The Amazing Race I Want to Be in the Circus That’s Where I Belong S17E07 (CBS)

Teams must travel to the circus.

I hope I get to wear a leotard.

The circus is closed. This lets the other teams catch up. Teams face a Detour. In Circus Band, teams must choose an accordion player to teach them both a song. In Circus Clown, the teams make their way into the big top to learn how to spin 10 plates at the same time.

Jill/Thomas, Mike/Kevin, Brook/Claire, Steph/Chad, and Nick/Vick do the plates. Gary/Mallory and Nat/Kat do the music.

Brook/Claire figure it out. They finish the Detour first. They must solve a Russian mystery. They must find Bank Bridge. Nick doesn’t like clowns.

It became apparent quickly, that we would need a numeric code to get through. Our nerd side was coming out, by translating music into numbers. We numbered our fingers and numbered every move he made.

Gary/Mallory realize that there are three parts that they need to learn. Jill/Thomas switch tasks.

It’s like painting by numbers but with accordions.

Nat/Kat finish quickly and leave.

Chad/Steph switch tasks. Nick/Vick finish and leave. Gary/Mallory work well together and leave as well. Mike/Kevin finish and leave. They are in 5th.

Brook/Claire are 1st. They must travel on foot to a nearby building. They must then climb up to the tower. The figurine at the top of the tower invites them to the Church on Spilled Blood. Nat/Kat are close behind, followed by Nick/Vick and Mike/Kevin. Mike/Kevin will incur a penalty because they paid a taxi to lead them to the building. Maybe it will be 30 minutes.

Jill/Thomas switch back to the other task. Chad/Steph leave. Shortly after, Jill/Thomas leave. They are in last place.

Brook/Claire pass by the door. Nat/Kat hook up with Nick/Vick. They find the building first but have trouble figuring out the riddle. Mike/Kevin arrive at the building. Brook/Claire arrive and tell Mike/Kevin the bad news.

Nick finds the statuette and tells Nat. They don’t tell the other teams and leave. Kevin and Claire are at the top. Claire figures out the clue. Now, Mike/Kevin take Brook/Claire along in taxis. They will both incur further penalties.

Thomas/Jill and Gary/Mallory leave quickly on foot. Nat/Kat and Nick/Vick arrive 1st. Teams must now figure out that the clue is leading them Peter and Paul Fortress.

Mike/Kevn and Claire/Brook take the clue and go back to their taxi. Nat/Kat decide to go back to their original taxi in which they had their bags. Nick/Vick try to hop into a new one but have trouble finding one.

Steph goes up to the tower. She goes back down. Chad goes up, finds it right away, and rubs Steph’s face in it.

Now, Brook/Claire figure out that they needed to walk part of the last path instead of getting in the taxi. They go back and retrace their steps so that they don’t incur a penalty.

Nat/Kat arrive first. They face a Roadblock. They need to play Gorodki. It’s an ancient form of bowling, that uses a stick. Kat does it. She’s pretty athletic and has no trouble with the game.

It’s a third-grader mistake.
Nick bitching about Vick

Brook/Claire go back into a cab. Mike/Kevin arrive and for some reason Mike does it. Brook/Claire arrive. Kat completes the Roadblock and leave for the pit stop. It’s inside the fortress.

Nat/Kat finish 1st. They win $5K each.

Bam does some sexy dances for her fan club of 10-year old boys. Brook is doing well. She’s got 2 done. She nails the 3rd one and they leave for the pit stop.

Mike has trouble with the Gorodki game.

Nick/Vic and Chad/Steph arrive. Nick and Steph does it. Nick immediately gets one down. Then another. And he completes it. They leave for the pit stop. Jill/Thomas arrive and they complete one quickly.

Bam/Claire and Nick/Vick arrive at the same time. They finish 2nd and 3rd.

It was brutalizing.

Thomas gets another one. On his first throw, Gary gets one. Mike finally gets one. Steph gets hers as well. Gary gets his 2nd. Thomas finishes and they leave for the pit stop. Gary powers through and they leave for the pit stop. They finish 4th.

Steph and Mike are trying not to get eliminated. Mike gets his 2nd and Steph gets hers. Mike completes it and they leave for the pit stop.

Both Mike/Kevin and Jill/Thomas run into trouble with their cabs. They need to pay them some more money. Jill/Thomas pay their cab in American dollars and run off. Mike/Kevin are still with their cab. They pay them some money and run off. Steph completes hers and runs to the pit stop. They decide to leave their bags.

Chad/Steph turn up without their backpacks and Phil calls them out for not paying their cab. They need to go back and pay.

Mike/Kevin are told about their 2 rule breaks. They have to wait out 1 hour.

Chad/Steph also incurred a 30-minute penalty. They are team number 6. Mike/Kevin are out. They have been eliminated.

* * * * *

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