Survivor Nicaragua Company Will Be Arriving S21E08 (CBS)

At La Flor, Marty is commiserating his fate. They get tree mail. It’s time for the merge. It gives new life to Marty.

At Espada, they find a chest with a message. It’s the merge. Benry thinks that it’s time for Alina to go home. It’s 6 vs 6. Alina tries to marshal Espada against Marty. They are only partly listening to her.

Alina is in this plan by herself.

La Flor arrives. Espada is surprised that Jill has been voted out. They thought that Marty and Jill were leading the tribe. They open the chest and find new buffs. There is a feast. Marty christens the new tribe Libertad.

That food was yummy in my tummy. I even snuck some nuts in my bra. I probably still have some peanuts in my pussy.

Nay and Alina take a walk. They want to get rid of Alina. They spill the beans. Brenda tells Nay that Sash has Marty’s immunity idol.

Jane and Chase bond because they are both from North Carolina.

In the morning, Nay makes tortillas. She gets the smallest tortilla and doesn’t like it. She then proceeds to steal the flour. Holly saw this happen. She proceeds to bury it. That’s messed up. Nay obviously never grew up. She then goes back and steals bowls, apples, etc. It’s pretty damning.

Nay tells Alina that the other tribe is gunning for her. She needs to win immunity to stay. Nay gives her a stolen orange. Nay is already looking at jury votes, that’s why she told her this. I don’t know if Nay is really playing a smart game or a stupid game. It’s probably both.

Back at the tribe, they start noticing that stuff has gone missing. Marty and Fabio are pissed. Holly says that she saw Nay put the flour in her bag. Everyone accuses Nay and she just walks off. Alina tells Nay to fess up. Things are looking bad for Nay. She might be voted out next. Nay tells the tribe that she lied and she says that she was going to ration it out.

Stealing food in Survivor? She lied and she stole.

Alina confessed to be part of the theft. Brenda is happy.

It sucks to be Alina right now.

Sash has got a gameplan. He wants to distance himself and his alliance from her. He still wants to protect her and it works into his plan to keep her for the final 3 because no one will vote for her.

Jane comes back with another fish. Marty isn’t impressed. He tries to talk to Brenda about this.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. It’s individual immunity. It looks like 2 are up for grabs. The challenge involves holding a steel bar up until they drop it. The last man and woman will win individual immunity. Purple Kelly and Dan are immediately out. Alina is out 10 seconds in. Brenda is out 30 seconds in. Benry is out right after her. Sash is out 40 seconds in followed by Nay. Holly is out in about a minute. Jane wins individual immunity. Jane decides to go against the men. That’s just plain stupid. It will paint a bigger target on her back. Darn that hick! Marty drops his. Chase drops his bar. Fabio wins immunity. Jane wants Marty out. She tells all of the girls that she wants him gone.

Nay and Chase are talking to Jane and Holly. They want Marty gone. Nay tells them that they need to talk with Sash because they think that Alina is going. Sash tells Chase and Jane that he doesn’t want to vote out Marty because he’ll have to hand over the idol. Brenda says that it’s time to get rid of Alina.

Dan tells Marty that Chase will try and blindside him tonight. Marty talks with Sash. Sash says that Alina is going home.

Holly goes back to see Jane. The plan isn’t working. Jane says that she is voting for Marty. Alina thinks that they are controlling the votes against Marty. She talks with Fabio. He wants to get rid of Nay.

There is some more scrambling around camp.

During tribal, Marty makes a point of attacking Jane. He says that if Jane makes it to the final three, he will vote for her. She’s the one most likely to win. Dan mentions that two people stole food from the tribe.

Votes to evict

Fabio                     Alina
Sash                       Alina
Brenda                 Alina
Dan                        Alina
Jane                       Marty
Purple Kelly        Alina
Alina                      Marty
Holly                      Alina
Marty                    Alina
Chase                    Alina
Nay                        Alina
Benry                    Alina

You are a 100% dirt squirrel.
Benry about Alina

Alina is voted out by a 7-2 vote. That’s not the whole story. She was voted out by a 10-2 vote. The tribe has spoken, but they are still playing the game as a tribe instead of individually. Looks like things will hit the fan next week.

* * * * *

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74 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua Company Will Be Arriving S21E08 (CBS)”

  1. oops! I’ll have to come back to this one and comment. Either I forgot to check for it or you posted it later than usual. Just heard a teaser of the upcoming episode for tonight and realized I hadn’t commented yet for last week. sigh…. I’ll be back later over the weekend.

  2. In this episode, Nay’s food hiding incident was funny to watch, like, ‘what the heck is she thinking?’ kind of funny. It reminded me of a Russell move, but when Russell did things like that it had a purpose. It involved his own strategy of keeping the others off balance so he’d have an advantage in trying to manipulate game play. Nay seems to have no strategy and no sense. When she hides the food it’s because she thinks someone gave her a tortilla that was too small. So that leads her to believe she’s entitled to all the food because of it. Like a four-year-old throwing a temper tantrum. I think there is something really wrong with her, some mild mental disability. The things she’s said and done to date are not the actions of a healthy, functioning rational adult.

    I thought Jane’s decision to continue with the competition even after she’d won was partly fueled by her increasing hatred for Marty, she was going to ‘show him’. I was just going to say that I thought it was good move on her part because it does show how strong she really is, that her looks can be deceiving. I was thinking the weak ones are always at risk, and she was proving that she’s not the weakest member of the tribe but I just remembered that the tribes merged and the whole weakest player scenario flips from a disadvantage to a possible advantage to other players during the Individual Immunity phase of the game when they think about who would be best to bring to the final to give them the greatest chance to win. So, after all that typing, yes, I agree with you it was a dumb move on Jane’s part.

    I didn’t understand the part about Sash not wanting to vote out Marty because he’d have to hand over the Immunity Idol. Was that just something he was telling Jane and Chase to try to persuade them to vote out Alina? I thought Sash had the Immunity Idol because Marty gave it to him. Was Sash trying to honor his promise to Marty that he’d give the Immunity Idol back to him if Sash heard Marty was in trouble with the vote? Does Sash still hold the Immunity Idol? I don’t remember any scenes showing Sash handing it back to Marty.

    1. Nope, I’m pretty sure that Sash kept the idol as he tried to assure Marty that he wasn’t going home. Jane isn’t looking like a strong player. In the next episode, she’s part of the reason why her sub-team lost the reward challenge.

      Nay is completely crazy. She has definitely got some mental issues. Her actions make no sense, but she’s hated enough to make it to the finals.

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