The Amazing Race Ali Baba In A Suit S17E08 (CBS)

The teams leave for Muscat, Oman. They must make their way to a burj. A man will hand them an inscribed ingot for the time that they can climb the old fort.

Nat/Kat stop at a travel agency. Their flight will arrive at 8:55PM. Brook/Claire are on the same flight. Nick/Vick, Jill/Thomas, and Gary/Mallory are all at the travel agency at the same time. Brook/Claire are also there. Jill/Thomas, Gary/Mallory, Nick/Vick go on the 10:35PM.

Chad/Steph oversleep. They are over 2 hours late. I haven’t seen this happen before. The earliest team left at 1AM. They are leaving at 4:30AM. They manage to book a flight that arrives at 10:45PM. They join up with the other teams in Oman.

Brook/Claire and Nat/Kat get 7:30AM. Jill/Thomas are at 7:45AM. Chad/Steph are at 7:45AM.Gary/Mallory and Nick/Vick are at 8.

The teams camp near the burj.

Chad decides to propose to Steph. He decided this about a month ago. The other teams watch this. They are nearby. He actually gets down on one knee, which is cute. Steph says yes. That’s romantic. He proposed to her on a beautiful coast in Oman. Their relationship status changed from dating to engaged.

The clue tells the hot doctors and Brook/Claire to go to Jebel Shams, the highest mountain in Oman. Nick tells Vick to shut up because she gave Claire the directions to get to Jebel Shams. Chad/Steph are the 1st team.

They must face a Roadblock, rappel 500 feet down and search for a magic ring in a bunch of lamps. Chad does this one. He almost made his fiancée do it again. He’s terrible. I could tell that he didn’t want to do it.

Gary/Mallory are far away. Nat/Kat are lost as well. Or they are near the mountain.

Jill does this one but she’s got a fear of heights. Chad finds a ring when Jill arrives. They must drive themselves to a giant stack of books in Mizwah. Shortly after, Jill leaves.

Nick/Vick are 3rd. A goat starts eating their clue. Vick does this one because Nick is afraid of heights. Brook/Claire arrive. Claire does this one.

Mallory is crying and praying.

I feel like Spiderman.

Isn’t Claire afraid of heights? She keeps doing the Roadblocks that involve heights.

Chad/Steph arrive. Jill/Thomas are close behind. They face a Detour. They will do Water Table or Wedding Table. In Water Table, they will pump water from a deep well into a truck. Then, they will deliver the water to a nearby house. In Wedding Table, teams must purchase 25 frozen chickens and other groceries to cook some dish for a bride and groom.

Vick and Claire complete the task quickly and leave.

Come on babycakes!
Bam to Claire

Nick/Vick’s car has a flat tire. The rules state that they can either change it or wait for a replacement car. Nick starts changing the tire.

Mallory got them totally lost. Brook/Claire arrive at the Detour. They do the water trucks.

Chad/Steph and Jill/Thomas do water trucks.

Nat/Kat arrive at the Roadblock. Kat does this one because Nat is afraid of heights. Mallory is still crying. It sounds that they have already given up.

Jill/Thomas ask some local who drives them to their location. The person who needed the delivery was his cousin. Nick/Vick do the truck task.

Chad/Steph also find a nice local. Jill/Thomas move into 1st. Teams must make their way to a market. Then, they must find Ali Baba who will hand them their next clue.

Chad/Steph finish shortly after Jill/Thomas.

Nick/Vick arrive at the trucks. Brook/Claire arrive at the same time.

Kat has to sort through a lot of lanterns. Nat/Kat are drinking Pocari Sweat. Gary makes Mallory do the Roadblock.

Nat/Kat do the water trucks. Brook/Claire are in 3rd. They leave for the market. Nick/Vick deliver their water and leave as well. They are in 4th.

Jill/Thomas find Ali Baba and drive themselves to a palace, which is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Chad/Steph are hot on their tails.

Nat already learned some words in Arabic to use with the locals. She manages to say thank you. Bam gets stopped for going the wrong way in a street. It was a one-way street. The police arrive. Nick/Vick past them. Gary/Mallory decide to do water table. Bam/Claire are looking for Ali Baba. Nick/Vick leave for the pit stop. It looks like Bam/Claire are close behind.

Gary/Mallory will finish last. They are way behind the other teams. Nat/Kat are delivering water. They leave for the pit stop. They see Gary/Mallory still doing the task.

Jill/Thomas finish 1st. They incur a 30-minute penalty for paying a taxi and following it. Chad/Steph finish 1st. They win a trip for two to Belize. Jill/Thomas finish 2nd. Nick/Vick finish 3rd. Bam/Claire finish 4th. Nat/Kat finish 5th. Gary/Mallory finish last. They are eliminated from the race.

* * * * *

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