In Treatment Season 3 Week 2 (HBO)

In Treatment will last a total of 7 weeks. In Treatment is based on the Israeli series Betipul. Gabriel Byrne plays Paul Weston, a psychologist trying to deal with his patients while going through some personal problems. Each show focuses on a different patient. This is the first season that is not based on Betipul and features all new stories. This is why there are only 4 episodes per week. I don’t know, even four episodes a week are hard to watch, even if they only last 20 minutes.

I’ve always loved psychology. This show really feeds that need. The sessions are almost verbatim of what would happen in a real session. This show is about characters, not actions. It’s a very smart show and I am also very surprised that Marky Mark is the executive producer. Marky Mark has had success with Entourage so it makes sense that he decided to try out other projects.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sunil Monday 3PM S03E05 (HBO)

Paul is arguing with Kate about Max. Max doesn’t want to go to private school and he wants to live with Paul. Kate has trouble accepting this. Sunil overhears him arguing with her.

Some kids threw Mountain Dew on him on the subway. This morning, his family begged him to bathe. He says that he hasn’t been sleeping well. Sunil wants to have a conversation with him. He wants to know about Paul’s wife. Paul relents and tells him that he was married, but he’s divorced.

Now, when I see her wedding photos, I think of her funeral.

In Hinduism, wives are buried in their wedding gowns. It was an arranged marriage. He often thinks of Kamalah when he sees Julia. He thinks that his wife would have thought that her grandchildren are spoiled. His son wasn’t raised like that. He was given a notebook and he’s been writing in it. He asks Paul if he can smoke.

This morning, his shower was being repaired by a plumber. He had to use the master bedroom’s bathroom. He met her on the way out. She was also in a towel. She started to scold him about some frivolous reason.

I wonder how he feels not being master of his own house.
Sunil about his son

In the morning, his son prepares his wife’s cappuccino. He also makes the kids take their bath so that she can read in the evening.

Paul tells him that he needs to be able to address the fact that he can’t voice his frustrations to his family. He says that he first presented his opinions to Orun when he first met Julia in Calcutta. He came to present his fiancée. She was not allowed to stay in their house. It was against tradition. Kamalah was very angry and told Sunil to talk to Orun. He asked Orun if he was sure about marrying Julia. Orun lashed out at him and told him that he didn’t understand passion, which he had married for duty. They left the next day and never returned to Calcutta. Orun came back only once, when Kamalah was about to die. She made Orun promise to take care of Sunil after she died.

Sunil says that he cannot go back. He has no money.

They have to stop and he asks Paul for directions to Prospect Park. He dismisses them and leaves. He forgets Kamalah’s photo that he showed Paul.

Frances Tuesday 10AM S03E06 (HBO)

Paul is at the doctor’s getting tested.

Frances shows him a prompter that she has to wear while she is running through her lines. This week, same thing happened. She says that she isn’t going to wear it. The stage manager keeps taking her backstage to mention her own problems with lines.

She wanted to talk with her daughter Izzie, but she’s been spending all of her time taking care of Trish. She didn’t call her. She met Russell through Tricia. The sex was great. She say that she got married and got preggers to please Russell. She says that Izzie doesn’t need her anymore. She hasn’t needed her since she was 6. She always preferred Russell and Tricia. She say that she lost Izzie a long time ago. Losing Russell was a bit of a shock. They separated 2 years ago, after he had an affair with one of his students. She says that she hasn’t had sex since Russell broke up with her. She talks down about herself.

She says that Izzie is getting laid. She hacked into Izzie’s account and has been reading her emails. She’s spying on her. Paul says that this isn’t the best idea to get closer to her daughter. Tricia had her head shaven for chemo, Izzie shaved hers in solidarity. She still keeps it shaven. She thinks that when Tricia dies, Izzie will let her back into her life.

Paul called Tricia last Wednesday. Frances is surprised to hear this and she is concerned about Paul mentioning her. It’s apparent that Frances lied to him. Tricia never recommended Paul and she never gave Frances permission to see Paul. She was afraid that Paul wouldn’t treat her. Tricia is seeing another therapist.

All the crazy, none of the sex.

Frances says that she will tell Tricia. Paul tells her that she needs to do this before the next session. She made an appointment to get the test. If she tests positive, one of the prophylactic treatments is a preventative double mastectomy.

Frances feels that she will no longer be attractive without her breasts.

Jesse Wednesday 4PM S03E07 (HBO)

Paul is reading up on Parkinson’s. Jesse is waiting to see him. Max comes in.

Jesse tells Paul about some art school program he’d like to go to. He applied online. It costs $6K for 3 weeks. His adoptive mom said that they couldn’t afford it. He told the guidance counsellor that he had the fee covered. Jesse tries to tell him that his guidance counsellor is primed to hook up with him.

Jesse plans on hitting his birth mom for money. He hasn’t called her yet. Jesse threatens to leave. He then lies on the couch. He says that they have been getting prank calls. He says that Nate was calling, some jock who sucks his cock. He told Nate he was homeless. He told him the same story he told the grown-ups he has been hooking up. He lied to him. He initially thought that it was Karen, his birth mom.

Jesse takes Max’s shoes and threatens to hurl them through the window. That kid is messed up and I don’t like him. He needs to be smacked around a bit. Maybe not, but he needs some limits. Jesse learns that his parents are paying for his therapy. Jesse thought that therapy was free.

He talks about some assignment he did when he was younger. He doesn’t think Marisa loves him. He doesn’t think that she’s got any maternal instincts. Jesse keeps being very crude to Paul. I’d smack the little shit.

Paul says that he is setting himself up to fail, by knowingly applying to something that his mom can’t afford, so that he can get even angrier with her.

Adele Friday 5PM S03E08 (HBO)

Paul is leaving a message for Gina. It’s not the first time. She’s probably dodging her calls. He’s been reading her book and wants to point out some issues in her novel. The tone of her answering machine cuts things short.

Paul goes to see Adele again. He says that when he came back from his session with her last week, he found Max waiting for him on his stoop with a suitcase. His ex is furious. Max is living with him. At some point, he will have to tell Max that he’s got Parkinson’s. He also says that he has no one to confide in. He had to ask Wendy not to stay over anymore because of Max. She wants to meet Max. Paul had to say no. I think Paul is making a big deal out of this. Max has been begging Paul for weeks to live with him. He expected Rosie to have a harder time living with Kate and her new fiancée. He says that Adele was also right about Gina. In Paul’s opinion, she should have her license revoked. Gina based a character in her book on him. He doesn’t want to talk about Gina anymore. He’s adamant. It makes him very upset. Adele asks him again about the neurologist. He’s reluctant to talk. He was told that Parkinson’s is hard to diagnose. He’s not exhibiting enough symptoms for a positive diagnosis. They’d have to wait and see. He had lunch with Wendy. They went for sushi. He’s going to see another neurologist. He says that he’s been exhibiting symptoms for 4 months. It could be psychosomatic. He still doesn’t sleep much and has the same dream over and over again. He gets a bit hostile with Adele. He tells her about his dream. He dreads that he is turning into his father.

Max spends 8 hours a day in a sketchbook. His drawings are moody and abstract. He blames his father for the disease. He’s worried about what he’s passed onto Max.

He gets angry when Adele questions his vision of a future where he’ll be cared for as an infant again. He questions her experience as a therapist. She doesn’t know about aging. He is convinced that he has Parkinson’s, when a qualified doctor has told him that he isn’t ill.

I’ll be here for you, as long as you want to talk with me.

Paul made a reference earlier that Adele understood. He mentions that he gave Wendy a book early in their relationship and she still hasn’t read it.

* * * * *

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