Minimal Doctor Who Posters: Who Are You?

These awesome-looking minimal Doctor Who posters feature the first six Doctors from the long running BBC science-fiction program. These minimal posters were designed by Alex Freeman and I have to say that I like them.

doctor who minimal posters alex freeman

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Survivor Nicaragua You Started You’re Finishing S021E12 (CBS)

Purple Kelly asks Nay WTF was going on at Tribal. Nay said that she voted for Brenda for calling her out. Holly talks with Nay. Chase wants Holly, Jane, and Nay to stick together. They want to target Sash because he’s got an idol.

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Melted & Recycled Kitchen and Bathroom Soap Dishes


These eye-catching soap dishes are basically melted down recycled bottles. I don’t know why, but I think they’re fascinating. I keep trying to imagine what the original bottles looked like.

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Getting Student Discounts When You’re Not A Student

120110_rg_StudentDiscounts_01.jpgYesterday, Lifehacker posted an article about how to get student discounts forever. While we personally don’t agree with the implications of using deceit for savings, everyone should make up their own mind about this. However, there are easier ways of getting student discounts without resorting to deceitful tactics. Also, there are other ways of getting significant discounts at various shops and retailers.

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A Minimal Home Office That Won’t Cost You A High Price

Minimalism is something we often promote as an ideal, but getting minimalist furniture and goods tends to cost quite a bit of money, ironic considered there’s less of “it” to begin with. That’s why we were impressed at how affordable this home office was, the most expensive obvious cost being the MacBook Pro. The rest of the home office has a few affordable ideas of how to setup a home office at a modest cost.

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TRON Helmet Should Light Up to Make You Easier to Hit

I ride a scooter daily, and even I don’t like riding with an open-face helmet. Full-face helmets are the only way to go. But that didn’t stop the French company Ruby from designing their open-face TRON-inspired helmet.


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In the Future, Drug Dealers Will Be Robots

In Nurse Jackie, one of the main characters, who was a pharmacist, got replaced by some drug dealing machine. It didn’t take long before he got his job back because the machine was stupid. This robot is anything but stupid – and pharmacists, hospital orderlies, and drug dealers, beware! You could soon be replaced.

drug dealing robot japan panasonic

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Give Your Windows PC an Annual Fresh Start

Earlier today, Taryn talked about how you should clean sweep your devices, from your laptops to your smartphones. If you have a PC, then you should probably take this one step further by regularly reformatting your main hard drive.

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Kelley Deal’s Scarves Made From Upcycled Sweaters


For anyone who’s interested in getting clothes and accessories that don’t come from mainstream brands, here’s one idea: upcycled woolen felt sweaters that have been transformed into scarves and gloves.

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The World’s Smallest Cell Phone Jammer: Say Bye-Bye to Annoying Guests This Christmas

When I have people over dinner, nothing annoys me more than a friend who keeps checking his email, Facebook updates, Twitter feed, etc. on their smartphone. It’s time to end the annoyance by purchasing the latest signal jammer from Chinavasion.


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