Survivor Nicaragua What About Me & Reunion S21E15 (CBS)

Fabio thinks that he’s next. He talks it over with Dan. In the last tribal council, Holly, Chase, and Sash revealed their three-way alliance. Fabio and Dan talk with Holly. Their plea is very weak. Then Fabio talks with Sash. Sash notices that Fab is on edge. Sash tells Fab what he wants to hear.

If you only have one clear cut strategy in Survivor, chances are that you won’t make it to the end. I’m trying to find as many avenues to the final three as possible.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. They have to race out to a station, select their answer, and take a bag. If they are right, they get puzzle pieces, if they are wrong they will get black pieces. It’s raining. Holy has a slight lead. In his hurry, Chase drops a puzzle piece on the ground. Fabio gets his 2nd one wrong. Chase, Holly, and Sash are working on the puzzle. Sash has got a big lead. Dan and Fabio are behind. Fabio has made up a lot of time. It’s between Fabio and Sash. Chase is lost. Fabio wins immunity again! Wow, pretty quick. I didn’t think that Fabio would win this, but he made time up very decisively.

Holly hopes that Dan is evicted, but it might be her. Fabio wants to talk to Chase and Sash to get out Holly. Chase is voting for Dan. Fabio tells Dan and they strategize. It’s somewhat pathetic. Dan and Fabio talk with Sash. Later, Fabio and Sash talk. He makes sense, surprisingly. Holly is a woman and she would get a lot of votes from the old Espada tribe.

It’s time for tribal. Fabio comes out and says that this vote is all about who is the biggest threat. Dan says that no one will vote for him to win because he has got money. Holly mentions that she feels in danger. Chase starts to speak and the jury says that he is paranoid.

Votes to Evict

Holly                      Dan
Sash                       Dan
Fabio                     Holly
Chase                    Dan
Dan                        Chase

Dan is voted out by a 3-1-1 vote (Dan, Holly, Chase).

Fabio thinks that he needs to win immunity again. Meanwhile, he talks with the boys and they tell him what he wants to hear. Sash thinks that every single one left in the game will take him to the final three. Holly and Chase talk about the final three. They want to go to the end. If Fabio doesn’t win, he’s out. They talk about what would happen if Fabio wins immunity. Chase talks with Fabio. They are just placating and lying to him. They get a map in their tree mail to do their idiotic “fallen comrade” ceremony. Total BS.

It’s time for the final immunity challenge. For this challenge, they have to balance a sword on a shield. With the other hand, they will stack coins on the top of the sword. The final survivor left standing gets the final immunity. After a pile of coins, Fabio’s looks pretty shaky. Holly is out. Chase is out. It’s between Sash and Fabio. Fabio wins immunity again! Wow, he will win Survivor.

Immediately back at camp, Holly takes Chase with her with for a water run. Fabio is pretty happy. Now he can see them scramble. Sash says that he’ll vote like Fabio will vote. Sash makes it obvious that Chase would win. Sash lies and butters Fabio up. Fabio doesn’t really believe him. He’s smirking all the way. Fabio tells Chase that Sash was trying to vote him out. Chase is pissed off. At least, Chase is honest. That will win him some favour. Fabio doesn’t want to take either Chase nor Sash because they have lied to him a lot.

It’s time for tribal. Fabio feels great because he’s got the necklace. Jeff talks to him about the different proposals that he got from the three-person alliance. Sash looks duplicitous. No one believes what he is saying anymore. The jury is stacked against him, which means that Fabio should take him with him.

You were pretty very honest with me at the very last second.

Votes to Evict

Fabio                     Holly
Sash                       Holly
Chase                    Holly
Holly                      Sash

Holly is voted out. That was Fabio’s best move because Chase and Sash are less liked.

Fabio says that he played the jury to show that he knew what was going on in between Chase and Sash.

The final three get a good breakfast. Chase is still playing the game. He keeps telling Fabio that he has won the game. He wants to get Fabio overconfident. It’s time for the jury to hear what they have to say. They set fire to the camp.

It’s time to see the jury. Chase makes his initial statement sitting down. That’s strange. They all do the same.

Give me a million dollars and I’ll have a lot of fun.

Sash is the most articulate of the final survivors. The jury is less inclined to hear what he has to say because they were double-crossed by him.

Brenda is pissed at Sash for breaking at all of the promises he made. Jane looks super pissed. Sash apologizes. She’s annoyed that Chase voted for her. Chase says that he tried and failed. Sash tries to interject but is rebuked. Marty talks with Chase. He wants Chase to pick someone who’s an idiot on the jury. Chase refuses. Marty doesn’t have many questions for the others. Holly talks with Chase. She asks him what his best “strategical” vote was. He says that voting out Shannon. Fabio manages to answer her questions easily enough. Sash isn’t looking too hot either. Pissed off Jane and tells Sash that he’s a lying little bitch. Jane asks Chase what he’ll do with the money. If he wins, $100K will go to cure cancer. The next thing is that he will take care of his mom. Fabio interjects that he wants to take care of his mom as well. Benry doesn’t want to hear from Chase. Benry wants to see what Sash voted for him. Sash says that Benry should have mounted a strike against him. He voted for Benry because he wouldn’t take him to the end. Dan says that Sash is spineless, a phony, and a liar. Dan says that Chase is really paranoid. Dan says that Chase is pretty dumb. Purple Kelly asks Sash how he managed to outwit and outplay everyone in the game. He makes some BS remark and Kelly is happy and leaves. Nay asks Fabio what got him to the end. She asks him about his mom. Fabio says yes, seeing his mom got him to the end. He makes a heartfelt answer and it brings tears to Benry’s, Nay’s, and Brenda’s eyes. Alina doesn’t want to give money to a boy, she wants to give it to a man. She asks Sash why she should vote for him. Sash doesn’t say much. Alina provokes a reaction from all three of them. They kind of argue.

Votes to Win

Brenda                 Chase
Dan                        Dan
Holly                      Fabio
Jane                       Chase
Benry                    Fabio
Purple Kelly        Chase
Marty                    Fabio
Nay                        Fabio
Alina                      Chase

Fabio wins the title of sole survivor by a 5-4.

Fabio says that he was playing a game. He’s not that stupid, at least that’s what he says. He makes a fool of himself by speaking.

I have been crazy for a while.

Chase says that he was wishy-washy the whole game, even tat the final tribal council. Chase sings a country song. He’s supposed to be signed to some recording company now.

Dan doesn’t talk about how rich he is. Holly gives him some fancy boots.

There is a VT about the next season of Survivor: Redemption Island. If they will be voted off, they will go to Redemption Island and face off against other evictees. The winner will re-enter the game.

* * * * *

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72 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua What About Me & Reunion S21E15 (CBS)”

  1. ah HA, he did it! I didn’t think it was possible. I have more to say and will come back later when it’s closer to the weekend. One thing I didn’t understand was how Fabio had the final say about who was going to the final with him. There were four people voting, so how did he have the final say? I still don’t get it. Two could have voted one name and two another. So how does that give Fabio the final say, did he have the option to decide a tie vote? Maybe I need some coffee or something…

    1. Well, he had the swing vote. If he was smart enough, he would know the way that the others would vote. This meant that at the worst, there would be a tie. In most cases, if he’d have discussed it with the others, he’d have the swing vote.

      There’s also a lot of prestige and intimidation that comes with winning the final immunity. People will want to get on your good side.

  2. Hey, Happy New Year! Of course, after all of these crazy days of holidays I’ve forgotten most of what else I’d wanted to say about the final episode of Survivor. Seems so last year already.

    I’ll mention the two things I do recall about that last episode. I was so happy Fabio won and I really liked his teary answer to one of the jury questions about what he was going to do with the money if he won. He seemed so sincere about using it to take care of his mother. But I was very disappointed when Jeff Probst asked him the same question after he’d won the money. Did you understand any of it? Some rambling, incoherent stuff about music and traveling around and trying out these ideas in his head. huh? No mention of mom. Nothing that sounded sensible or fun. It’s like he’d do better to grab handfuls of that money and let the wind blow it through his fingers. He won it, he can do what he wants with it, but it sounds like he’d better keep his burger-flippin’ skills at the ready because he may end up being a one month millionaire.

    The other thing I wanted to mention was the new twist in Survivor. Sounds like another boring addition. Who wants to watch more puzzle competitions from evicted contestants? Not very excited about it. I was happy that this year they cut out half of the competitions and focused more on tribe interaction, but it was unfortunate it was such a boring bunch of Survivors this season.

    Also, loved the comments about Nay getting pressure from some parents to remove her from her teaching job. What did she expect after looking like a certified nut case on the show? I would be nervous having my dog around her, I can’t imagine exposing a child to her for hours in a classroom. What a nightmare.

    Once again, thanks for the great updates every week. I enjoyed them and loved the format. I will see you next season on Survivor! Have a wonderful New Year!

    1. Fabio is too much of a mommy’s boy to just leave and not give her any money. Nay is a nightmare and I wouldn’t want her teaching my dog.

      The new twist isn’t that interesting. Survivor comes down to casting. If they have good casting, then we’ll have a good season. Otherwise, it’s kind of boring, like this season. However, having some of the evicted tribemates come back is interesting, as it will mess up the gameplay of some of the people.

      Anyway, thanks for your comments, and happy new year!

  3. Was I dreaming or did I see a promo recently for the upcoming Survivor season with Boston Rob and Russell competing against each other? Now THAT would make up for the suckie season we just had to sit through. I think it’s coming in March. Hopefully I wasn’t dreaming…

  4. It’s true! I wasn’t dreaming. Just saw the promo again today. And I think it starts Feb 16th. So that means I’ll be back here in a little over a month from now for all of your updates.

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