Californication Exile on Main St S04E01 (Showtime)

Californication title card, via Wikipedia

How long will it take Hank to mess things up with Karen? Not very long. Hank’s usual nice disposition doesn’t win him any favorites when he tries to talk his way out of a warning. He just gets arrested.

I enjoyed the whole first series. I enjoyed the second series as well. Even though some critics were against some of the more controversial scenes, I enjoyed them. It paints an interesting picture of the life of Hank Moody and his messed up life. Hank has been a real asshole in the past, but at the end of it all he’s a good man. If you thought that the second season was going to be any less controversial, think again. This time, it’s mouth rape. The third season starts smoothly enough.

Warning: Spoilers ahead and strong language.

* * * * *

Hank is out of jail but his family won’t see him. He gets cleared of some charges, then gets arrested again. Meanwhile, they are trying to make a movie out of Fucking & Punching.

* * * * *

In the last season, Hank had to tell Karen that he had sex with Mia because it was going to come all out. In the aftermath, he punched a cop and got arrested. Charlie bailed him out. Charlie tells him that he can’t take him home. Karen and Marcie ordered him not to. Marcie signed the divorce papers. Charlie shows him a book shop where it looks like that it’s out that Hank wrote the memoir that Mia stole from him.

Charlie takes Hank home. Karen doesn’t want to see him. She kicks him out. Charlie and Hank go to see Abby, his new lawyer. Carla Gugino plays Abby. Hank says that he’ll do whatever it takes. On their way to some appointment, they meet Sasha Bingam, a movie star. She introduced herself as Mia.

There are at UTK, a talent agency, to talk about Fucking & Punching. Sasha will play in it. Sasha wants Hank to rewrite the screenplay. Charlie will get his old job back if Hank rewrites the screenplay.

Perfectly respectable number for a cocksmith of your calibre.
Hank to Charlie

Bingham wants to meet him. She’s got a lot of notes for him on the script. She also wants to hook up with him. She’s smoking hot. During the UTK meeting, she showed her tits to everyone to make a point.

The next morning, Abby tells him that they have dropped the assault charges. They are charging him with statutory rape. He gets arrested right then and there.

* * * * *

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