The Amazing Race I’m Surrounded By Ninjas S17E11 (CBS)

Nick convinced Vick to take a 6-hour penalty. They will also face a Speedbump.

Teams are leaving from HK to Seoul, South Korea. They have to drive themselves to the North Korean border. They are going to the DMZ. Bam/Claire decide to check flights from a nearby hotel instead of going to the airport. They drink some coffee waiting for their tickets.

Jill/Thomas and Nat/Kat are at the airport. All teams depart at 12:25AM. Nick/Vick will make up the time. Nat/Kat ask a friendly traveler to buy them a Lonely Planet. That was smart. Nick is a total douchebag.

The plane is boarding. Nick/Vick are late to get to the airport. They miss the flight. They will be 9 hours behind the other teams. Bam! I like that. There are consequences for not completing a task.

The other teams land in South Korea. They drive themselves to the border. Jill/Thomas are 1st. Bam/Claire are 2nd. They have to choose a rafting guide and raft. They will choose a HUMVEE and go to a US Army Base. Thomas took longer to get dressed than Jill.

They raft and it looks like fun. They get into jeeps and arrive at the army base. They face a Roadblock. They have to find the soldier wearing the same headband among a few hundred Tae Kwon Do soldiers. Bam/Claire arrive. Bam does this one. Thomas completes it first. He gets the clue. Bam gives it to the wrong soldier and has to get another headband.

Teams must travel to the subway station. They must travel to Seoul Worldcup Stadium. Nat/Kat arrive. Kat does this. Bam gets her clue. Kat is close behind. Jill/Thomas are about to get on the subway. Bam/Claire don’t make it on it. Nat/Kat are on the same one as the other girls.

Meanwhile, Nick/Vick are sleeping on the plane.

Jill/Thomas face a Detour. They have to do Full Throttle or Full Bottle. In Full Throttle, teams make their way to an ice rink. They change into speed-skating suits and race a 24-lap relay. In Full Bottle, they make their way to a market and deliver some glass jars or ginseng.

Jill/Thomas decide to ice-skate. Nat/Kat do Full Throttle. Bam/Claire also do the same. Claire says that she hasn’t ice-skated since she was 7.

The VT shows Nick/Vick land. I think that this is wrong. It didn’t take the teams 9 hours to complete these two tasks. Nick/Vick take it easy. The guys don’t know where to go. They are following some dude. Bam/Claire arrive 1st. They are in front of Jill/Thomas, who were confident that they were first. Jill dresses faster as Thomas again.

Thomas is funny on the ice. Bam laughs at him. He was running in his skates. I guess they haven’t figures out how to skate. They have to take long strides. Jill falls down a few times in the beginning. Jill/Thomas have make up a lap.

Jill keeps falling but they complete the task. They must make their way to Han Riverside Park for the next clue. Bam/Claire complete it shortly after. Nat/Kat arrive after the other teams complete the task. They were slow for some reason.

Jill/Thomas don’t understand how Bam/Claire passed them. Bam/Claire are there 1st and make their way to the next pit stop, the Temple of Heaven.

Bam/Claire finish 1st. They took a taxi and broke a rule. So they get a 30-minute penalty. Jill/Thomas finish 2nd but due to the penalty, they finish 1st. They win a trip for two to Argentina. Bam/Claire finish 2nd. Nat/Kat finish 3rd. Nick/Vick are out of it.

Nick/Vick arrive at the Army base. They are brought to clean a tank. That’s they’re Speed Bump. I think they skipped the rest of the tasks.

* * * * *

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