Month: December 2010

  • Co-Teachers & Grammar Curriculum

    In Taiwan, ESL teachers are usually matched with a Chinese co-teacher. This is true for all of my classes, but I spend most of my time with my K2 classes and I’ve known my co-teacher for over a year. When co-teachers take time off, the class starts to break down. The class doesn’t run as […]

  • Meet the Re-Nest Team: Range

    Coffee Siphon: The Cheaper, Greener Way To Make Coffee Blogger: Range Govindan Started at Re-Nest: November 2010 Lives in: Currently Taipei, Taiwan, but owns a house in Urbana-Champaign, IL Though Range has only been writing for Re-Nest since November of this year, he’s no stranger to the Apartment Therapy family. He’s been blogging over at […]

  • Best in Reused, Recycled and Handmade Tech Unplggd’s Best of 2010

    There’s something magical about handmade tech. There isn’t much that’s handmade now, but you can always find reused and recycled tech to put to a new use in any home. There’s also a lot of tech that feels like it’s vintage, even though most tech hasn’t been along enough for it to be called that. […]

  • Ford Sync Destinations App: Sync your Ride with your Phone

    It’s safe to say that smartphones are becoming the center of digital life of most of the people in the US. When you are lost, you simply open Google Maps, and you’re found. When you need to check up on prices, you just open the right app and then you’ve saved some money. Ford’s Sync […]

  • TRON Cat Costume is Way More Entertaining than TRON:Legacy

    While I thought that the story of TRON: Legacy was execrable, at least the visuals were awesome. And the plot of the movie didn’t stop someone from dressing up their cat in a TRON costume. Read more @ Technabob

  • DOTKLOK: Digital Clocks Go Open Source

    This cool clock is the DOTKLOK and it’s an open source digital clock that can display the time with many different animations. The best part is that it’s totally hackable, not that I’d have the time to do this, but it’s nice to have that option. Read more @ Technabob

  • South Korea Hires Robot Teachers

    South Korea isn’t a great destination for English teachers. There’s a shortage of English teachers in South Korea because the Koreans apparently work them like dogs (extremely long hours, from early in the morning to late at night including Saturdays on a fixed salary). The ones who stay want to be paid more than what […]

  • My Daily Tweets 12-29-2010

    00:01:34: @purplelime I needed power. Desktop replacement power as my PC is about 4 years old. When I will need to go more mobile, I’ll go 4 MBA 00:23:34: @purplelime I agree. I was hoping to upgrade to a Mac Pro sometime in 2011 or 2012. That would be fun. 00:46:51: RT @hotdogsladies: HOWTO write […]

  • Range’s Favorite Posts of 2010 Best of 2010: Editor’s Choice

    We recently bought a duplex in Urbana-Champaign, IL, and we had to face facts that we didn’t have much space to work with. In essence, we had to be smart. My wife and I enjoy DIY projects and finding cheap ways of making our place look better. We’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty. […]

  • Illegal Photos of the Paris Metro

    Beautiful photos on abandoned Paris Metro stations that are coupled with an interesting article on the its history.