Co-Teachers & Grammar Curriculum

In Taiwan, ESL teachers are usually matched with a Chinese co-teacher. This is true for all of my classes, but I spend most of my time with my K2 classes and I’ve known my co-teacher for over a year. When co-teachers take time off, the class starts to break down. The class doesn’t run as smoothly as before. When there is no co-teacher, the class isn’t as easy to run. This isn’t true for the older classes, but it is true in Kindergarten.

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Meet the Re-Nest Team: Range

122810_rg_RangeFavePosts_01.jpegBlogger: Range Govindan
Started at Re-Nest: November 2010
Lives in: Currently Taipei, Taiwan, but owns a house in Urbana-Champaign, IL

Though Range has only been writing for Re-Nest since November of this year, he’s no stranger to the Apartment Therapy family. He’s been blogging over at Unplggd since July 2007, and we’re happy that he’s now sharing his eco tech expertise with Re-Nest readers.
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Best in Reused, Recycled and Handmade Tech Unplggd’s Best of 2010

There’s something magical about handmade tech. There isn’t much that’s handmade now, but you can always find reused and recycled tech to put to a new use in any home. There’s also a lot of tech that feels like it’s vintage, even though most tech hasn’t been along enough for it to be called that. All in all, we love reusing and recycling old tech because that means that we’re throwing away less electronics.

Top Row:
The Handmade iRetrofone iPhone Base
The Recycled Parts Mac Mini Carton Shell Computer
Artecnica Recycled Billboard Laptop Case
Recycled Keyboard Notebook and Pencil Cup
Our Favorite Handmade Tech from Etsy

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Ford Sync Destinations App: Sync your Ride with your Phone

It’s safe to say that smartphones are becoming the center of digital life of most of the people in the US. When you are lost, you simply open Google Maps, and you’re found. When you need to check up on prices, you just open the right app and then you’ve saved some money. Ford’s Sync Destinations app might look a bit retro, but it does allow you to sync your car navigation system with your iPhone. Once you’re in your car, the route will load automatically. That’s pretty cool in my book.

ford sync destinations app software iphone android mobile gps

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TRON Cat Costume is Way More Entertaining than TRON:Legacy

While I thought that the story of TRON: Legacy was execrable, at least the visuals were awesome. And the plot of the movie didn’t stop someone from dressing up their cat in a TRON costume.

tron cat costume lights diy

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DOTKLOK: Digital Clocks Go Open Source

This cool clock is the DOTKLOK and it’s an open source digital clock that can display the time with many different animations. The best part is that it’s totally hackable, not that I’d have the time to do this, but it’s nice to have that option.

dotklok andrew o'malley diy open source digital clock

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South Korea Hires Robot Teachers

South Korea isn’t a great destination for English teachers. There’s a shortage of English teachers in South Korea because the Koreans apparently work them like dogs (extremely long hours, from early in the morning to late at night including Saturdays on a fixed salary). The ones who stay want to be paid more than what a lot of schools can offer. That’s why they’ve decided to come up with a novel approach to solve the shortage of ESL teachers. Remember, robots don’t mind long hours (at least not until the robot uprising of 2015.)

esl english teaching robot south korea

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My Daily Tweets 12-29-2010

  • 00:01:34: @purplelime I needed power. Desktop replacement power as my PC is about 4 years old. When I will need to go more mobile, I’ll go 4 MBA
  • 00:23:34: @purplelime I agree. I was hoping to upgrade to a Mac Pro sometime in 2011 or 2012. That would be fun.
  • 00:46:51: RT @hotdogsladies: HOWTO write HOWTOs:
    1. Pick a simple 1-step task
    2. Pretend it’s a complex 32-step task
    3. Cut fake steps + intro/out …
  • 00:48:14: slap then hug. Total 1950s style in Ms Marple.
  • 01:05:47: “So, r u looking forward to the field trip?” Ryan to Taiwan sub teach Shelly “…” Shelly makes a face and walks away. We exchange looks.
  • 03:04:28: From Twitter 12-28-2010:
  • 07:48:34: Dell Adamo Price Cut: If a Tree Falls in the Forest…:
  • 07:50:07: Legend of Zelda Prototype Surfaces: Easier to Play, But Just as Fun:
  • 08:03:46: Illegal Photos of the Paris Metro:
  • 20:51:51: Ran a few errands and just came back from work. It’s already 9PM. Ah well, at least I don’t have a full load of posts to write today.
  • 20:54:19: RT @tolles: @Jason never fly @unitedairlines unless it’s unavoidable. Seriously. Never. Bitter bitter people.
  • 20:56:51: RT @Jason: confirmed @united is worst airline in world. put us in wrong baggage line then when they realize mistake we miss baggage by 3 …
  • 20:57:14: RT @typefiend: Just realized I’ll be 3rd wheeling it again w/another couple for dinner after doing lunch. Apparently a swinger when it c …
  • 20:57:38: RT @Scobleizer: @recluze StackOverflow is for programmers. Quora is for CEOs, VCs, geeks, influencers, press, etc.
  • 20:59:45: RT @Darenzia: Wow, a friend was just CAVITY searched at LAX then his flight was cancelled. I guess freedom doesn’t include the right to …
  • 21:02:54: @Joelle_writes @jennymbulter I know. I was surprised at how short the seasons were, but it’s the UK and their series are usually short.
  • 21:03:28: So cool! @taptaptap is giving out custom engraved X-ray iPads!
  • 21:07:25: Q: What Does Quora Mean For The Future Of Blogging? A: Business As Usual
  • 21:09:49: Charged my MBP 17 last night. That was 2 full days w/o charging. Coming from PCs, I have to say that I like this.
  • 21:10:47: I’m not an Apple fanboy, I don’t have an iPad or iPhone, but the overall quality of a MBP is impressive compared to Asus HP Acer Dell
  • 21:11:42: There are things that annoy me, but It’s definitely an interesting computer. This might mean that I want to get a Mac Pro later this year.
  • 21:12:25: I don’t mind the chiclet keyboard either. When you touch-type, you quickly get used to the feel of a keyboard.
  • 21:13:33: I’m also liking the single tap/double finger tap for right/left click. Pretty fast. This will be optimized even further w the Apple Trackpad
  • 21:13:58: Spike just jumped on the couch onto the top of the cushions. He’s a happy Frenchie, snorting all around.
  • 21:14:50: Finished reading about WWI. It’s a very interesting subject. Currently reading about Nazism and the SS as well as the Holocaust.
  • 21:15:32: Don’t like Winona Ryder’s new nose.
  • 21:16:45: Winona Ryder by Horst Diekgerdes
  • 21:17:11: Brinette by Isa Jacob
  • 21:24:37: Boonna : Photographie Infrarouge – Beware Mag
  • 21:30:16: Range’s Favorite Posts of 2010 Best of 2010: Editor’s Choice:
  • 21:33:06: My Grade 4 class was exhausting. Over energized girls made it hellish towards the end. They are usually well behaved.
  • 21:33:44: We still managed to GTD, but didn’t have enough time for games. We did play some in the Grade 5 class, but both kevin and Leslie were moody
  • 21:39:19: Best apps if you just got an iPhone
  • 21:47:01: RT @clusterflock: Analogue hyperlinks for a book on dreams.
  • 21:48:27: Venn Diagram of People Who Touch Your Junk
  • 21:49:44: Bad Science in Movies
  • 21:56:05: Read about Eichmann abduction from Buenos Aires by the Mossad. Must have been incredible to find him. Too bad they missed Mengele.
  • 21:56:37: BTW I love the Mossad’s stance on Nazis. They need to be tried, jailed or executed for crimes against humanity.
  • 21:57:03: Shin beht was also part of that operation.
  • 21:58:05: “Handmade by robots” WTF BMC, can’t you understand the basic English mistake you’re making?
  • 22:07:51: Why do some adults persist on behaving and looking like children? It baffles me.
  • 22:08:13: There are a lot of GPOY that shouldn’t be posted. They just look bad.
  • 22:11:36: @wobblesmccoy some Taiwanese adults behave like children, and some American bloggers/tumblrs behave like kids.
  • 22:12:06: @wobblesmccoy gratuitous photos of yourself
  • 22:13:45: I wish @3QD would spread out their Monday columns across the whole week. Too many good posts to read on a single weekday.
  • 22:14:16: @wobblesmccoy especially for tumblrs. some of the photos are really bad.
  • 22:15:07: @wobblesmccoy many of them tweet/tumbl their photos directly via their smartphones w/o looking what they are doing.
  • 22:16:51: @wobblesmccoy yeah, I mean WTF.
  • 22:17:31: @wobblesmccoy I know and this stuff can’t be easily deleted, vis-a-vis prospective employers especially. It’s become normal to FB job applic
  • 22:24:08: @wobblesmccoy i know, with bear hats (not beer hats, bear hats) to look like bears, etc.
  • 22:29:00: Running both my PC and MBP 17. Twitter window open on MBP. working off the PC.
  • 22:45:12: @wobblesmccoy I know. How about a panda beer hat. Yippie. perfect for NYE
  • 22:47:52: No shit. You can buy a real mag for cheaper! Memo Pad: iPad Magazine Sales Drop – via Michael Surtees
  • 22:50:27: 10:50PM and I’m done! Time for a bit of R&R
  • 22:51:30: and some food. had only two sandwiches for dinner.
  • 22:51:56: Love the holidays. Not much email. Inbox is still empty #InboxZero
  • 23:32:21: @jackge We asked our boss to pay us on the 24th, a day in advance. She did it.

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Range’s Favorite Posts of 2010 Best of 2010: Editor’s Choice


We recently bought a duplex in Urbana-Champaign, IL, and we had to face facts that we didn’t have much space to work with. In essence, we had to be smart. My wife and I enjoy DIY projects and finding cheap ways of making our place look better. We’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty. I love vintage and re-conditioned furniture, because so much of the older stuff still looks so good, once it’s been nicely cleaned up. Here are some of my favorite posts for 2010.

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Illegal Photos of the Paris Metro

Sweep via SleepCity

Beautiful photos on abandoned Paris Metro stations that are coupled with an interesting article on the its history.

Not So Hasty Retreat via SleepCity
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