Zero History By William Gibson

Zero History Cover

I had read a few novels by William Gibson, since he was the precursor of the Cyberpunk genre, and it’s a genre that I enjoy quite a bit, but at the time, I had trouble with one of his books. I believe that it was Neuromancer. I can’t remember why I had trouble with this book, but since reading Zero History, I might have to read it again to see what it was.

Nevertheless, this is about William Gibson’s latest book, Zero History. I didn’t greet the release with anticipation, but after I read a few reviews and saw how it was supposed to integrate present technology with future tech, I was interested enough to order it a few weeks ago. I quickly read it and was amazed by the novel. The novel is short, but it’s filled with interesting concepts and ideas. The whole premise includes Japanese secret brands. In the book, this is about the secret brand Gabriel Hounds.

Let me just start by saying that this is a great book and I’ll be very happy to read it again in the future. I’m glad I purchased a hardcover 1st edition. I’ve rarely thought about clothes in this manner, but he whole concept of secret brands is really interesting.

I have not read Pattern Recognition nor Spook Country, which are both part of the Bigend cycle, but this novel can stand alone. The book is fun to read and while the story is good, it’s nothing incredible. Some critics have called it lackluster, but ultimately, this book is more about concepts than anything else. The whole idea of secret brands has made me want to purchase clothes from these. While they are notoriously hard to research, you can get easy analogues to secret brands by perusing some wares on Etsy and other types of unique online merchants.

I enjoyed the book, but this book is more about secret brands, their impact, Twitter, and other tidbits than the story itself. By all means, this is still a good book and I’ll probably read it again. The one really good thing about it is that it made me question my previous opinion on William Gibson books. This means that I’m actually going to buy some of his older books again and read them again. I’ll probably be pleasantly surprised, as I seem to remember that I read Neuromancer when I was very young, in my teens.

There are so many smaller brands that are available for people. You no longer have to buy Diesel denims. You can get handmade denim jeans on Etsy for cheaper. The great thing about these wares is that they are usually made to last and won’t fall apart after a season. There’s also the whole area of vintage clothes that is highly interesting. Anyway, this book made my mind buzz with lots of different ideas so it was a worthwhile purchase.

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