The Amazing Race There’s A Lot of Nuts and Bullets S17E09 (CBS)

Teams are starting out from Oman. Newly engaged Chad/Steph must fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh, the most densely populated city in the world. Using a machine from a sugar cane tuk tuk, they must press their sugar cane juice and someone needs to drink it.

There is a double u-turn ahead. Chad/Steph have already decided to U-Turn Nat/Kat. Chad/Steph get tickets that arrive tomorrow at 12PM. Jill/Thomas sneak in and tell the woman to book the same for them. Nick/Vick are on the same flight. Nat/Kat are almost 4 hours later.

It looks like all of the teams are on the same flight. Chad/Steph decide to eat some food while Jill/Thomas and Nat/Kat scramble. Nat/Kat only fly to Dubai. They hope to get onto another flight there. Jill/Thomas book a flight that will land them in Dhaka at 5AM. That’s a lot earlier. Brook/Claire just watch. Chad/Steph eat some carbs.

They are the only team that will arrive at that time. There is no room for any other teams. Nick/Vick and Brook/Claire try to book another earlier flight. Nick/Vick manage to get onto it. They will arrive at 8:40AM. Bam/Claire missed out.

Nat/Kat are in Dubai to try to get to Dhaka. They will arrive at 12PM.

Jill/Thomas arrive first. They start pressing the sugar cane. Thomas chugs it. They face a Detour. Teams have to choose between Balanced Meal or Balanced Brick. In Balanced Meal, teams pick up a midday snack that’s usually delivered in an interlocking metal container. They must deliver it to a cargo ship. They must hoist 30 meals up to the ship. They must return to shore with 30 empty containers.

In Balanced Brick, they must balance bricks on their heads and deliver 100 unbroken bricks to the foreman. I think the easier task is Balanced Meal.

-Keep your extremities in.
-My yelling, you mean.
-Your extremities, your arms and legs.
Thomas schooling Jill in vocabulary

Nat/Kat are in Mumbai. They see Chad/Steph snoozing. Also, Bam/Claire are nearby.

Jill/Thomas finish their task and must make their way to the port. They want to U-Turn Bam/Claire. They do so. They must take a rickshaw to a bazaar.

If they U-Turn us, they’re the biggest idiots in the world.

It’s a matter of strategy. You can either U-Turn a top contender or a losing team to make sure that they are out. Ultimately, U-Turning a top contender is a better idea. In this case, it’s all up in the air because of the different flight times.

Jill/Thomas face a Roadblock. They must assemble a rickshaw using tools and parts provided. For some reason, Jill does this. That was a stupid idea. Actually, she’ done a good job until she arrives at the chain, which she forgot. She figures it out and they make their way to the next pit stop. They’ve got a significant lead.

Meanwhile, Nick/Vick land. They press their sugar cane juice. They choose Balanced Meals. Nick is a right bastard. Vick is making fun of the local food. That’s almost racist. I’m sure that it’s really good. Beans, rice, etc. They finish the task quickly. They got into a rhythm.

Everybody has a body odor from Hell.

The three last teams arrive. Bam/Claire are left behind. It’s between Bam/Claire and Chad/Steph. They are both pressing juice. Chad chugs it. All three teams do Balanced Meal. Chad/Steph’s driver heads the wrong way.

Jill/Thomas finish 1st. The flight sealed the deal. I wonder if they were supposed to be on it. They win a $15K Discover gift card.

Nick/Vick head to the port. They were about to U-Turn Chad/Steph, but Vick convinces Chad to do nothing. That was an interesting move. It could have put one of the tail teams out.

Chad/Steph are lost. Nat/Kat deliver some food. Bam/Claire arrive. Chad/Steph finally arrive.

Nick decides to assemble the rickshaw. He also forgets the chain. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that the chain wasn’t on. They make their way to the pit stop. They finish 2nd.

Nat/Kat U-Turn Chad/Steph. Bam/Claire arrive. They need to go back to the bricks. They’ve got a good head start. Chad/Steph are lost. Chad gets angry pretty quickly. The brick task looks pretty difficult. Chad/Steph arrive to the U-Turn board and go to do the bricks. Bam/Claire finish and leave for the port. Chad/Steph start the brick task. Chad/Steph continue arguing.

Claire is complaining a lot. Bam is just going on. They go to the garage.

Nat assembles the rickshaw. Bam arrives and the doctors are still there. They must have been going very quickly. Bam starts assembling the rickshaw. Nat has trouble assembling the rickshaw.

Chad/Steph arrive. Chad trash-talks. Chad makes Steph do the Roadblock. Why? All three teams are doing the U-Turn. Steph is doing well. She’s catching up.

Nat finishes 1st. They leave for the pit stop. Steph has trouble with the back seat. Bam has trouble with the bell. Bam finishes 2nd. They leave for the pit stop. Steph finishes as well. It’s going to be a sprint.

Nat/Kat finish 3rd.

It’s dark by the time the other teams arrive. They are running around without knowing where to go. Bam/Claire finish 4th. Chad/Steph finish last. They are eliminated.

* * * * *

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