In Treatment Season 3 Week 3 (HBO)

In Treatment will last a total of 7 weeks. In Treatment is based on the Israeli series Betipul. Gabriel Byrne plays Paul Weston, a psychologist trying to deal with his patients while going through some personal problems. Each show focuses on a different patient. This is the first season that is not based on Betipul and features all new stories. This is why there are only 4 episodes per week. I don’t know, even four episodes a week are hard to watch, even if they only last 20 minutes.

I’ve always loved psychology. This show really feeds that need. The sessions are almost verbatim of what would happen in a real session. This show is about characters, not actions. It’s a very smart show and I am also very surprised that Marky Mark is the executive producer. Marky Mark has had success with Entourage so it makes sense that he decided to try out other projects.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

In Treatment Sunil Monday 3PM S03E09 (HBO)

Max is sick. Paul checks on him in bed. He’s sketching.

Sunil has brought some Indian tea for Paul. Paul gives him back his photo of Kamallah. Sunil is very animated about the reality TV show Survivor. Sunil says that he’s been expressing his frustrations.

Sunil talks about watching his daughter-in-law working out. He wanted to tell her to keep things quiet, but couldn’t manage because he was repelled by her. Paul says that he seems very excited in the way he talks about Julia.

Her face was a like a giant bullfrog.
Sunil about the girl Kamallah chose to marry Orun

At the dinner table in Calcutta, when Julia visited, she was wearing one of Kamallah’s saris, but it kept falling off her shoulders. Orun was helping her and Julia nudged him quite playfully. He was touching her bare skin. It distressed Kamallah enough that she excused herself.

The next morning, Orun went to see Julia. They had made plans to meet up with Sunil and Kamallah. Sunil came to see what was happening. Sunil heard Orun and Julia coupling. Kamallah heard them as well, and ran off. She was convinced that Orun was making the biggest mistake of his life. This precipitated his conversation with Orun. That convinced Sunil that Julia wasn’t a good match.

He starts talking about a young author. Julia is spending a lot of time with him. Sunil keeps talking about how his son has been emasculated by Julia. He doesn’t give this marriage more than a year. He thinks that Julia will leave him. Paul asks if he suspects that Julia is having an affair with the author. Sunil does, but asks what Paul thinks. He says that she would deserve a harsh punishment.

He starts talking about a relationship he had 3 months before he met Kamallah with a girl named Malini. They spent every moment together. They broke off right before graduation.

Malini told him that she wasn’t a Brahman, not from the same caste, so she wasn’t meant for Sunil. A year later, Sunil was married with Kamallah. Paul is the first person that Sunil has talked to about this. He makes Paul swear that he won’t tell anyone.

When Paul tells him about what he has perceived, Sunil breaks down laughing. He gives Paul a check. Then, he leaves after thanking Paul.

In Treatment Frances Tuesday 10AM S03E10 (HBO)

Paul and Wendy are in bed together. The alarm sounds. Paul has been up a while. He’s been working. He wants Wendy to leave. Max will be up soon. He asks her if he has a happiness deficit. When was the last time he was really happy? She says that he is happy when he is with her. She kisses him and asks her to leave again.

Paul is napping on the sofa. He hears a knock. It’s Frances.

Frances says that she went to see Patricia yesterday to ask permission to see Paul. She wonders if Paul is going to double-check on her. She’s trying to manipulate him. She finds something of Izzie’s at Patricia’s. Izzie has dinner at Patricia’s place every night. They make soup. She took it so that she could have an excuse to give it back to Izzie. She says that she thinks of having Tricia come to the premiere.

She withholds my daughter.

Frances hasn’t taken the breast cancer test yet. She is taking the test on Friday. She keeps asking what Patricia said about her in her therapy sessions. She thinks that Tricia is punishing her. When she was at John Hopkins, she was on a scholarship. She was cast in a play as the lead. Frances came to see it and she was surprised that Patricia was cast as the lead. Tricia told her that she always wanted to be an actress. She wanted to change her major, change universities to be in NYC. Frances told her no, she doesn’t have it. She should become a lawyer.

Paul wants to talk about her mother, but she puts a stop to that. She talks about her name. Her mother named her after Frances Farmer. She says that her mother had natural grace and a delicate beauty. Frances named her daughter after her mother, Isabelle.

Paul talks about her mother. It’s not what Frances told him. It’s what Patricia told him 15 years ago. It makes Frances upset. She uses this as an opportunity to find out more about what Patricia told him about her.

Frances says that Tricia was good in that play. She lied to Tricia. She wants Paul to read her lines with her. It sounds like a waste of time. Paul refuses. She starts being angry for him not helping her. She stomps out.

In Treatment Jesse Wednesday 4PM S03E11 (HBO)

Jesse is in the waiting room wearing sunglasses and making paper airplanes. There is someone else waiting. Jesse has got a black eye. Jesse says that she came, just like Paul wanted. It’s Jesse’s mom.

His mom says that Jesse got beat up at school. He was jumped on a field trip. It sounds like a lie. Jesse has been suspended. Jesse says that he knew the boy who beat him up. It was probably Nate. Paul guesses as much.

He called Nate. They made plans to meet in the stalls. They were kissing. Nate went down on his knees to suck him off. Nate went on about how he tried to get in touch with him. Jesse lied to him and lost his boner. Nate tried to suck his flack dick and then they got into an argument. Security guards had to pull Nate off Jesse.

Jesse is very hard with his mother. Paul stops him. Jesse needs rules.

Jesse finally tells his mom that his birth mom Karen called him and wants him back. His mom gets up and leaves.

Paul asks Jesse if he talks to his mom this way. He was angry and abusive. His councillor told him that he had to bring his mom. It was contingent of him not being expelled.

He took some photos of some two random dudes at a family reunion. They were lovers and Jesse made some gesture to get noticed. He ended up spending a lot of time together until they discovered that he was lying to them. His mom asked the teacher to take down the photos as they were not part of their family. The assignment was to take photos or draw pictures of their family. Ever since then, his dad hasn’t spoken to him or spent any time with him. He shut him out. Jesse thinks that it is because he is gay.

Jesse tells Paul that his mother hates him. She’s catholic. Paul doesn’t think so. Paul says that he was let down by his parents when he was twelve. He thinks that Jesse is afraid that it will happen again and that they will pull back even further.

Paul talks with the councilor before he came. She didn’t say anything about his mother coming to therapy. He lied again. He wanted his mom to come to the session.

He leaves when Paul mentions calling his birth mom. Jesse finds his mom waiting for him.

In Treatment Adele Friday 5PM S03E12 (HBO)

Paul is listening to music. Max is looking up some address on his MacBook. He looks through his dad’s search history on FF and sees that he’s been looking up Parkinson’s.

Paul is in session with Adele. He’s got a headache. She has got no medicine here. He says that his father used to do the same thing. He gets headaches a lot, sometimes three a week. He’s been researching Parkinson’s online. He no longer is. Adele asks if there are other reasons why he has a headache. He starts talking about Jesse. Adele had asked him about how life was at home. Paul deflected the question. Paul says that he is concerned with Jesse’s treatment. He wants her advice on something. Last week, he mentioned that he came to see him because of Max.

He gets up and says that Gina believed that he invested in his patients instead of his family. He’s very defensive about Max. It’s because Max found out that he thinks he has Parkinson’s.

He starts talking about Jesse and his mother again. He thinks that Kate’s fiancé is swooping in to claim his kids. He wonders if he can keep being an objective therapist. Adele says that this would be answered by a supervisor, not his therapist.

As soon as he bought Kate the ring, the fiancé announced that they were moving into his modern mansion in Aberdeen. Paul is threatened that Steve wants to support his kids. He thinks that he is trying to buy his children’s love.

Max wanted to see Animal Collective. Paul got them tickets. He talks about the concert. He finally comes clean about what really happened. He tried to lie to Max, but he saw through him. That’s why Max was acting strangely during the concert.

After that, he had some drinks and fell asleep. He woke up when Max got up. This is the first time he slept through the night. Paul thanks the whiskey. Adele thinks that there is a different reason. Paul doesn’t want to hear what she is saying and starts talking loudly. He is talking over her and she points it out to him. Paul feels like she is telling him that he didn’t clear the history on purpose. That’s not what she is doing.

Adele tells him that he’s been trying very hard to prove that he is unfit. He’s been asking her help constantly from her, asking for painkillers, advice, and help. Maybe he convinced Gina that he was like that as well. She’s beginning to see how the dynamic between him and Gina developed and evolved.

* * * * *

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