My Daily Tweets 12-29-2010

  • 00:01:34: @purplelime I needed power. Desktop replacement power as my PC is about 4 years old. When I will need to go more mobile, I’ll go 4 MBA
  • 00:23:34: @purplelime I agree. I was hoping to upgrade to a Mac Pro sometime in 2011 or 2012. That would be fun.
  • 00:46:51: RT @hotdogsladies: HOWTO write HOWTOs:
    1. Pick a simple 1-step task
    2. Pretend it’s a complex 32-step task
    3. Cut fake steps + intro/out …
  • 00:48:14: slap then hug. Total 1950s style in Ms Marple.
  • 01:05:47: “So, r u looking forward to the field trip?” Ryan to Taiwan sub teach Shelly “…” Shelly makes a face and walks away. We exchange looks.
  • 03:04:28: From Twitter 12-28-2010:
  • 07:48:34: Dell Adamo Price Cut: If a Tree Falls in the Forest…:
  • 07:50:07: Legend of Zelda Prototype Surfaces: Easier to Play, But Just as Fun:
  • 08:03:46: Illegal Photos of the Paris Metro:
  • 20:51:51: Ran a few errands and just came back from work. It’s already 9PM. Ah well, at least I don’t have a full load of posts to write today.
  • 20:54:19: RT @tolles: @Jason never fly @unitedairlines unless it’s unavoidable. Seriously. Never. Bitter bitter people.
  • 20:56:51: RT @Jason: confirmed @united is worst airline in world. put us in wrong baggage line then when they realize mistake we miss baggage by 3 …
  • 20:57:14: RT @typefiend: Just realized I’ll be 3rd wheeling it again w/another couple for dinner after doing lunch. Apparently a swinger when it c …
  • 20:57:38: RT @Scobleizer: @recluze StackOverflow is for programmers. Quora is for CEOs, VCs, geeks, influencers, press, etc.
  • 20:59:45: RT @Darenzia: Wow, a friend was just CAVITY searched at LAX then his flight was cancelled. I guess freedom doesn’t include the right to …
  • 21:02:54: @Joelle_writes @jennymbulter I know. I was surprised at how short the seasons were, but it’s the UK and their series are usually short.
  • 21:03:28: So cool! @taptaptap is giving out custom engraved X-ray iPads!
  • 21:07:25: Q: What Does Quora Mean For The Future Of Blogging? A: Business As Usual
  • 21:09:49: Charged my MBP 17 last night. That was 2 full days w/o charging. Coming from PCs, I have to say that I like this.
  • 21:10:47: I’m not an Apple fanboy, I don’t have an iPad or iPhone, but the overall quality of a MBP is impressive compared to Asus HP Acer Dell
  • 21:11:42: There are things that annoy me, but It’s definitely an interesting computer. This might mean that I want to get a Mac Pro later this year.
  • 21:12:25: I don’t mind the chiclet keyboard either. When you touch-type, you quickly get used to the feel of a keyboard.
  • 21:13:33: I’m also liking the single tap/double finger tap for right/left click. Pretty fast. This will be optimized even further w the Apple Trackpad
  • 21:13:58: Spike just jumped on the couch onto the top of the cushions. He’s a happy Frenchie, snorting all around.
  • 21:14:50: Finished reading about WWI. It’s a very interesting subject. Currently reading about Nazism and the SS as well as the Holocaust.
  • 21:15:32: Don’t like Winona Ryder’s new nose.
  • 21:16:45: Winona Ryder by Horst Diekgerdes
  • 21:17:11: Brinette by Isa Jacob
  • 21:24:37: Boonna : Photographie Infrarouge – Beware Mag
  • 21:30:16: Range’s Favorite Posts of 2010 Best of 2010: Editor’s Choice:
  • 21:33:06: My Grade 4 class was exhausting. Over energized girls made it hellish towards the end. They are usually well behaved.
  • 21:33:44: We still managed to GTD, but didn’t have enough time for games. We did play some in the Grade 5 class, but both kevin and Leslie were moody
  • 21:39:19: Best apps if you just got an iPhone
  • 21:47:01: RT @clusterflock: Analogue hyperlinks for a book on dreams.
  • 21:48:27: Venn Diagram of People Who Touch Your Junk
  • 21:49:44: Bad Science in Movies
  • 21:56:05: Read about Eichmann abduction from Buenos Aires by the Mossad. Must have been incredible to find him. Too bad they missed Mengele.
  • 21:56:37: BTW I love the Mossad’s stance on Nazis. They need to be tried, jailed or executed for crimes against humanity.
  • 21:57:03: Shin beht was also part of that operation.
  • 21:58:05: “Handmade by robots” WTF BMC, can’t you understand the basic English mistake you’re making?
  • 22:07:51: Why do some adults persist on behaving and looking like children? It baffles me.
  • 22:08:13: There are a lot of GPOY that shouldn’t be posted. They just look bad.
  • 22:11:36: @wobblesmccoy some Taiwanese adults behave like children, and some American bloggers/tumblrs behave like kids.
  • 22:12:06: @wobblesmccoy gratuitous photos of yourself
  • 22:13:45: I wish @3QD would spread out their Monday columns across the whole week. Too many good posts to read on a single weekday.
  • 22:14:16: @wobblesmccoy especially for tumblrs. some of the photos are really bad.
  • 22:15:07: @wobblesmccoy many of them tweet/tumbl their photos directly via their smartphones w/o looking what they are doing.
  • 22:16:51: @wobblesmccoy yeah, I mean WTF.
  • 22:17:31: @wobblesmccoy I know and this stuff can’t be easily deleted, vis-a-vis prospective employers especially. It’s become normal to FB job applic
  • 22:24:08: @wobblesmccoy i know, with bear hats (not beer hats, bear hats) to look like bears, etc.
  • 22:29:00: Running both my PC and MBP 17. Twitter window open on MBP. working off the PC.
  • 22:45:12: @wobblesmccoy I know. How about a panda beer hat. Yippie. perfect for NYE
  • 22:47:52: No shit. You can buy a real mag for cheaper! Memo Pad: iPad Magazine Sales Drop – via Michael Surtees
  • 22:50:27: 10:50PM and I’m done! Time for a bit of R&R
  • 22:51:30: and some food. had only two sandwiches for dinner.
  • 22:51:56: Love the holidays. Not much email. Inbox is still empty #InboxZero
  • 23:32:21: @jackge We asked our boss to pay us on the 24th, a day in advance. She did it.

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