The Amazing Race Hi I’m Sorry I’m in a Race S17E12 (CBS)

Teams start out from Seoul, South Korea. Teams must fly to LA. They must find their clue at the port of Long Beach. Nat and Kat lived in LA for 4 years while they were studying at UCLA. Bam/Claire are wearing matching outfits. All of the teams are on the same flight.

Nat/Kat are the 1st ones out. Jill/Thomas are 2nd. Bam/Claire are last. Teams face a task. Teams must climb a giant crane, get strapped into a bungee spring, and plummet down. Nat is afraid of heights. She’s already hyperventilating. Bam and Jill don’t like heights either. On the top of the crane, Nat starts to cry. She has a phobia of heights. However, she manages to get through it.

I didn’t even pee my pants.

I’ve never loved asphalt so much.

The teams are riding a helicopter to a surprise destination. Bam/Claire scream a lot. The teams take a helicopter to the Rose Bowl. They face a Roadblock. They must work on a float for a parade. They have to glue some flowers to a float. Nat does this one.

Jil/Thomas arrive. Thomas does it. Bam/Claire arrive. Bam does this one. Nat didn’t fill the roses with water, so she has to do them again. Nat still finishes 1st. Teams must now decipher a clue and find their next clue box.

Nat/Kat are looking for a iPhone and a taxi. Thomas finishes and they leave. Thomas is smart enough to ask the taxi cab to ask dispatch about Sancho Panza. Nat figures out that Sancho Panza is a character in Don Quixote.

-Do you know what the Internet is?
-No. I got GPS.
Thomas and a cabbie

Nat is meticulously figuring out the clues while they are driving and talking to some people on the phone. Thomas/Jill are getting frustrated.

Nat/Kat are the 1st to find the clue box. Teams must identify the 11 greeters from a gird of 48 on a giant screen. They had everything written down in their notebooks. That was very smart. They complete it quickly and get the clue. They have to race to the finish line. They are stuck in traffic.

Bam/Claire use the Internet at a hotel to figure out the clues. Jill/Thomas are still not making progress.

Bam/Claire arrive at the gameshow stage. They are also pretty quick.

Jill/Thomas are still lost. They haven’t figured out the clues. Bam/Claire’s taxi has taken the freeway and they are making good progress. It’s a race between two all-girl teams. Nat/Kat win the Amazing Race. Bam/Claire finish 2nd. Jill/Thomas finish 3rd.

* * * * *

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