Survivor Nicaragua You Started You’re Finishing S021E12 (CBS)

Purple Kelly asks Nay WTF was going on at Tribal. Nay said that she voted for Brenda for calling her out. Holly talks with Nay. Chase wants Holly, Jane, and Nay to stick together. They want to target Sash because he’s got an idol.

The next morning, they find that the pond has flooded. It flows out to the ocean. That’s an understatement. The heavy rains made the river overflow. There’s mud everywhere and everyone is miserable. Nay is hurting. Chase is hugging her. Oochie-poo. I don’t give a rat’s ass. Purple Kelly is also crying. Later, Fabio and Benry are talking. They wouldn’t mind if Nay and Purple Kelly walked out. Nay gives the idol to Chase. WTF? She’s going to quit. It looks like both Purple Kelly and Nay will quit.

Sash doesn’t trust Chase, Jane, and Holly as much as Nay and Purple Kelly. It’s time for the next challenge. They will be divided into 2 teams and tethered together. They will race to untie an 8-foot stuffed dummy named Gulliver. They have to cross a few obstacles. The winning team will get to see Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black. Fabio, Sash, Jane, and Purple Kelly face off against Chase, Nay, Holly, and Benry. Dan was not selected. He backs the blue team. If they win, he will join them in the reward. The yellow team has released their dummy. The blue team is close behind. The dummy is heavy. If they drop him, they must move backward. The blue team leads in the 2nd obstacle. Yellow comes back out on top. The last obstacle is a tunnel filled with strung with rope. Blue has a slight lead. Blue wins reward. After being part of the winning team, Nay decides to quit. Purple Kelly also quits. Wow. That’s messed up. Jeff looks disappointed. Jeff gives them the afternoon to think about it. They are pathetic. If one person of the winning team stays behind, the tribe will get enough rice to last 11 days and a tarp. Holly does it. While Holly is giving her speech, Benry tells Nay to go. Nay doesn’t do anything. What a bitch. Holly gives Nay a look.

Back at a camp, they put up the camp. Fabio appreciates it. Holly gives Purple Kelly some advice. Holly tells her to suck it up and play the game.

I have nothing left to suck.
Purple Kelly, after Holly tells her to suck it up

Chase also thinks that Nay is a selfish prick. After the movie, it looks like Nay might stay.

It’s time for tribal. The jury is shocked that Nay and Purple Kelly have decided to quit. Nay says that she is hurting. It doesn’t make much sense. Purple Kelly is whingeing as well.

My joints get hurty.

I don’t care if it’s snowing out here, I’m going to stay.

Jeff asks if Nay thought she had a shot at winning. She thought that she was a good contender. Jeff is almost laughing in her face.

I was gotta go out with a bang.

Everyone thinks that Nay is a bitch. Nay says that she is content. Nay quits. Purple Kelly quits. Wow, WTF are these people doing in Survivor. Marty mutters that he can’t believe it. Brenda says that this is disgusting. The tribe goes back to camp.

Alina is crying. Marty says that this is twisted. I had to check online to confirm that both Nay and Purple Kelly will be on the jury. WTF! I would have kicked them off and selected two others instead, or something like that. Quitters should be banned from the jury.

* * * * *

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70 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua You Started You’re Finishing S021E12 (CBS)”

  1. I agree with you the quitters should not be allowed on the jury, or even back on the show for the reunion. I wonder if they needed to keep them to mix it up on the final vote. I also wonder if the jury will have to vote between three final survivors instead of three, as they have done in the past. Maybe that’s why they’ve allowed them to remain and vote.

    I do have a little more sympathy for Nay than PK though. I didn’t realize it wasn’t that she just didn’t like rain, but it’s that when it gets cold then her joints begin to ache. So, no matter how uncomfortable everyone else is, she is more uncomfortable with aching joints. Although I think she’s on the edge of insanity, and plain nasty, I do understand why she quit. And I don’t blame her for enjoying the reward. At the end of the day, everyone out there is playing for themselves, to win a million dollars. She won’t get the million but she probably wanted something out of the experience. All of those players making generous gestures are doing it for jury votes later. Not because they are channeling their inner Mother Theresa. So, good for her for not caving under peer pressure. She’s crazy, but once her mind is made up, no one is going to tell her what to do.

    PK is gone as well. To be honest, I didn’t really know who she was or if she did anything in the game. Those two quitting have been the perfect next step in a clunker season of Survivor. I hope next time Survivor steps it up and chooses
    more interesting players than this weak bunch of characters. No true heroes and no villains we love to hate. Even the big event of a fire hasn’t been mentioned again except once in passing. I wonder what could have been if Coach and Marty had been left in the game. Maybe we’d have a watchable season and not this load of disappointment.

    Who’s going to win? No one is left that anyone cares about. I guess Jane, maybe. Actually, it probably will be Jane because they left so many clips in the episodes about how if Jane stays in the game she’ll win it all. And that was even before she showed any strength. I think she will win. But I would love it if Fabio won. He’s the only one who really has no idea what’s going on.

  2. I also wonder if the jury will have to vote between three final survivors instead of three,etc.”

    oops. I should read over what I type before I post it. I meant will they vote between three final survivors instead of two. But I bet you knew what I meant…

  3. That is if Jane makes it to the final 3. Many players that are left see her as a threat. I think it’s ludicrous for people to go on Survivor and then quit.

    The season is a bit lackluster.

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