My Daily Tweets 12-28-2010

  • 00:27:57: 7C outside in Taipei, Taiwan. Pretty cold for here, but that’s nothing for a Quebecois. I’m comfy at -30C. Well, maybe not, but it’s fine.
  • 00:29:33: @pattonoswalt Probably not. It’s Heff w playboy bunnies coming out of his mansion.
  • 00:31:27: Gonna watch the Top Gear Christmas special. They need a new Stig, with the old one having written a tell all autobiography.
  • 00:35:10: “You haven’t been brave, you’ve been stupid!” Jezzer in Top Gear
  • 00:40:03: “You’ve landed in Iraq.” Top Gear Christmas Special after they were handed helmets and bulletproof vests.
  • 00:42:13: “Have you ever seen a TV program called the news?”
  • 00:56:43: RT @t_newschronicle Indian Satellite Rocket Explodes After Lift-Off
  • 01:17:42: “We can modify our cars for desert sneaking.”
  • 03:03:45: From Twitter 12-27-2010:
  • 07:58:51: Nissan Leaf CARWINGS Game: Get the Best Mileage!:
  • 08:00:23: Thermaltake’s Max 5G Dual Fan Hard Drive Keeps Your Drives Cool:
  • 20:51:45: Went on a field trip. It was fun and strangely hot in the sun, but cold in the shade. I didn’t dress with the right amount of layers.
  • 20:55:15: @jennymbutler @Joelle_writes IT Crows is so funny, but short. Latest series is hilarious.
  • 20:56:10: RT @jennymbutler: “What operating system does it use?” “Vista” “We’re all going to die!” #itcrowd
  • 20:57:53: RT @glass: 2008 favorites:
  • 21:00:20: RT @brem: J’ai rien mangé aujourdhui, pis j’ai pas faim…
  • 21:02:25: Quick thoughts on Pinboard
  • 21:02:31: RT @MichaelSurtees: Blizzageddon 2010: Design Notes
  • 21:03:09: So cool! @taptaptap is giving out custom engraved X-ray iPads!
  • 21:05:10: One of the best things of having a MBP 17 is the battery life. 8+ hours is amazing. I last charged my MBP on Sunday.
  • 21:09:33: Valentina Zelyaeva by David Burton
  • 21:13:06: I saw a strange and funny sight at the Taipei 101 mall; a 2-year old girl in a stroller intently staring at an iPhone, playing some game.
  • 21:16:06: 8 hours is w brightness on the max & cst use. With the energy save settings, disk+screen switch off but still brightmax, it’s over 10 hours.
  • 21:16:23: NSFW RT @voyonsvoir Venus in Furs avec Andrea Abrego, .. #Andrea #Abrego #Catalogue #Eugenia #Vidal #NSFW
  • 21:16:47: RT @inkbutter Bridget Blonde x WOLF189
  • 21:18:35: Agnete Hegelund by Karen Collins
  • 21:20:00: One K2 girl named Doris had brought enough snacks for the whole class and was glad to share it. I love that.
  • 21:21:24: @abhinavkmr i know. Been giving Safari a try on my new MBP. The Zoom is a necessary factor when dealing with high rez screens.
  • 21:26:34: My Tech Top 10: Range Govindan:
  • 21:27:41: My mother-in-law gave me Harlan Coben’s Long Lost. I really dislike it, but I’m 100p away from finishing. I started it two days ago.
  • 21:29:13: I hate how Coben talks about music. ie Duran Duran told us to save a prayer 4 the morning after. WTF asshole F off Still Im almost finished.
  • 21:30:01: This doesn’t just happen once or twice, but at least 10 times in the last 300 pages. WTF. Coben, won’t be reading your books again.
  • 21:33:07: Outdoor Furniture and Decor Best of Spring 2010: Post Roundup:
  • 21:37:18: Cartier Astroregulateur Watch Flies In Space
  • 21:56:21: Update: Farm Animals Get 80 Percent of Antibiotics Sold in U.S.
  • 22:01:19: Christmas across the globe – The Big Picture –
  • 22:49:07: “Lucas Remick is Canadian. Probably explains why he’s so nice.”
  • 23:06:01: Photoshop fails yet again. FU for stopping to work while I’m working!
  • 23:20:58: Tonight, it’s the Ms Marple holiday special. “I might look like an old lady, but I’m a shrewd detective!”
  • 23:23:09: Just finished working and it’s 11:22 PM. I have no emails so it’s time to walk Spike in the frigging cold, eat something and watch Ms Marple
  • 23:23:52: @purplelime Hey Sam, I got myself a MBP 17 i7 2.8GHz. It’s pretty cool and has massive battery power.
  • 23:26:06: Glad I don’t have a car. The Finite World –
  • 23:28:44: @purplelime yes. 8+ hours of battery life. usually 10 or more. It’s quite amazing. Spent some time installing software on the weekend
  • 23:29:33: @purplelime + a few small apps to make it more PC-like, SteerMouse and RightZoom. Not regretting the purchase
  • 23:30:04: @purplelime I also like the UNIX terminal. nicer than MSDOS. reminds me of uni.

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