Moving Beyond Delicious

As much as I enjoyed using Delicious for a while, I’ve currently moved onto other ways of keeping tabs on what I find. To start off with, I read all of my feeds through Google Reader. My workflow as a freelance writer implies that I have to read copious amounts of published posts in order to flesh out my own. I star anything that I find interesting, but ultimately, this is reserved for work-related content. If I star anything else, it would be lost amidst a lot of other content. Work-related stuff gets starred and unstarred once I’ve addressed/used it.

If I want to mark something to read it later, I use a Firefox extension, which is appropriately named Read It Later. Any links that I find, I either tweet or publish on my blog as asides. I stay away from using my email, because as it is, I already receive between 10-50 emails a day. I don’t want to add more noise. While I used to browse links before, I’ve had less time and the time that I have available now is more focused on getting things done.

If I would still be using Delicious often enough and if I was concerned about it shutting down, I’d switch to Pinboard.

I think that many people seem to forget that links and bookmarks have an inherent shelf-life. If you go through all of your links, you’ll find that some of them from a few years ago aren’t relevant anymore. It’s kind of like tending a garden. If you don’t keep updated on what you find, you’ll end up with nothing a few years later. Maybe this is something that some users enjoy doing, but I’ve got other things to do.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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