Survivor Nicaragua Stuck In the Middle S21E10 (CBS)

Brenda says that Fabio, Benry, and Dan are on the outs. They saw who was running the tribe. Brenda says that Sash is more of a queen and she is more of a king.

Holly tries to convince Jane to go against Brenda and Sash.

The next morning, Fabio talks about how they moved the fire closer to the shelter. It’s probably how the shelter caught fire.

Holly talks with Jane again. Holly talks with Benry. He’s on board. Jane talks with Nay. Nay doesn’t mind voting off Brenda. Chase is more concerned with voting off Benry.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They will be divided into two teams of five. They must use four barrels, two planks and 10 feet of rope, they must make their way across the beach to a marker. If one of their team touches the ground, they have to start over. The winning team will to an active volcano, and get a feast.

Chase, Purple Kelly, Nay, Fabio, and Jane are on the blue team. Benry, Brenda, Sash, Holly, and Dan are on the yellow team. The blue team decides to leave a barrel behind. Chase is spearheading the blue team. The yellow team falls off and has to start again. Dan smashes his hand. Blue team is almost finished. Fabio is across to the mat. The blue team easily wins. The blue team leaves by helicopter. That’s cool.

They land and go volcano surfing. They put on some orange suits and slide down the mountain.

Back at camp, the fire sets the shelter on fire as well as all of their supplies. Wow, that’s stupid. The losing team comes back and finds the destruction. All of the tools and chests were burned to a cinder. The find melted glass. Even the tarp melted.

For some reason, Nay takes Fabio aside. She tells him that everyone wants Brenda gone. They need to work together.

Chase tells Brenda that Holly is freaking out. He says that the others want to take Brenda out. Holly and Ben are behind it.

Chase talks with Nay. He wants Ben out. Chase tells Nay that he told Brendo about Holly and Benry. Nay tells Ben that he cannot trust Chase. He is playing both sides against the middle.

He’s been running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

Jane wonders what kind of spell Brenda put on Chase. It’s a spell linked to her pussy. He just wants to get into her pants. He’s thinking with his dick not his heart or head.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will hold a rope and step onto a plank. Every 5 minutes, they will move their hands down the rope. Sash is the 1st one out followed by Purple Kelly. They were in the challenge for a few seconds. Holly is out. Dan is struggling. Brenda is out. Dan is out. They’ve been at it for a few minutes. Fabio is out. Nay is out. Jane hasn’t moved much. Both Chase and Benry have moved around much more. They move down to the next knot. The players are almost vertical. It’s a 15˚ angle at the most. Benry is out. Chase talks with Jane and she says that she’s about to let go. He says he isn’t goin anywhere. She’s about to drop, but Jeff doesn’t let her. Jane is starting to cramp up. Chase is out. Wow, that’s impressive. She didn’t even drop into the water.

Jane is pretty happy. Chase talks with Sash, but doesn’t tell him much. He tells him that Benry is going home.

Nay and Sash talk about Chase. Nay, like the idiot that she is, tells Sash that they want to vote Brenda out.

Chase tries to talk with Fabio, but Holly runs over to interject her opinion. Chase goes back to see Brenda and tells her that everyone is voting for her. He tells her that Nay is voting for her. Sash arrives. Brenda says that they might have to use the immunity idol.

The others see them talking. Nay doesn’t think that Sash would give Brenda the idol. Brenda now wants to vote out Nay. She planned a blindside with Sash. It all hinges on getting the immunity idol from Sash.

It’s time for tribal. They talk about alliances. Brenda talks about the breaking of the alliance. She singles out Nay for jumping ship. Nay denies that she was behind this. Purple Kelly says that she was unaware of what was going on. Brenda smiles. Brenda says that scrambling is beneath her. It’s not her style. Alina in the jury box mutters that Brenda is so irritating.

Votes to evict

Dan                        Brenda
Jane                       Brenda
Benry                    Brenda
Holly                      Brenda
Fabio                     Brenda
Purple Kelly        Benry
Chase                    Brenda
Brenda                 Nay
Sash                       Brenda
Nay                        Brenda

Sash doesn’t give the idol to Brenda. Brenda is voted out by a 8-1-1 (Brenda-Nay-Benry) vote. That was interesting. The queen bee is out. Wow, that was almost unanimous, except for clueless Purple Kelly, who didn’t know what was going on.


* * * * *

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70 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua Stuck In the Middle S21E10 (CBS)”

  1. Ouch, is right. But now maybe the show will be get interesting. No wonder it was so boring this season. It was beneath Brenda to play the game and show some emotion? At the start, when she claimed she was the King and Sash was the Queen, I knew it was over for her. (By the way, in your text you noted she said she was the queen and it should be king.) She thought she was SO wonderful that all she had to do was sit back and tell everyone who to vote for? duh. Not a brilliant strategy, if you ask me. I am glad that emotionless, dull robo-bren is gone. Let’s get some life back into this game! I thought it very telling that Jeff asked if was beneath her to play the game for a million dollars, and apparently it was. So, why was she even there? Very strange.

    Speaking of strange, next week will be interesting. I wonder what the heck Nay does now to show everyone she’s cuckoo-for-coco-puffs. As if the other tribe mates didn’t know that already? I don’t think she’ll be voted off, though. They usually don’t reveal the losing vote on an advance preview.

    I didn’t understand why Chase was so adamant about getting Benry out. Did they have some kind of falling out or does he think Benry is his biggest competition? Also, it was interesting that Chase was one who voted out Brenda. ahhhh, love is fleeting, I guess. I was surprised to see Sash vote for her as well. It was a smart move on his part. At least he is playing the game and knows how to dance the first few steps of a scramble.

  2. I think all of her alliance saw which way the wind was blowing and voted for Brenda to make a sort of unified stance. That is, except Purple Kelly, who didn’t have a clue.

    Yes, I have to say that Robot-Bren was a bit of a downer. Even though she was nice to look at, her approach to the game completely imploded and she didn’t force Sash to give her the immunity idol, which I would have most certainly done in her situation.

    Nay is a strange player. She’s stupid, like an imbecile, and basically likes to sabotage her game. I wonder what she will do. Maybe something else involving food?

    I think that little Chase is just threatened by Benry, that’s why he dislikes him so much.

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