Castle Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind S03E09 (ABC)

Castle title card via Wikipedia
Castle title card via Wikipedia

I’ve been a Nathan Fillion fan for quite a while. Ever since Firefly, I was really impressed by his acting. Since he is starring in a new series named Castle, I took it upon myself to watch it weekly.

Anyway, what do I like about Castle? Well it stars an obnoxious, womanizing novelist. Detective Kate Beckett is a closet hottie, played by Stana Katic. Her hotness is kind of hard to explain. The actress is quite hot, but in Castle, she toned it down. She doesn’t wear much makeup and favors a natural look, kind of like “Oh I’m hot, but I could be the girl next door, BTW, FYI, I’m still smoking hot.” That’s how I described her in my mind. She’s kind of got the ex-catwalk model look going for her, which is quite good.

So that’s a good point. Plus she’s Canadian and a good actress. That’s always a good combination.

Warning: spoilers ahead

The show centers around a novelist who is brought in to help deal with a string of murders which seem to be taken from the pages of his novels. At the same time, Castle has hit massive writer’s block after killing off the hero of his mystery book franchise, Derek Storm. Through Beckett, he is able to write once again.

Halfway between a drama and a romantic comedy, Castle is a fun show to watch. The characters play around a lot, making the viewer wonder when or if they will ever get together. It didn’t take Castle long to find out what makes Beckett tick. He uses clues and his imagination deftly.

ABC has started to release chapters of Richard Castle’s new book Heat Wave on its website. They are up to chapter 8 and I haven’t started yet, but it’s a pretty cool tie-in to the show.

* * * * *

So Lance Henrikssen and Lyle Lovett both appeared in this episode.

Some security guard finds a dead body in a car.

Alexis says that Ashley’s parents want to meet him before he leaves with both of them for a camping trip.

The girl is named Marie Sibbarao. She died from explosive decompression. She was an astrophysicist. She had a grant from SETI. She also worked for NASA. She worked late. Her assistant mentions that she was acting strangely this week. She used an altitude chamber. This could be the cause of explosive decompression. She also had problems with Ted Carter, her ex. He worked at the Science Center as well.

She called him on Wednesday and go out for coffee. He quit because it was too hard to be around her. His keycard was swiped. He says he went home when he didn’t find her.

The altitude chamber wasn’t used to kill her. Laney finds an implant in Marie’s nasal cavity. It’s actually a metal fragment. Maria talked with a ufologist. They used to be colleagues. She had a 30-minute conversation. Maria told him that she found some signal and started studying that part of the sky. When she started doing this, the troubles started. She had lost time and blackouts. Striker has an alibi. He was signing books. She was looking for proof of alien life. Striker thinks that the government is behind this.

Alexis tells Castle that she won’t be there while he has dinner with Ashley’s parents.

When they go back to the science center, they find it empty. The assistant says that two federal agents came and emptied her office. The captain checks and there were no federal warrants issued.

They find another altitude chamber. It’s also been cleared. An industrial vacuum packer would do the same.

Her EasyPass leads her to an optical telescope. She took an image capture, and then proceeded to erase everything on the telescope’s hard drive. Maria usually uses radio telescopes.

They get hit by an EMP device. Beckett and Castle get abducted by some strange people. They sound like federal agents of some sort. They warn them off and they put them back into the car.

There were a lot of surveillance devices on Beckett’s car. The agents were desperate to find what Marie took or found.

In Ted Carter’s stuff, they find an unmarked DVD. It’s a video of some ship or astronomical phenomenon.

They call the agent thanks to the bugs. The lead agent comes running, but isn’t impressed with the still. Castle surmises that Maria intercepted classified information. They found Chinese cigarettes near the car. The agent says that last month they determine an enemy agent intercepted some classified coded data streams. The photo shows the US spy satellite. He says her Chinese handler must have killed her.

During the dinner with Ashley’s parents, his father is being an ass, but Castle excuses himself because he has an idea for the case.

Castle thinks that Marie wasn’t the real spy. Marie had traces of sodium pentothal in her blood. The apparent alien abduction might have been an interrogation by the real spy. Castle excuses himself and meets with Beckett.

They find that Charles Vaughn forged her signature to move the telescope. They found three vials of sodium pentothal at his place. He did a runner.

Beckett calls the agent. He says that they dug into Vaughn and found out that he had a large debt at a Chinese-owned casino in Atlantic City.

They track him and find him. He is meeting with his Chinese handler. They raid the place. They find a vacuum packer. They find the data.

Ashley’s parents also want to go camping with Castle.

* * * * *

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