Selected Quotes From Murder on the Orient Express With Hercule Poirot

Put a sewer rat in a suit and he’s still a sewer rat. He’s just in a suit.
The butler

They settled his debt with a knife.
The personal secretary

He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Casetti’s crime.
McQueen, son of the DA in the Daisy Armstrong Case

Because there are certain things that God will never forgive, like when you violate his law. Violence against children.

I should have liked to have called my servants, flogged this man to death and thrown him on the rubbish heap. That is what was done with such men when I was young. Make no mistake, I would have stabbed him in his sleep and been proud to confess.
The Princess

My Daily Tweets 12-25-2010

  • 00:30:35: Managed to convince the wife to leave her blogging long enough to watch Elf. It was funny.
  • 00:31:22: We decided to open our big prezzies tonight, leaving our stocking stuffers for tomorrow. Anglican vs Catholic upbringing I guess.
  • 00:32:09: My wife has a little box from Tiffany’s. I got an Incase sleeve for my MBP 17, which I haven’t opened yet (no real time)
  • 00:33:01: My other prezzie was a Visconti Homo Sapiens fountain pen. Looks awesome. Made out of hot sweet lava. I also just got my Montblanc back
  • 00:33:46: The Montblanc is a 25-year old Meisterstück 149, which doesn’t look old. The converter needed to be changed.
  • 00:49:59: Moving Beyond Delicious:
  • 03:02:12: From Twitter 12-24-2010:
  • 12:07:12: Cthulhu Santa Wishes You a Merry Christmas:
  • 12:08:52: Ziiiro Gravity & Mercury Watches: Easy to Read and Look Good:
  • 16:27:34: Just came back from Taipei 101. We had lunch at Diamond Tony’s on the 85F.
  • 16:27:59: The wife got a necklace from Frank Gehry’s torque collection.
  • 16:31:19: Merry Christmas everyone!
  • 16:32:13: RT @darthvader: “When all is most right with the world, the most unthinkable disasters descend upon us.” ~ Alderaan Epitaph
  • 17:04:41: RT @ekoshyun: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” -Charles Swindoll
  • 17:11:00: Wow, great Christmas from Mom Rees I got a Cloudveil Cyclcone soft shell, Wigwam socks, Fox River socks, a book, a bike mag, and a Cross pen
  • 17:16:17: The Cloudveil Cyclone soft shell is really nice in blue. I needed that! I almost bought a Timberland soft shell from Costco.
  • 17:45:12: Prices for Tiffany jewelry are between 60-100% more expensive in Taiwan.
  • 17:57:02: “We have to follow the list my husband gave me” said the wife to the Apple store employee
  • 18:25:01: My wife made me clean up my workstation.
  • 18:25:40: I needed a clean sweep there. It’s 100× better.
  • 20:56:42: unpackaged the MBP 17 today after cleaning my workstation. Installing some software now. Long process.
  • 20:58:46: installing Photoshop CS5, Aperture, Lightroom, MS Office ’11
  • 20:59:52: I find that there are a lot of GPOY photos that shouldn’t be posted.
  • 21:00:44: Friday @ Costco, I decided to go w Ms Fields Chocolate chip cookies instead of a large apple pie. The pie would have to been eaten quickly
  • 21:39:38: installing the latest os X updates. Finished installing Lightroom, Aperture, and Photoshop. MS Office will have to wait.
  • 21:47:29: RT @lemondefr : Julian Assange, homme de l’année pour “Le Monde”
  • 22:38:42: Merry Christmas:
  • 22:40:38: Turns out I made a mistake. This is the softshell jacket Mom Rees got me. It’s the Cloudveil FirsTurn
  • 22:47:41: discovered the ⌘+del combo quickly enough. Had a bitch of a time understanding how to format the time in 24-hours.
  • 23:09:54: @ekoshyun It’s not cheap, but I use an Arc’Teryx Alpha SV hard shell with a polartec fleece underneath. That is good for -30C/-22F
  • 23:10:19: @ekoshyun The two layers are quite thin. Couple these with some tech layers and you can tackle the worst winters.
  • 23:11:21: @ekoshyun Arc’Teryx products also last a long time. I’ve had two and my latest was bought 2 years ago. Will keep for at least a decade or so
  • 23:12:14: @ekoshyun Cloudveil is also good. You got to buy the serious hiking/winter brands, not some of the more popular ones.
  • 23:12:35: @ekoshyun I got good deals on these wares at
  • 23:13:30: Gonna try and install full iLife and iWork.
  • 23:43:20: Installed iWork. Updating it now.

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Merry Christmas

It’s been a long week, but I’m glad that it’s Christmas. With the wife in town, we’re having quite a ball, even though it’s raining in Taipei. As for myself, I got quite a few presents from the wife and Mom Rees and I have to say that this is one of the best Christmases ever. I especially like the Cloudveil FirsTurn softshell jacket that she got me. I needed this and I was about to buy myself one.

I’ve had the MacBook Pro 17 since Monday, but didn’t have the time to unpack it. I finally managed to do so today, on Christmas day. I spent part of the evening installing some programs while my wife was taking a nap. I’m currently calibrating the battery. I’ve been off the power plug for about an hour and it says that it’s still got 7:33 left. That’s with the WiFi switched off and the brightness pumped up to the max.

My wife got a nice blue box from Tiffany’s. She was very happy. Our stocking stuffers included some toys for the pets, who are both sleeping the day off. Today, we went to eat at Diamond Tony’s at Taipei 101 on the 85th floor. I had the veal carpaccio and a New Zealand lamb rack, crusted with spices, with pesto and EVOO. Excellent!

Merry Christmas from Taipei to everyone!

Ziiiro Gravity & Mercury Watches: Easy to Read and Look Good

The one thing that I don’t like that much about those cool looking Tokyoflash watches is that most of them are extremely complicated to read. I don’t want to spend minutes trying to read my watch. In fact, a glance should be enough to tell the time. If the time has actually changed by the time you figure it out, you know it’s a bad design.

ziiiro gravity mercury watches digital

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Cthulhu Santa Wishes You a Merry Christmas

If there’s one thing that Cthulhu probably wouldn’t wish you, it’s Merry Christmas, because just thinking too much about this outer god will drive you slowly insane. In fact, don’t think about or say his name aloud too much either. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

cthulhu santa claus merry christmas robin levy

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Moving Beyond Delicious

As much as I enjoyed using Delicious for a while, I’ve currently moved onto other ways of keeping tabs on what I find. To start off with, I read all of my feeds through Google Reader. My workflow as a freelance writer implies that I have to read copious amounts of published posts in order to flesh out my own. I star anything that I find interesting, but ultimately, this is reserved for work-related content. If I star anything else, it would be lost amidst a lot of other content. Work-related stuff gets starred and unstarred once I’ve addressed/used it.

If I want to mark something to read it later, I use a Firefox extension, which is appropriately named Read It Later. Any links that I find, I either tweet or publish on my blog as asides. I stay away from using my email, because as it is, I already receive between 10-50 emails a day. I don’t want to add more noise. While I used to browse links before, I’ve had less time and the time that I have available now is more focused on getting things done.

If I would still be using Delicious often enough and if I was concerned about it shutting down, I’d switch to Pinboard.

I think that many people seem to forget that links and bookmarks have an inherent shelf-life. If you go through all of your links, you’ll find that some of them from a few years ago aren’t relevant anymore. It’s kind of like tending a garden. If you don’t keep updated on what you find, you’ll end up with nothing a few years later. Maybe this is something that some users enjoy doing, but I’ve got other things to do.

The Best in Apple Accessories Unplggd’s Best of 2010

It’s safe to say that anyone who has an Apple product will try to customize their gadget with some unique accessories. Most accessories, from sleeves, to covers, to skins, will set you Apple product apart from all of the rest. There are so many distinctive ones to choose from that we’ve decided to highlight our favorites from this year.

Top Row
Fashionista and Hipster Tech Accessories for Apple Lovers
5 Distinctive Accessories for the Apple Fanatic
SGP Vintage Leather Case for iPad
The Leica M8 Apple iPhone Skin Mod
Add A Metal Back to Your iPhone

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Aluratek Bump Speakers go Unwired

Well, I don’t know that much about Aluratek, but their new Bump Speaker line looks kind of interesting.

aluratek bump wireless speakers dock boombox

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Abit PHS Wristwatch Phone Lets You Look Like a Spy

For years, everyone wanted a wristwatch phone, but they’ve been eclipsed by really good smartphones. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to pretend that I’m a spy like anyone else, but like many of the iPod Nano watch bracelets have shown, it just doesn’t make sense to plug in some headphones onto something that’s strapped on your wrist.

abit phs wristwatch phone spy japan

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My Daily Tweets 12-23-2010

  • 03:04:37: From Twitter 12-22-2010:
  • 07:51:00: Toshiba’s Solar Biblio Leaf: Do We Really Need Another E-Reader?:
  • 07:52:55: Pantech Vega X Phones as Fast as Some PCs:
  • 21:08:20: @jackge I dunno. It’s still so-so IMHO. I liked Parenthood way better.
  • 21:09:18: 9PM just came back from the Christmas play. It went well but it was a long day. Tomorrow I have errands to run & 6 hours of teaching.
  • 21:09:46: Noticed something odd w the scooter. Learned that it needs a new carburettor. Ah well, shit happens.
  • 21:14:56: RT @brem: j’aime comme faim et mal au coeur en même temps…
  • 21:16:42: RT @claytoncubitt: This thousand dollar Bang & Olufsen iPod dock looks like boobs.
  • 21:18:58: @ekoshyun I know what you mean. Pretty happy for the blogging break that AT offers right now. Less posts more time w family.
  • 21:25:16: People who say that everything isn’t in books don’t read enough.
  • 21:26:59: Avenue of the Beloved by Grant Yoshino via @bentrovatoblog
  • 21:27:48: Masha Novoselova by Peter Gehrke
  • 21:29:06: Cato Van Ee by Giampaolo Sgura
  • 21:29:56: JOOP! Spring 2011 Campaign
  • 21:35:55: NSFW RT @voyonsvoir Désir d’or Pur avec Lauren Budd et Violet Budd.. #Lauren #Budd #NSFW #playboy #Violet
  • 21:36:56: NSFW RT @voyonsvoir Violet Budd par Stephan Wurth pour GQ UK juin.. #gq #uk #Stephan #Wurth #Violet #Budd
  • 22:04:04: blogger Stacey Bord and her cat phoenix taking a nap next to her MacBook Pro
  • 22:16:55: WTF: The CIA’s WikiLeaks Task Force
  • 23:07:42: & I’m done for the day. It’s 11:07PM. Time to walk Spike.
  • 23:43:42: RT @anildash: Pretty awesome: @PressSec is taking questions via @ replies on Twitter for the next few minutes.
  • 23:44:42: Wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be outside. I unfroze some chicken yesterday and even though it’s 15 min to midnight, I’m cooking it.
  • 23:47:42: Had some red tuna sashimi (homecut) earlier today. Might have a grilled chicken breast to finish off the day.
  • 23:48:27: I’m going shopping tomorrow. Since I already have to pick some stuff up, it will be fine. Swing by PageOne.

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