray and places it in front of Sunil. Before she left, Sunil told them that she was afraid of herself. Sunil starts speaking in English. There was no doubt that he spoke English. He tells Paul a story about some guy in his neighborhood who killed himself.

There are many reasons why he isn’t speaking to his daughter-in-law. Aaron isn’t the name of his son. It’s Orun. He changed it when he came to America.

Perhaps her next child will be called iPod.

He doesn’t think that his son is living up to his potential. She might be contaminating him. They talk about Julia. He doesn’t take the pills. He plants the pills.

She named her child after a bottled water company, Naya.

It is the most happy flower. It is flourishing.

Julia is also the provider. She gives Sunil an allowance. They talk a bit about the loss of his wife.

Man this is powerful shit and great TV. It evokes emotions.

In Treatment Frances Tuesday 10AM S03E02 (HBO)

A new patient is early for her appointment. Paul just put flowers outside.

She’s the sister of one of Paul’s old patients. Her name was Patricia and Paul saw her 18 years ago. She expects Paul to know who she is. Paul has got no idea. She is an actress. She has problems remembering her lines. She didn’t like to be told that Paul would need Patricia’s permission to take her on as a patient.

She’s angry with the producers and directors because they don’t think that she was right for the part. This is the first time that this is happening to her. Her husband used to help her. They divorced 2 years ago. She was married for 16 years. They have a 15-year old daughter named Izzie. When she tried to change the custody agreement and things went bad with the daughter. Now, she’s living full time with her dad. She starts to sound bitter about the sacrifices she made with Izzie.

She gets angry when Paul implies that it might be related to her age.

Frances knows about Paul and his ex-wife. It’s a bit too close for comfort. Patricia got married. Her husband died. Patricia is sick. She’s got Stage IV breast cancer.

Death runs in the family.

Patricia wants Frances to take the breast cancer test. Frances doesn’t want to. Patricia lives in NYC. Frances hasn’t seen her in a month. She started chemo. The chemo wasn’t working, so they stopped treatment. Paul thinks that when she thinks that she is being selfish, she loses her train of thought. Frances doesn’t like to hear this.

Paul also thinks that Frances came to see him to gain insight into Patricia.

When she leaves, Paul calls Alan. He asks for a neurologist reference about Parkinson’s. He thinks that he has it.

In Treatment Jesse Wednesday 4PM S03E03 (HBO)

Paul is reading the NY Review and comes upon an ad for Gina’s new book Admissions. There is a knock on the door. A teenager snaps a photo and comes in.

Jesse was surprised that Paul wasn’t on Facebook. His voice is cracking. He shows Paul some recent photos he took. He quickly grabs the camera away when two men are in a photo. The teen lies about when the photos were taken. Paul wants to know if this was Josh and Raiffe’s bar. He took the pictures last night. He hasn’t been to school today. The kid is pretty full of himself and starts to swear. They had agreed that it wasn’t a good idea for Jesse to see him. They thought that Jesse was a freshman at NYU. That’s another lie. He’s a minor and he has sex with them. Those were the guys in the photo. The kid is very anxious. Paul has to warn him repeatedly to put away his iPhone. He calls his mom Marissa. A new guy started working for his father. The kid is adopted.

Once again, he takes out his phone and Paul tells him again to put it away. He plays a message for Paul. He received a voicemail from his real mother, Karen Scott. She called him yesterday. Paul doesn’t think that this isn’t legal. He seeks sex when he is confused. Jesse says that they didn’t have sex. He just watched daily show with Raiffe. Paul warns him not to speak to him like that. He continually swears at Paul. It’s not conducive to therapy. He looked up her number. She lives in a rich area. She’s not a crack whore.

When he leaves, he’s not sure where he’ll go. He doesn’t want to go home and talk to his mom about his birth mom calling.

In Treatment Adele Friday 5PM S03E04 (HBO)

Paul is on the phone with Wendy. He’s meeting with Adele. She’s his new therapist. She’s an MD-PhD. Paul has got a book in his hand. It must be Gina’s. Paul comments about how bright her office is. He wants a refill for his Ambien and wants to leave. He doesn’t want therapy. That is a bit strange. He is a therapist, he should know that this isn’t the way it’s going to go. He’s been on Ambien for 5 years. He’s been taking it nightly for the past 14 months. Paul is a bit irritable. He ran out of Ambien three nights ago.

Alan referred him to her.

Paul takes two pills a night. A pill lasts him 2 or 3 hours. He’s been waking up with a recurring dream but he doesn’t want to discuss it. He starts talking about Frances and breast cancer. Paul is worried that he’s got Parkinson’s. His hand has been shaking for three months. He’s got stiffness and unsteadiness. Paul gets angry when she gets condescending. She apologizes. Paul keeps going back to Gina, even when Adele has moved on from the subject. She apologizes again. She asks him about the Gina’s book. He’s reading it. Paul says that he is slightly jealous and pleased for Gina.

She’s found a way to escape from patients like me.

Then he starts talking about the therapeutic process. He believes that it’s an artifice. He describes Jesse and Sunil’s cases. Both of them have no one else to talk to. Adele says that he no longer has anyone to talk to. He mentions Wendy. Adele talks to him about lying to Wendy about going to see a therapist.

Adele tells him that he used the same language that he used to describe Sunil, his patients and Gina as well. He used the language of escape and entrapment. She’s wonders if his dream has similar imagery. Paul says no. Adele asks him that why is he still having the dream, if he figured out days ago what it meant. She thinks that there is more to the issue.

Paul leaves to go see a movie with Wendy. Before he does, Adele says that her door is always open for him if he wants to talk any further.

Paul finds Max on the stoop of his front door. He says that he’s here to live with him.

* * * * *

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