My Daily Tweets 12-31-2010

  • 00:07:39: Going to watch Ms Marple. There was another episode that aired on ITV yesterday. Love Agatha Christie on the holidays, but Poirot is my fave
  • 00:10:01: Finished reading about the SS. Currently reading about the Waffen SS, Holocaust, Nazism, and Holy Grail.
  • 00:11:14: I’m going to try and find House on Garibaldi St, the movie based upon the book [1979] about the Shin Beht and Mossad op to capture Eichmann
  • 00:12:06: I’ve always enjoyed the efforts of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in NYC. Hunting Nazis is something good.
  • 00:27:18: RT @swissmiss: Are you in the market for a Brooklyn apartment? Well, casa swissmiss is for sale.
  • 00:39:44: Kanye West’s “Monster” Video Hits the Web via @mashentertain @mashable
  • 00:45:52: Some of the dead people in Kanye’s Monster video are still breathing. i guess it could be seen as disturbing, but I found it interesting.
  • 00:48:05: Did Kanye West really have his teeth pulled out and replaced with diamonds? An expert weighs in via @EW
  • 00:48:47: RT @monsieurlam: Mel B used to be a Spice Girl. Now it stands for “Mel, Bad again” –
  • 00:49:25: Monster Video: Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Rick Ross Monster Video via @birthplacemag
  • 01:04:24: downloaded MagicPrefs and BTT to program some funky stuff on the MBP’s trackpad. BTT looks pretty cool
  • 03:04:04: From Twitter 12-30-2010:
  • 07:49:57: TRON Cat Costume is Way More Entertaining than TRON:Legacy:
  • 07:51:52: Ford Sync Destinations App: Sync your Ride with your Phone:
  • 20:41:16: Best in Reused, Recycled and Handmade Tech Unplggd’s Best of 2010:
  • 20:43:49: Meet the Re-Nest Team: Range:
  • 20:57:20: “I’m leaving now, I need a break” said Angel, the Gr 5 co-teacher. I understood that. Those kids will drain you dry.
  • 20:57:46: The Grade 5 and Gr 4 kids need a lot of discipline. It can get annoying, but there’s always some fun to be had.
  • 21:00:15: RT @Tortue: Ok so Zuckerberg is in Taipei and I heard he will be at the country club. Lucky I already bought my entrance to there.
  • 21:03:05: So cool! @taptaptap is giving out custom engraved X-ray iPads!
  • 21:07:41: Kinda scary what Katy Perry looks like w/o makeup
  • 21:16:56: RT @MichaelSurtees: It’s been a good year for creative people to make the best of a bad weather situation: Design Notes
  • 21:17:36: RT @katiewest: Photo: “Self-respect is a question of recognizing that anything worth having,has a price.” — Joan Didion
  • 21:19:31: RT @EmilyGould: Second time recently that I’ve encountered “mossy” in a literary description of a vagina. Who touches moss? http://bit.
  • 21:19:57: RT @Cocoia: You need a credit card to even *try* Basecamp these days? Shady stuff, @37signals. I don’t even have one, to boot.
  • 21:23:29: @MichaelSurtees I would have trouble giving up QWERTY bc when you use different computers, you’d have to set them up in DVORAK
  • 21:23:41: RT @MichaelSurtees: How Design Dictated How We Type
  • 21:24:09: Google As A Carrier. It’s Not A Question Of “If They Will”, But Rather “When They’ll Try”
  • 21:25:17: How many computers do you work on? 2-6? A few at work, a few at home. Setting them all up DVORAK can be challenging, esp w other users.
  • 21:41:26: “XXXX made [Manufact/publisher] the best selling product of all time.” After Amazon, B&N made a similar announcement. Whatever.
  • 21:42:11: My friend put it in a nice way: ever since he bought a smartphone, he hasn’t touched his Kindle. That’s what’s going to happen to ereaders.
  • 21:46:12: In Quebec, we can deal w 5m of snow a year. This Is How They Deal With Snowpocalypse In Japan
  • 21:48:02: Victoria’s Secret Pink Spring/Summer 2011
  • 21:49:38: Marie Jo Haute Lingerie Spring 2011
  • 22:00:16: @courtneyriot 10% 1-10 days late, 15% for the rest of the month. That’s what I charge. The next month, add another 15% on the updated total.
  • 22:00:57: @courtneyriot In the future, to protect yourself, make sure you list these policies on your prof website or invoices. That’s what I do.
  • 22:06:10: Daily Lexeme: Temerarious –
  • 22:36:12: @purplelime open it up, and jiggle w the cord/release inside of it. It might be just not properly closed.
  • 22:43:36: Political views ‘hard-wired’ into your brain
  • 22:46:23: If I was an SS, I wouldn’t have tried to get my pension. But I guess they didn’t get that message, after being guilty of horrible war crimes
  • 22:48:16: horrible isn’t the right word. I have trouble coming up with the right one to describe what the SS-Totenkopfverbände did.
  • 22:49:04: SS-Totenkopfverbände were running the concentration camps.
  • 22:50:14: Here is more reading on them
  • 23:01:23: I read 44 books this year. Not bad.
  • 23:03:27: “It looks like you had a good nap”, my K2 co-teacher right before I started the late afternoon classes.
  • 23:14:59: Co-Teachers & Grammar Curriculum:
  • 23:51:25: RT @nplusonemag: Our gigantic year in review, with reports from Ft. Greene, Russia, England, India, Brighton Beach, Twitter, etc.: http: …

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

One thought on “My Daily Tweets 12-31-2010”

  1. For a fast-paced read, ask you library for a copy of Lebensborn,
    an historical WWII story of a French girl caught in the trap of the SS to breed a Master Race. Then look for the traveling exhibit of the U.S. Holocaust & War Victims Museum in Washington D.C.: Deadly Medicine: Creating a Master Race. Study the eugenics issues behind many of the U.S. state laws in the l920’s and 30’s.

    Jo Ann Bender

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