Survivor Nicaragua Not Sure Where I Stand S21E13 (CBS)

Fabio jokes that they should name their chicken Kelly-Nay and mention it at the next tribal. Sash is now on the outskirts of the alliances. He’s the swing vote. The next morning, Sash says that he will play the idol no matter what. Chase tells Sash that they should go with the women. Sash replies that if Jane makes it to the end, she’ll win.

It’s time for the next reward challenge. They will revisit challenges from the past. They will find a ball and bounce a ball off a shield into barrel. The first 4 will move onto the next round. In that round, they have to take a key to retrieve some sandbags. They must throw the sandbags onto a barrel. The first 2 will move onto the final. In the final, they must dig up rope rings using a paddle. They must throw it on a target. The winning person will be flown to a private resort. The boys have a lead. Chase gets it 1st. Jane is next. Benry gets it followed by Holly. In the next round, Chase and Benry lead. Chase is 1st. Benry is next. It was a purely physical challenge, speckled with some skills. Chase wins this in a decisive manner. Chase chooses Holly and Jane to come with him. Sash is left in the mud. He thought he was going. Chase wasn’t thinking strategically. He painted a target on his back.

Sash talks with the guys, but he is on the fence and they notice. However, they have no choice. None of them trust Sash. They eat the chicken named Kelly-Nay.

At the reward, Chase regrets his decision not to take Sash. He admits being an idiot. I don’t disagree.

When Jane comes back, she cries about her chicken. Oochie poo. I don’t give a shit. WTF? Chickens are food. Chase comes up with a strategy to use Sash. Benry is talking with Sash. Chase doesn’t trust him at all.

Chase talks with Sash again. Holly butts in. Benry reports to Fabio that is talking to them. Benry thinks that his alliance is sinking and he thinks that he needs a new alliance. He goes to talk with them. Benry says that he will vote for Fabio. Sash is looking pretty anorexic. Benry says that Jane needs to go home.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will be attached to a hitching rail. They have to maneuver around to release a bag of gold. The first 3 will move onto the next round. In that round, they need to solve gold coin puzzle. Fabio tries his luck and moves into the next round. Sash and Benry are short. Jane heads out and is short. Benry and Sash make it to the next round. Chase is out.

They have to assemble stacks of gold coins into a rectangular polygon. Benry is out. Sash and Fabio are neck in neck. Sash wins immunity. Sash says that he has been sandbagging in most of the challenges, at 70-80%. Others have been going on at 110%.

Fabio asks Sash to tell him if his name is mentioned. Chase, Sash, and Dan talk. Chase tells them that everyone is talking Fabio. Chase, Benry, Dan, and Sash want to tell Fabio that they are voting for Holly because he won’t buy that they are voting for Jane.

There is a shot of a strange snake with a bulbous front. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen it before. It’s yellow and black.

Sash is buttering up Jane for some reason.

It’s time for tribal. We see the quitters. Who gives a shit? I think that they should be booted out. Jeff talks to Jeff about his choice for the reward.

Maybe not the smartest on the puzzle.
Jane about Fabio

Unlike previous episodes, we don’t see who votes for whom. All of the votes have been kept secret until they are read out by Jeff.

Votes to evict

Fabio                     Holly
Jane                       Benry
Sash                       Benry
Chase                    Benry
Holly                      Benry
Dan                        Fabio
Benry                    Fabio

Benry is voted out by a 2-4-1 (Fabio, Benry, Holly) vote. When Jeff read out Fabio’s name, Marty said “What the hell?”.

* * * * *

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67 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua Not Sure Where I Stand S21E13 (CBS)”

  1. Well, I spent my last week getting ready for the holidays so I’m not really in Survivor mode right now. All I can think to say for now is that Benry is another one I’m not sure how he played the game. I’m only glad that Fabio is still in the game. I would love it if he won. Wouldn’t that be great? I’d want to hear Jeff Probst comments on that.

    You might be right about everyone wanting to get Jane out of there before the big final. Loved the commentary on this post. I thought it was a bit odd that Jane was mourning the chicken after she’d been eating all kinds of dead animals not even an hour before. I think it was more of an ego thing for her. How could they do this to her, kind of mentality.

    Now we have only one episode left and then the finale. Want to take a guess who you think will win? Odds are it might be Chase, but I’m going to hope for Fabio.

  2. Fabio might be underestimated, so he could make it further than Chase. Chase is a bit of a dumbass. Sash is on his way out, unless the two alliances forget about him, which is possible.

    My wife wants to see this season, I have to say that after Russell, it’s a bit boring. There were no great moves and even Parv is missing from this game. It’s too bad. They should do some better casting next time.

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